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Stem Cell research vote
13 years ago
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(I'm curious as to how people feel here, are you for the research, or against it?  Why?  I personally don't know exactly what to think, while I'm all for the ability to help people world wide with various health problems, I also don't believe we have the right to play God.)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate wouldn't vote until next year on a House-passed bill to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research under a deal quietly being suggested by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

Supporters of the stem cell bill insist they want the vote in 2005, as Frist, a supporter of the bill, has promised. But even they acknowledge there may not be time since the rest of this year's calendar is packed with disaster relief and spending bills, budget talks and Harriet Miers' Supreme Court nomination.

"The problem is, when do you get the floor time?" said Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., the stem cell bill's sponsor who also is overseeing the Miers confirmation hearings.

Specter, a cancer patient, had threatened to attach the stem cell measure to a must-pass spending bill for federal education, labor, health and welfare programs if Frist didn't schedule a separate vote on it. Specter chairs the appropriations subcommittee that's writing the spending bill.

In the deal Frist is floating, Specter would drop his threat in exchange for a stem cell vote set on a "date certain" in 2006, according to a Senate Republican official who demanded anonymity because negotiations were still taking place.

"I could live with that," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a longtime proponent of federal funding for stem cell research who has grown impatient with the delay. "But it's important to have a date certain."

The bill, passed in May by the House, would loosen restrictions that President Bush imposed in 2001 on government-paid research on human embryonic stem cells. The studies are considered promising in the search for cures for diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and Parkinson's.

But the process destroys the embryo, considered human life by many religious conservatives. Bush has promised to veto the bill because he says taxpayers should not be forced to sponsor such studies.

Fifty House Republicans defied their leaders and voted for the bill in May after an emotional floor debate. In July, Frist, a heart transplant surgeon and possible presidential candidate, announced his support of it.

Hey, Bert
13 years ago

This is a hot topic for me, because so many people do not really understand it, and they have no idea of the fact that there are 2 types!

Look at some of these recent headlines highlighting the amazing progress made with stem cells:

Stem cell hope for liver disease.

Pioneering stem-cell surgery has restored one mother's sight.

Stem Cells Treat Parkinson's Disease.

These headlines all look like the promises touted by celebrities and politicians lobbying hard for government funded embryonic stem cell research. But they’re not! The real truth is—all these articles are describing the miraculous possibilities of adult stem cells!

Adult stem cells are the truly promising treatment for people with diabetes, cancers, leukemia, and heart disease.

The Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Therapy and Research Act of 2005 (S.1317) uses stem cells from umbilical cord blood to treat patients. The House has already acted and passed this important bill. It’s time for the Senate to do the same. Contact your Senators and urge them to pass this life saving legislation!

The real truth is this:

Already, thousands of people with 65 different diseases have been successfully treated and cured with adult stem cells.

Embryonic stem cell research has led to zero cures for life- threatening diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, yet pro-abortion groups ignore this important fact.
Scientists are making discoveries daily using adult stem cells. Adult stem cells from sources like umbilical cord blood have already treated conditions ranging from Leukemia to Sickle-Cell Anemia!

And what’s more, adult stem cells can be found in a variety of sources like blood and hair, and do not require the destruction of innocent human life! Adult stem cells are the clear winner!

The House overwhelmingly passed this measure 431-1 with broad bi-partisan support. Please, I would like to urge everyone to contact their Senators now!

Time is running out this year and it’s imperative that your Senators hear from you so they bring this life-saving legislation to the floor.

Please also send this on to all your friends who may not know about the amazing promise adult stem cells hold!

In my personal fight to protect innocent life, it’s important we not only oppose life-destructive legislation, but also encourage life saving measures that also protect the sanctity of human life. 

I wish everyone was aware of the vast difference and could seperate the two!

Sometimes, the discussion just says Stem Cell research, and has no seperation of the two types, one of which is useless and non-productive waste of time and life.
I would urge everyone to research the facts about this further, and Hopefully we can all Support only Adult Stem Cell research, NOT Embryonic stem cell research!
Off my box, now.... Thanks.

We may not have the right to play God...
13 years ago
...but that hasn't stopped us for a lot of stuff incuding buiding and using long distance weapons of mass destruction.

...if there are embryos (and there are) and they'll end up in a refrigerator or trash bin anyway
(and they will) I have no  problem with them being used for research. fact it's infinitely less objectoinable to me than experimenting on animals to test eye makeup or carcinogens.

My vote. Sure, why not. to embryonic stem cell research.
13 years ago

They'll go all the way, they will actually create life to take the embryos, and kill them.

And for nothing.


This is the point, the embryonic stem cells produce no results in any research, anywhere.

The ADULT stem cells are the only ones which have shown any productive results.

13 years ago
...just because they haven't doesn't mean they won't.

A lot of sperm (Ishotharsarbelt knows I've done it) gets tossed all the time. Eggs are bounced out by the millions monthly. So what's the big deal about putting 'em together to make embryos to harvest stem cells that may one day cure cancer or HIV or who knows what?

13 years ago

I feel that there are already far more than enough from the abortions already being done, and they could continue doing the testing with those and see what happens.

If a major breakthrough comes out from embryonic stem cells after all the research with the ones available, then it might be something to look further into, at a later date.

