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Santa Is Broke

Santa Is Broke

The 10 month trial to adjudicate my children has ended on December 11, 2009 with the State of Illinois and Department of Children and Family Service motition to DISMISS WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The State and DCFS could not gather any "credible evidence" of neglect.

I never took the stand. My evidence was never presented.

Their witnesses could not offer any supportative evidence. They never had to appear.

My expenses in gathering evidence $10,045 plus my time.

My savings are depleated, we have little for Christmas (Angel Tree and Toys For Tots). I almost lost my job due to absences' for court, I developed Anxiety and Depression, My children became depressed and angry.

I found HIPPA Violations within the DCFS system. I found Privacy Violations within DCFS.


I found the Annomyous caller's identy.

My son is coming home for Christmas from the Navy.

I can now move on with the Federal Warrant for my ex-husband.

My children should all be home by 2010.

I was a finalist in the "Win The Window" contest - but didn't win.

I have found my TRUE FRIENDS that have stood beside me with all of this going on.


OIG investigation

I received a letter from the Office of the Inspector General. - Good News!


They are referring 2 indicated allegations from 2005 back to the investigative authority.

I was indicated for leaving my children alone at night while I worked.

The children's father left for work early and left the children sleeping. A police and DCFS investigation showed that I was at work until 6AM and the father didn't have to be at work until 7AM.

I was indicated instead of him.

Also, not only was there a call from the police, but also the father's Aunt that called to see if "Dad had left and was Mom home"

Both investigations were concerning the same incident same day and same events however DCFS choose to start 2 different cases.


With the OIG investigating as to why the father was not indicated and he was the "adult" in charge, why I was indicated twice,


My current case is now being continued so that the States Attorney can gather medical and mental health records.


Funny how the prosecution rested and said that they had all information needed 3 court appearances ago and now they need to get more information.

I Need Your Help

Has anyone ever heard of cases where allegations have led to DCFS investigations then the non-custodial parent using the investigation in order to change custody?

Prior to the allegations being proven as fact.

I am needing to concentrate on my case

My investigation has moved into court.

We are in the "TRIAL" phase.

I am still working towards getting the case thrown out for wrong doings by DCFS.


My children have never been proven unsafe. DCFS has used one of their "fishing expiditions" in an attempt to find me "unfit".


Now I am battling 4 different custody battles for my children - My Parents, My ex-husband, My ex-boyfriend, My ex-boyfriend's parents.


All are wanting DCFS to prove me unfit to parent so they can gain custody of my kids. Interestingly enough, I have written the Office of Administrative Appeals and requested an investigation into harassment from all but my ex-boyfriend.


Each party including DCFS keeps inquiring about my income. Not the best interest of the children.


I will try to keep this group informed and continue to get more information as it comes up.


Right now, I need to focus on the REAL Best interests of my children.



9 Exemptions of The Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act Exemptions

The Freedom of Information Act entitles the following exemptions on documents being requested by the public:

  1. Those documents properly classified as secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy;

  2. Related solely to internal personnel rules and practices;

  3. Specifically exempted by other statutes;

  4. A trade secret or privileged or confidential commercial or financial information obtained from a person;

  5. A privileged inter-agency or intra-agency memorandum or letter;

  6. A personnel, medical, or similar file the release of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy;

  7. Compiled for law enforcement purposes, the release of which

    1. could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings,

    2. would deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or an impartial adjudication,

    3. could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,

    4. could reasonably be expected to disclose the identity of a confidential source,

    5. would disclose techniques, procedures, or guidelines for investigations or prosecutions, or

    6. could reasonably be expected to endanger an individual's life or physical safety;

  8. Contained in or related to examination, operating, or condition reports about financial institutions that the SEC regulates or supervises; or

  9. And those documents containing exempt information about gas or oil wells.

Can you commit to going to Washington DC in June or July? 100 people are needed to participate in DC

We are looking for people to demonstrate with us in front of the US Supreme Court and the White House. We need at least 100 people to commit to this for a few days, preferably a whole week.

Estimate timeline is either June or July with daily demonstrations for about a week.

If you are interested, please help find others: at your courthouse, local support groups, or of the internet. You can even call up dependency attorneys and ask them to pass the message to their clients.

Please confirm by emailing

ONLY when we have the minimum number of people will we set a firm date. We can try and get group rates to help with hotel costs, etc.

Another Petition - Lets Keep Them Circulating

I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


Out Of Town

I have been invited to attend the Dave Ramsey Live Show this weekend.

Please keep this group active during my absence.

