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We've got the whole world in our hands and only a clear-open-mind can sincerely seek the truth, so let's bond together bringing about real change around the globe!



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PinkMindy - 2 hours ago -


Scientists are now studying the mathematical correlations between incoming sensor-data and emotionally charged world current events, which is based upon electronic input from quantum random number generators (RNG's) and human psycho-physical response.


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Current Mission Directive


Please invite your friends to join our noble and worthy cause, for we are only going to become what you personally believe our group (all of us) will become, so realize our group depends upon 'strength in numbers' combined into one melded force of thought, action and deed.


Thank you for your group participation!

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Higher levels of concentration and inner mental awareness can be focused upon the entire Earth and its populations to bring about World Peace.


We can make this happen just like the small seed miraculously becomes the mighty oak!


This is true magic:


Welcome to all new group members and I am extremely glad to welcome you aboard this awakening venture!


I happen to know that we shall be correctly led in this group onto a direct pathway toward world peace, because the Buddhists have already paved the way for us in advance, so all we have to do is follow in their pre-set footsteps.


*Note: You do not have to be a Buddhist or any other particular faith in order to join and participate, just please stay positively focused upon the objective at hand.


* 2 Reminders: This group will become truly strong by inviting your friends, and be sure to always 'click' on the 'all discussions' icon on the group's homepage, because there are always hidden gems behind the wall.