As of now, there is no point.

We are really pushing the limits on playing god, making life to take life just seems soooo morbid, so cold and inhumane...especially when there is NO proven value to it.

13 years ago
     There is certainly a lot of controversy on this subject....But we have to understand that there is a big difference between Stem Cell Research and Stem Cell Therapy, just as there is a difference between embryonic Stem Cells and the Stem Cells in your own body.
     I am reminded that during the Presidential Debates, Senator John Kerry accused President Bush of doing nothing to promote Stem Cell Research. The truth of the matter, was that the President had allocated 25 million dollars, for Stem Cell Research. John Kerry, on the other hand, voted against Stem Cell Research.....
     As Valerie has pointed out, unfortunately, scientests have not found Embryonic Stem Cell Research to be effective. One reason should be very obvious. There is a different DNA Blueprint in the Embryo and the person's body in which they wish to transplant the cells. When a person receives an organ transplant, the body automatically rejects the organ, because it does not match it's Blueprint. Therefore, doctors now have to adminster a drug which sends a message to the body to accept the organ. In doing so, however, it also short circuits the immune system. Now, the patient is subject to illness and disease, because the body's natural defenses are not able to combat the infections. Another problem is, that the patients may still die in a few years, in spite of the transplant.
     Now, let's take a look at Stem Cell Therapy. Even as we speak, Orthopedic Surgeons are already performing Stem Cell Therapy.
     A few months ago, I saw an incredible documentary about a surgeon in Oakland, Califirnia, who was using the procedure to treat sports injuries. The results were incredible! Not only were the ligaments and cartilage repaired perfectly, but the healing and rehabilation time was much shorter than it would have been if he had actually surgically repaired the tears.
     How did he do it, you might ask? It's simple. He made a small incision and bypassed the cartilage, or the ligaments and cut a small hole in the bone. Then he extracted the Stem Cells and attached them to the bone and either the cartilage, or ligament. He then applied a protein, enzyme solution, that caused the bone to heal naturally.The result was that the ligaments, or cartilage reattached themselves and it was as if they were never torn.....In operations such as this, there is always a problem of the cartillage, or ligament healing either too tightly, or too loosely. However in this case, because the Stem Cells followed the DNA Blueprint, the cartilage, or ligaments took on their original shape and healed perfectly.
     Doctors are also healing bones with the same therapy. The Stem Cells literally re-grow, what has been destroyed.
     So, the question is: Do you think that taxpayers should continue to spend money on Stem Cell Research, trying to use embroyo's who's DNA does not match the patient's......Or do you think that more Orthopedic Surgeons should start using Stem Cell Therapy, to more effectively repair their patient's injuries?
13 years ago

Fred, this is amazing! Why is this NOT on the top of the list!??

What is the matter with this country? What is wrong with this picture?

All we hear about is the benefits possible with stem cell research, and I have heard NOTHING of this therapy!

I have studied the subject quite a lot, as well!

This would be the only realistic option!

I am looking further into this!

Any links?

13 years ago

And what do you think about this?????

(Interesting, eh?)


I agree with Valerie
13 years ago
For the most part. The line has to be drawn at the "creation" of life to take it away. If there is an infant death and the parents want to donate or an adult the same way, that is okay, the same as organ donation. I am cautious though that scientists will take it to the extreme and use "cloning" to create scraps.
13 years ago

I think I am against it...

13 years ago

I just saw this thread... I am so against it. If they can figure out a way to do the same thing synthetically then cool otherwise no way.

I am
13 years ago

ALL FOR the Stem Cell Therapy that Fred suggested!

Thanks Fred
12 years ago
I had never heard of stem cell therapy until I just read this. It sounds like a great thing.
stem cell ...
11 years ago

Here in CT, at the UCONN Teaching Hospital, the adult stem cell research and therapy has been used for over a decade. The results are amazing, especially in cancer patients. My wife was set to participate in 1997 for ovarian cancer but she took a turn for the worse and passed away in September, just two weeks shy of her start date.

I'd give everything and anything to have her back. Until we experience the slow and painful death of a loved one will we  be able to say that "playing God" is one of God's gifts.  When Christ said "follow me" means to imitate him. And what was Christs greatest gift? Healing human beings so they could spread those words around the world. Christ was sent to "do" great things and that should be our reason for living.

The whole problem of this issue is because we have politicised a potential healing of the human race. It's just one more intrusion into our lives by a renegade government that is bent on full control of its people.

11 years ago
Yes, adult stem cells have shown alot of promise. However, embryonic stem cells have shown ZERO promise. To do research on the embryonic cells we already have that arent going to be used for anything is one thing, but to create a life for the sole purpose of destroying it is completely different. We are doing research on the cells we already have. Bush is the only president to give funding to such research. (granted he is the only one that really had the option) We should focus most of our energy into researching that which has shown promise and that would be adult stemm cells. There is a reason why private citizens invest in adult stem cell research but not embryonic stem cell research.
The stem cell Therapy...Mike
10 years ago

Have you looked into that? there needs to be more informaton made available. I am looking for updates, AS RM M Said, there are places which have had awesome results in that area!

RM M, So sorry to hear about your loss.
I have a sister who is dying of Primary pulmonary Hypertension.


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