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Help the ocean, support World Oceans Day!

Thanks for joining our group everyone! Please tell your friends so we can make the WOD Care2 community huge! As we get closer to June 8th, things will start getting really exciting :]


Do you want to help spread the word about World Oceans Day, and compete to win prizes at the same time? Enter your email here, or contact me through Care2 for more info.


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Thanks for joining! I have some great info for you

Thank you all for joining the World Oceans Day group on Care2! It's so inspiring to have 43 people sign up in just a day. I hope I get to know you all very well. If you have any advice about running a Care2 community I would LOVE to hear it! I'm new to this scene :]

You can check out the World Oceans Day website for resources, events, and news at Right now we're re-designing the site so the resources on it are from 2011. That will change soon though!


Please join our Facebook page as well! This is where you can get all the most up-to-date WOD news, and where I'm most active if you want to get in touch with me. Like us at


Would you like to help the ocean out from your home? Become a Blue Planeteer! Join the wave of "microvolunteers" speaking out for the ocean on the internet. Starting in January 2012 we will be posting regular Challenges asking you to take small actions on the internet. For every action, you will be entered in a raffle to win prizes!

If you want to get involved, simply enter your email here:
NOTE: we don't need your phone # so enter a fake one


You can also be a Blue Planeteer by contacting me on Care2, Facebook, Twitter, wherever! Email me at aisakower [at]

Remember: Forget fossil fuels, World Oceans Day is PEOPLE-POWERED! Get involved and make a difference.

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