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Toro Jubilo - Petition Delivery 2011.
3 years ago
| Actions for Bulls.

Delivery of Care2 Petition Highlights the Suffering of Spain's Firebulls!

Ivan Aparicio, PACMA representative, has presented 34,252 signatures with the Junta de Castilla y Leon, Soria.


Press, television and radio were present, and hopefully this has generated much needed publicity, and highlighted the horror, and cruelty to the bull, in this Annual Spanish Fiesta, 'TORO JUBILO'

Thank you to Ivan, and to PACMA, for their asistance once again, to deliver this petition.


The delivery was reported in various press reports, and made the pages of the number one provincial newspaper of Soria!

The Horror of the 'Toro Jubilo' - November 2011.
3 years ago

The Horror of the 'Toro Jubilo' - November 2011.
3 years ago

3 years ago

The following (google translated) report appeared in Elmundo Online:


A partnership delivers 30,000 signatures against the Toro Jubilo more Medinaceli

The Aurora Youth Association , on behalf of animal parts Against Animal Abuse (Pacman) has registered with the Junta de Castilla y Leon in Soria 34,252 signatures against the Toro Jubilo Medinaceli, because "animal cruelty is not acceptable as entertainment or century tradition.

"With these new firms are already more than 100,000 deliveries to the regional administration against the celebration of this show"

Ivan Aparicio , General Coordinator of La Aurora, said to journalists that this delivery of signatures, most of them from abroad, especially Britain and Australia - they want to make clear that mistreatment of an animal has no justification in the XXI century.

"It looks like the bulls in Spain are not considered animals because they are directly raised for this torture and death," he added.

From the UK, he reported, has come the threat to boycott of tourism in Castile and León, Soria and this in particular, "should lead us to re think things." In this sense he recalled that in Mataro (Barcelona) and Tarazona (Zaragoza) bull events have been canceled. "We hope that Medinaceli reform its tradition, and will end this animal abuse," he noted.

As for the interest of the City of Medina to declare Toro Jubilo as a 'UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage', he said he understands their attempts to protect "a party that has sucked since childhood," but does not believe that this will go ahead, as in doing so it would generate greater mobilization in the world against this tradition.

3 years ago

Thank you Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!