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A way to engage in "real world" actions in support of Mitt Romney

I urge that all of those who support Mitt Romney to join Mitt Romney National Meetup ( ). This has a sister group on Facebook: . The preceding links will assist you in actively engaging in this extremely important election, through "real-world" activities in your local communities. If you submit a request to join, please mention whether you were in this Care2 group. I also have other groups on Facebook which focus on campaign tactics, but in lieu of overwhelming you here, I direct you to the links to them in my profile: . Let's be realistic here. We all do a good job in speaking to one another, primarily on the internet, about the importance of electing Mitt Romney. Yes, that's good for morale, but it does NOTHING to impact upon the decisions of the independents and the undecided; the ones who we really need to reach. It is only through public, face-to face activities, as promoted in Meetup that we can make that outreach. Please note that I have compiled an EXTENSIVE resource on all of the available alternative social networks which may be of use to Conservatives. I will share this selectively. Before concluding, I should let you know that I am finalizing a tactic/approach/strategy with the Constitution which, if adopted, will PERMANENTLY remove the every-four-year threat of further movement towards a welfare state. All I can say at this stage is that the integrity of the Constitution would not be violated and that, quite surprisingly, the Left will not be able to find ANY logical or Constitutional arguments against it. Please join with me so that you may be informed of its release and any subsequent updates. Again, please go to the above links and get involved!

Please welcome New Group Host!

Hello, I am happy to introduce a new group host! Our energy has depleted so much lately and I recently met a very interesting and knowledgeable man who has agreed to be the host or co-host of this group for us!

I hope we will all get better acquainted with him and I feel this is a very good move. I have regretted the fact that I just haven't had much time to devote in here, lately. I hope to see the group revived, soon.

Please give a warm welcome to Robert P M


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