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Recall on Chinese made treats/food for birds and small animals!
11 years ago
Stealth Recall: United Pet Group Pet Treats Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2008 at 7:00 am in National Dog, Cat & Pet Info, Other Pets, Pet Food Recalls & Safety. By Emily Huh Itchmo comes to you when called. Sign up for our daily email digest or subscribe in a RSS reader. On the FDA’s Enforcement Report, dated December 26, 2007, there was a recall involving various United Pet Group products. United Pet Group owns various brands including 8 in 1, Dingo, Tetra, Nature’s Miracle, and Marineland. Here are the details from the report: FDA Enforcement Report December 26, 2007 PRODUCT a) Wild Harvest Fruit and Honey Cockatiel, Recall # V-021-2008; b) Ecotrition Tropical Fruit and Honey Bars, Recall # V-022-2008; c) Wild Harvest Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse & Rat Honey Cakes, Recall # V-023-2008 CODE a) Lot: 07096 and Lot: 07108; b) and c) Lot: 07096 RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER United Pet Group Inc., Cincinnati, OH, by telephone and letter. Firm initiated recall is ongoing. REASON Pet treats were imported from China. LOS-DO sampled the treats and they were positive for melamine. The shipments were placed on hold for redelivery and was erroneously shipped into commerce. VOLUME OF PRODUCT IN COMMERCE 54,178 units DISTRIBUTION AZ, CA, FL, MI, NJ, NY, TX, and WA We contacted United Pet Group, but we did not receive a response from the company in time for press. Also, Menusux pointed out that these products have showed up several times on the FDA OASIS Refusals Reports for September, October, and November of 2007. Source: FDA Enforcement Report, FDA OASIS Refusals
11 years ago
Stupid me, I always forget to make stuff like this a news story. I finally did. Please note it.
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