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Do you know someone that mobilizes their communities and raises funds for Argentina? Someone whose story will motivate others to do the same?
Nominate them for the HelpArgentina Social Ambassadors Award!

The HelpArgentina Social Ambassadors Award recognizes dedicated individuals
who raise funds for social organizations in Argentina, mobilizing resources,
organizations, and individuals.

We are especially looking for people who have shown their commitment
over the long term through continuous work and who build relationships
with individuals and organizations in their community.

Anyone can make a nomination, until June 19th!
And any person that lives outside Argentina and carries out or has recently carried out fundraising initiatives for Argentine organizations can be nominated, as long as they haven't previously received the award. You can nominate a social ambassador through our website.

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Happy Easter! Felices Pascuas!
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Petition: Increased Security on C2 6:32 PM

We're trying to cut down on the ability to mass create profiles.

This is especially important since as of late, a banned member of C2  - hell bent on harassing C2's administration and members, mass creates as many profiles as desired. Doing so for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc and harassing.

Care2 is diligent on deleting these profiles and has even started suspending people that assist or are 'friends' with this banned member, still he goes basically untouched.

We also have SPAMBOTS cross posting porn sites.

Pyou might have in the comment section.

We need to get rid of bothersome clones! Please help!

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Argentina Seen From The Sky


Happy International Women's Day!


 Woman John Lennon

Woman I can hardly express,
My mixed emotion at my thoughtlessness,
After all I'm forever in your debt,
And woman I will try express,
My inner feelings and thankfullness,
For showing me the meaning of succsess,
oooh well, well,
oooh well, well,

Woman I know you understand
The little child inside the man,
Please remember my life is in your hands,
And woman hold me close to your heart,
However, distant don't keep us apart,
After all it is written in the stars,
oooh well, well,
oooh well, well,

Woman please let me explain,
I never mean(t) to cause you sorrow or pain,
So let me tell you again and again and again,
I love you (yeah, yeah) now and forever,
I love you (yeah, yeah) now and forever,
I love you (yeah, yeah) now and forever,
I love you (yeah, yeah)...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Jose Luis Cabezas


25: The body of Jose Luis Cabezas is found, burned, handcuffed and with two gunshot wounds in the head in his Ford Fiesta, in a cave in General Madariaga in the Province of Buenos Aires.

11: Businessman Alfredo Yabrán appears before the Buenos Aires courts to remove himself from the crime.
12: In Mar del Plata five members are arrested of the "Pepita, la Pistolera" gang as those responsible for the murder, after police informant Carlos Redruello accuses them.
13: Carlos Corach and Alberto Kohan visit the judge on the case and announce that the weapon of one of the "pepitos" Luis Martínez Maidana is the murder weapon.

7: The former guardian of Yabrán Francisco Cáceres reveals that the businessman was upset that photos were taken of him.
14: The "pepitos" Margarita Di Tulio, Flavio Steck, Juan Dominichetti, Luis Martínez Maidana and Pedro Villegas were taken into custody.

2: One of the "horneros" meets with Eduardo Duhalde and confesses his involvement in the crime.
5: Duhalde submits to Judge José Luis Macchi information on the "Los Hornos" gang.
9: Arrested are Prellezo, his former wife, the former officer Silvia Belawsky-, and "horneros" Horacio Braga and Héctor Retana.
10: Arrested is another "horneros", Sergio González. Yabrán testifies before anti-mafia commission in Congress. Retana affirms that Prellezo killed the photographer.
11: Police officer Sergio Camaratta, suspected of participating in the homicide, is arrested.
19: The "hornero" Auge turns himself in, in La Plata.
20: Auge testifies that Prellezo called Officer Aníbal Luna to wish him a "happy birthday", an hour after the murder. The detectives interpreted this phrase as a message that the crime had taken place.
29: The Appeals Court in Dolores released Di Tullio and Steck.

