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Helping an Orphan
13 years ago

The kids where I live found a fallen baby bird.

Actually there grandpa found it. It was being attacked by several crows.

Gramps brought the lil' one home, now called ROO.

So I have been helping them by feeding ROO...crushed earth worms, and wet bread...

Hard boiled eggs, crushed...

So far any way.


It is eating very well. And Pooping well too.


I am just wondering what kind he is and where to find info. as to when Roo can FLY the NEST?

He is the size and color of a full grown Sparrow.

But he still has baby FLUFF feathers.

Around the head.

So I know S/he is too large for a baby Sparrow.

I live in Southern California. And I just do not know what these birds are called, though common.

The larger birds sort of call like a cat's MEOW.

I think...

We did not feel safe letting ROO go yet s/he cannot fly, and ther are many cats around.

 Thanks for your help. 

13 years ago
I don't think you will be able to let this bird go because he has not been taught how to survive, and will probably not be accepted by the rest of his kind. You should do some research before letting him go like getting in touch with wildlife experts or a wildlife centre where people take injured birds.   They might have ideas on how to teach it, or what to do when you let it go.
13 years ago
Hi Hermione,
13 years ago

Since I live in Tennessee, I'm not very familiar with the birds you have out west.  Any way you could post a picture?

Is the adult bird that you think Roo is a seed eater or an insect eater?

I usually feed baby birds pieces of dry good quality dog food soaked in water 'til it's soft.  I've only fed earthworms to weaning baby robins.  (I'm a rehabber)

Is there a nature center or a wildlife rehabber near you that you can call for advice?  I'll be glad to help you as much as I can.

Think outside the flock.


Oops, forgot...
13 years ago

Roo is not ready to be on his own until all his flight feathers are in, all the fuzz is gone, and his tail is long enough to "steer" with.


13 years ago

I would call your local DNR (department of natural resources), the parks department, or even a college with a veterinary school and/or raptor center.  They should have resources, or someone who is qualified to care for wild birds and reintroduce them into the wild.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

13 years ago
Oops. How US-centric of me.   I posted my response before checking your profile and I see that you are in the UK.  There should be some sort of equivalents to the departments and organizations that I listed.
13 years ago

Actually I ahve been softening a brand called Healthy Pet, dog food...

a small pinch of oatmeal like 6 grains or so...per feeding.

then mix in a small dab of gerbers baby food (beef flavor, I thought chicken was barbaric )

some egg yolk...a pinch of bread and add water to soften and make mushy...

Roo is eating this mix and seems to like it.

The kids are good at finding earth worms and I read where you need to well make sure it will not CRAWL around inside...

Sorry did not want to get too graphic.

I can try to get a picture, I have not been able to find what an adult looks like...

I am keeping him/er outside during the day so it can see day light and out of breezes.

Indoors at night for safety.

The adult birds of this kind make a high Whistle followed by a meow sound...I think it is what we used to call catbirds, the kind that dive bomb cats getting to close to the nest...

I could be wrong...

I did not do the initial rescue of the baby, this was done by GRAMPS, and then the kids needed my knowledge as to HOW to feed and what ...

Before I got into this FOSTER CARE, the Momma bird, I was told, seemed to stay close by for a while but finally flew off.

This bird, the baby, was being attacked by Crows, and would surely become sunday brunch,

THEY did what they thought best...

I am just helping to keep it alive...

Roo is hoping in and out of her make shift nest I made, and has good wing FLUTTER,  So I do not see any breaks or injuries.

THANKS! For your in put...

I will keep you posted...

I will also look for a wild life relese place...



13 years ago

My intent was never to say that you aren't qualified. (I just reread my post and it sounded awful!)   I was just thinking about nutrition, etc.

I suppose it is too late to figure out where the nest is and try to put it back?  Especially now that there is human scent on it.  Who knows, you may have a friend for life...

something wrong!
12 years ago

Today lil' Roo seems in pain or noise is coming out of her

she keeps tossing her head back way back and will not take food!

I found her cage bottom this morning lying on her side...i thought dead!

I was wondering why she did not CALL out this morning....NOW she seems to be panting ????

no sound....

What to do or what to do!????

12 years ago

Not to worry Michelle, I live in Southern California.

UK is my secret HOME.

12 years ago

8:20 AM

thanks for your help....I did what I could...At least she did not die being attacked by the crows...


12 years ago
  I'm sorry, too.  I hope that everyone is ok.  You tried, which is more than many would do.
12 years ago

WE had a good cry...

And a samall 5 year old boy comforted me and told me it was NOT my fault...that we all took care of her.

We had a funeral and a 'wake', we played GO FISH because one girl said Roo would have liked to play it IF she was a human...

I have been teaching these kids that ALL ANIMALS are important and have spirits.

These are the two most caring kids around were we live.

I try reaching them all, but only can reach a hand full...

Thanks to all for your help...


I'm so sorry, Hermione
12 years ago

We rehabbers lose most of the little ones that are brought to us, but you never ever get used to it.  We deeply mourn the loss of each one.

But you gave Roo a wonderful easy death.  He wasn't terrified or hungry or thirsty or alone.  You "did good" and I know Roo appreciates it.


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