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Save the birds of Venice(Italy) that are dying of starvation
9 years ago

Dear bird lovers, please sign my petition to save the pigeons in Venice (Italy) that are dying of starvation because a harsh law forbids people to feed them in the WHOLE city and punishes with big fines the kind persons who have mercy on them! Pigeons are the most mistreated birds and need our help urgently. Your signatures can make a difference. Thank you a lot. Irene.

9 years ago


(It is as close to a "signed" smiley as we have. )


There are many ways to deal with an expanding pigeon population, as I said when I signed.  Many places have this issue, Minnesota among them, and I've watched different cities try different methods, including birth control laced food.  What it usually seems to come down to, sadly, is that cities don't want to pay employees to clean up the messes (which actually do have acidic properties and can weaken metal structures if not regularly cleaned off).  If it provides jobs, it shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing.

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