One Nation Under God

Parent Rally 2009

*NEW!* Announcing: Forces joined for a full Nine (9) Days of Family Rights Extravaganza in beautiful downtown Washington, DC!!!  DCRally2009, Fathers-4-Justice, and DCFestival2009 have combined for this year's annual DC festivities. Sat-Sun, July 18th-19th: DC Rally 2009 kicks off at the newly-renovated Lincoln Memorial. Mon-Wed, July 20th-22nd: Various orgs will lead activists in lobbying with Congress. Thu-Sun, July 23rd-26th: DC Festival 2009 launches again at Upper Senate Park, this year expanded to four days, ending on official Parents Day! The monthly events below are encouraged to synchronize a larger portion of America to get their voices heard, to increase Proclamations obtained, and to have local Parents Day events in many cities across the Nation, on the same weekend as the DC Festival celebrates Parents Day in Washington, DC, with plans for simulcasts between major gatherings.

TAG It and Spread the News

When posting in your SHAREBOOK about DCFS, CPS and other Child Welfare Services or Parent and Children's Rights, tag it with our group by entering:
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Remodeling Our Group

Please Bear With Me.

I am attempting to "streamline" the archives and make this Group Page more manageable for everyone.

I have found some news articles and Web Links that are no longer valid.

In an attempt to not lose any information, I will be copying and dating the pages and links.

When the Petitions go to Congress, I want to include all of our Stories, Links, Articles, News, ect.

Postings will continue.

Thanks, and God Bless

Geri M.

DCFS is filing a petition to remove my children

The investigator came to my home again today.

Demanding that I let him enter and look for safety items and anything else he feels that I might need from this agency.

I again refused to let him in.

I exercised my right to remain silent. I would talk with him ONLY if a mediator was there so my words would not get twisted into something I did not say.

He wants to have this meeting tomorrow at 10:00. I have an appointment, he wants to know what for. It's just a routine yearly physical but he doesn't need to know that.


I have filed my Order of Protection against my parents and sister who have made 9 annomyous calls to DCFS within the past month.


I have attempted to contact the Adams County Patriot's League but my e-mail was returned.

My babysitter told me of the horror when her children were taken. They staked out her home until she returned then they yanked her kids kicking and screaming from her arms. DCFS left the mother on the sidewalk.

My children are in school today and I am afraid that they will not come home due to the threat of DCFS.

The ONLY basic of the facts in this case is that I will not coorerate with DCFS demands and threats.

They haven't received any evidence to validate the allegation from my children, so they are wanting something from my home.


Wanted: Letters To The President



Dear anti-CPS members:

We have been requested by the President to help with the reform of CPS. He has been in personal touch with one of our members and is expecting our help. If you are serious about your criticisms and your desire to see that the corrupt practices of the various children Protective services around the country be stopped, now is the time to act. President and Michelle Obama have the power and the willingness to make the changes we have been fighting for.

But he needs our help to set the wheels in motion. He has personally requested that we all send direct to him our experiences with CPS. The recount of your stories may be sent to either President Barack Obama or to the First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House Washington DC 20500.
In large block letters write “personal and confidential”
The letters may be typed or handwritten. Please no profanity.

If you have any questions, call Cheryl at (803) 438 8119 or contact her at

Is DCFS affected by the economy?

I went back to work today after being off for a week. I found out that a co-worker called in.

His step daughter had a visit from CPS and they took her baby. Now the Grandparents are trying to get the baby. CPS put the mother in the Psych Unit because "she lost it".

I don't think I'm that out of the loop. It just seems ironic that there are more cases that I know the victims in my area.

Privacy Laws Violated

I found a NEW problem with these agencies.


According to the Privacy Act of 1974

Nothing in the amendments made by this Act shall be construed to authorize--

(1) the establishment or maintenance by any agency of a national data bank that combines, merges, or links information on individuals maintained in systems of records by other Federal agencies;


(2) the direct linking of computerized systems of records maintained by Federal agencies;

(3) the computer matching of records not otherwise authorized by law; or

(4) the disclosure of records for computer matching except to a Federal, State, or local agency.

That would  mean that the SRC or National Dadabase for Abuse and Neglect is not legal and that DCFS could not use past records whether indicated or not against anyone. No information contained on these documents should be used up to and including the names of siblings or absent parents. They are not allowed to get family history from these files.

DCFS should not be allowed hospital records (or even admitted into a psychatric facility) for the sole purpose of getting these records. This is a direct violation of the HIPPA Law for both DCFS and the Hospital.


State Sovereignty Child Welfare



This sight has already begun the fight.


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