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Care2 is Cleaning up the Site.

Care2 is going to be cleaning out our Personal Messages, and will be deleting them down to 1000. You may want to go through it first so that you don't lose anything you want to keep.


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About this Group

This group was formed in response to a change in management style of the largest Spirituality group here on Care2.  Recently, it has been heavily moderated and censored which has stifled communication, flow and creativity.  All posts in the other group have been filtered to reflect the flavor of one woman's view of what is "spiritual" and what is not.  It is viewed by many that Life itself is Spiritual and it is either all "spiritual" or none of it is.  It is also felt by many that for one person to censor posts in a "spirituality" group actually runs contrary to Truth and the heart of what Spirituality actually is. 

You will notice that the section for "group shares" has been left open for sharing your thoughts, blogs, etc.  Members are encouraged to use this feature, particularly for your "channeled" writings, blogs and other things you would like to share.  The tag for the group is "C2Spirit" so feel free to tag your blogs and they will post in the "Group Shares" portion on the main page.  

Take ownership of the group, it is yours.  I ask that if you are a person who posts lots of poetry or "channeled writings" please create a thread for yourself so you can keep it all in one place.  Discussion can happen on the threads but it is preferred that you keep channeled writings and poetry to one thread.  you can name it whatever you like and go back to it when you wish to post something new.  For example, if you are an astrologer, you can name a thread, "Joe's Astrology Thread" and update information on it so you have a running thread and people can find and reference your posts easily. 

All is "appropriate" here so don't worry about whether something sounds "Spiritual" or not.  It is either All spiritual or none of it is so feel Free to be and express yourself exactly as you are. 

Most Importantly, Don't forget to Have Fun!


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