2: Braga testifies that Camaratta was the one who advised that Cabezas had left Andreani’s party.
4: Excalibur detects calls from Prellezo to businessmen Yabrán, Bridees and Yabito.
5: Arrest of councilman from Pinamar, Alberto Pedro Gómez, and Officer Luna.
7: Yabrán and Ríos testify for the first time as witnesses for the prosecution.
15: Prellezo, Camaratta and “los horneros" are taken into custody.
16: Un person finds the body of photographer Cabezas at the bottom of a canal.
23: Yabrán and Ríos testify in Dolores.
27: Second autopsy of Cabezas’ body in which it is discovered that two shots were fired and not one as originally determined.
30: Yabrán Roberto Archuvi’s guardian admits that he called Ríos at the time Cabezas was killed.

6: Expert psychologists José Abásolo and Silvia Dulay Dumm testify that Prellezo confessed that Yabrán ordered to “kill” the reporter.

29: Judge Macchi orders Ríos’s arrest.

10: Yabrán testifies being involved in the murder and contradicts testimony previously given under oath.


15: Belawsky testifies that her husband had confessed that Yabrán was behind the murder. The arrest of the businessman is ordered.
20: Yabrán’s body is found on a ranch in the Province of Entre Rios. Experts determine that he killed himself by firing a gunshot in his mouth. The cell phone used by the postal worker in the final hours disappears.

25: Prellezo testifies trying to cover up for his former wife, although recognizing that Yabrán had told him in a brief meeting that, "he wanted to spend a calm summer, without journalists."

16: Judge Macchi closes the case with the owner of the murder weapon freed.


17: Prosecutor Analía Avalos accused those involved and appeals to the Appellate Court of Dolores to undergo oral arguments.

14: Oral arguments begin in Dolores led by Raúl Begué, Jorge Dupuy and Susana Yaltone. Prosecutors seek life sentences for eight of the accused and 15 years for Belawsky. They drop charges against Redruello.


2: The Court sentenced to life imprisonment to Prellezo, Luna and Camaratta and life with parole for Ríos, Braga, González, Auge and Retana, all for the kidnapping and murder of Cabezas.
Also, Belawsky got only four years in prison for the crime of “fraud". The defendants appeal their sentences to the Criminal Court of Buenos Aires.
An investigation is ordered of former police officers Carlos Miniscarco and Oscar Viglianco, for alleged irregularities in the case launching “Cabezas Case II.”


23: Former commissioner from Pinamar, Alberto "La Liebre" Gómez, was sentenced to life in prison for having cleared the area where Cabezas was kidnapped and killed.
The Criminal Court of Dolores understood that the former police chief is guilty of the crime of “kidnapping by force resulting in murder and a simple homicide", the same crime as those conducted by the photographer’s assassins.


13: Six of those convicted in trials for José Luis Cabezas’s murder were given reduced sentences by the Buenos Aires Court and to be released within a year.
Those receiving this benefit were Ríos, Camaratta, Luna, Auge, Braga and González.


7: The defense attorneys for “los horneros" request before the Court of Appeals in Dolores that steps begin for the release with probation of Auge in 12 days.
The Minister of Justice, Security, and Human Rights, Gustavo Beliz, promises in a press conference to Cabezas’s parents that under orders from President Nestor Kirchner, he will appeal the decision through Congress to prevent Auge’s release.
29: A report from the Penitentiary Service of Buenos Aires (SPB) advises not to release Auge for being a danger to society.
30: The Appeals Court in Dolores rejects the Auge’s release given the unfavorable report from the SPB and the defense announced they would appeal.

14: The Court in Dolores granted the Auge’s release under $20,000 bail after serving two thirds of his 18-year sentence.


4: The Court in Dolores rejects a request for the release of Ríos.

24: The Court in Dolores granted the release of González under $20,000 bail.

14: The Court in Dolores granted the release of Braga and, thus, there are no more "horneros" in prison, since Retana died of AIDS in prison.

Thursday 25 of January of 2007

Tribute to Jose Luis Cabezas.
,The 25 of January of 1997 were assassinated the photographer Jose Luis Cabezas. The postal industralist Alfredo Yabrán was involved in the case and after remaining fugitive he committed suicide in a field in the province of Between Rivers.

Jose Luis Cabezas was graphical reporter and worked for the magazine the News. He had 38 years the day that was assassinated. Presumably the detonating of this fact would have been the publication of photographies of the postal industralist Alfredo Yabrán in the magazine. This crime, that counted on certain mafiosas marks, generated serious confrontations to the interior of the government of Carlos Saúl Menem.

Season of Non-Violence
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