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Birds at my feeder
13 years ago
Today, I had two robins enjoying last seasons apple drops.  There are a few left in the tree for the spring arrivals.  The two robins were enjoying one that dropped today in the snow. 
13 years ago

...I haven't seen any Robins at all. The Blue Jays  are flying around but not really stopping at my feeder too much. A neighbor has put out some kind of nuts for them, and they seem to prefer them to my mix.  In addition to the little brown sparrows, I get  a lot of black & white birds, but I don't know their name. They have a very unusual sounding chirp. 


13 years ago
I saw two robins on my front lawn the other day. It's seems spring takes forever to come this time of year so I was very pleased to see them. Last week I had a flock of red wing blackbirds and grackles, and some are still coming to my feeder but a lot were just passing through. The first day I saw them I had to fill up my feeder again because there were so many now there's just a few left.
Blue Jays!
13 years ago
Right after I finished posting yesterday, I went out to my porch and discovered 2 large Blue Jays eating at my feeder. I think they wanted to make a liar out of me! Anyway, they just looked at me and gave their usual greeting ...Squawk!...Squawk! Funny birds!
13 years ago

Has anyone else seen hummingbirds already? They've been buzzing around for the last week or so.

Is it Spring yet?

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