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11/13/06 USA Call in Day for the Horses
9 years ago

National Call in Day to Senate Offices

Wednesday October 25, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

Go to

Organized by HSUS

Flyers available to be distributed on groceries stores, schools etc.

9 years ago
Thank you for the information!
9 years ago

I am going to post the letter from Jake Oster at HSUS about this too, here comes...

We're in a dead heat with the opposition!
9 years ago

Dear Horse Advocate:

More than one month ago the U.S. House voted to ban horse slaughter.   Now we must turn our focus to passing the same bill in the Senate.  A key component to our victory in the House was your phone calls to Congress leading up to the vote.  For the first time since we began this fight, the voices of the opposition are raising above our own.  Senators have reported hearing equally from compassionate advocates in support of the bill and those in favor of slaughter opposed to the bill.

We need to raise our voices above the cries of our opponents and make sure we are ten times as vocal as our opposition!

We cannot fail!  The lives of countless horses are at stake.  Last year over 90,000 horses were sent to slaughter.  If we do not shut the doors on the three remaining U.S. slaughterhouses now, we will have to begin this process again when a new Congress adjourns in January.

Take immediate action:

  1. Call your two U.S. Senators today:  dial the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for the offices of your Senators.  Ask them to “please cosponsor S.1915 the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act and protect horses from slaughter.”
  2. Spread the word: one phone call is not enough.  We need hundreds.  Tell your friends, family, and coworkers to call their Senators today.
  3. TWO NATIONAL CALL-IN DAYS: October 25 (Wednesday) and November 13 (Monday) are national call-in days for horses.  Hang the attached fliers allover your town, hand out copies at the grocery store, Halloween parties, or any place you can find one more person to make a phone call.
  4. Don’t quit.  Call this week, call next week, and call the following week.   Let’s keep up the pressure!

Remember, with your help we can save the lives of thousands of horses from cruel and inhumane slaughter.


Jake Oster

Director of Grassroots Advocacy
Government Affairs
The Humane Society of the United States
519 C Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
202-955-3672  voice
301-529-2987 cell
202-676-2301  fax

Thank you again
9 years ago

Here's the flyer that I was working on to put up at the local stores and college. Thank you again for the information. Oh and this will look better on a flyer than it does here:


9 years ago

Robin - Beautiful job!  You rock!

Simone - Always on top of your game!  Thank you!

Re-posted for Marjorie
9 years ago

This is very much worth reading and passing on to friends:

The next time you hear anyone say that horse slaughter is humane, send them to me-I will send them directly to a horse slaughterhouse-or direct them to an online video filmed at one. We have three of these torture chambers in this country-all foreign (Belgian and French) owned, and they all operate tax free, while raking in more than $12 million yearly over the dead bodies of champion race horses, pony club pets, and the endangered species of wild mustangs. (more on below link)

Marjorie -

11/13/06 USA Call In Day for the Horses
9 years ago

Shares (nm and activist) just made.

9 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to Agnes because you have done so within the last week.

   Thank you Agnes!

Grassley working to prevent horse slaughter bill!
9 years ago

Take a peek at Simone's latest post!  Arghh!

Let's step it up USA.

Please read & "note-it" -- thank you!
9 years ago
The Story Behind the Burns Amendment
9 years ago

How America's wild horses lost their protection,  and note-it here:

Galloping Scared
9 years ago

This is the article published in Vanity Fair.  Maggie has posted it to the Care2 News here:

Takes a hard look at all sides of the story.  Here's just a teaser:


xhausted and terrified, a herd of wild mustangs gallop around the side of the mountain, miraculously managing to skirt the treacherous prairie-dog holes and deep crevices as they try to escape the screaming, whirling predator on their tail. Their instincts tell them they can out-run most any animal, but this one is relentless. 

You wish a director would yell "Cut," and the horses would be led to a plush Hollywood stable for rest, food, and water. But it's not a movie, and the pilot flying the helicopter is not an actor. He works for a government program to round up wild horses from public lands. The target horses this week are from the Sandwash Basin herd, in northwestern Colorado.

As the horses hit a straightaway at full stride, a camouflaged fence gradually funnels them into a trap. Close to the neck of the trap, the roundup crew releases a "Judas horse," which runs to the front of the pack and leads the mustangs directly into a tiny corral. Once inside, the horses screech to a stop, piling up on top of one another as dust flies, the gate slams, and the helicopter pulls away to go back for more horses. When the crew is finished, a few of the horses will be released back onto the range, some will be put up for adoption, but most will be relocated to government holding facilities, and a large number will be eligible to be sold to slaughterhouses, thanks to Senator Conrad Burns (Republican, Montana).


We picked up a co-sponsor!
9 years ago

Senator Biden will be co-sponsoring S. 1915!


Keep up the great work everybody!

I heard from Jake Oster at HSUS today, he said that the first call-in day went great!  But we still need to pick up more co-sponsors.  That is the most direct way we can work to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

If you've already called your Senators, call again.  And ask your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors to do the same.

This past September was the deadliest month for horses since 1995.  Over 400 WILD horses were rounded up in Colorado last month, only 60 went up for adoption.

The others are most likely headed to the killing floor.  Wild horses are no longer protected from slaughter.

If you'd like to see a video of wild horses being rounded up, here's a link:

No shock and gore, just beautiful, majestic horses running from freedom to captivity.

Download Marjorie's awesome poster here.
9 years ago

Great for coffee houses, kiosks, community bulletin boards, the refrigerator!

Make the Call to Save Horses
9 years ago

Click here for phone number & script & to let HSUS know how it went

Number of calls into Senators since 10/25/06 = 4,654

Let's shoot for at least double that!

Subliminal Message
9 years ago

9 years ago

They can't call, but YOU can, BE THEIR VOICE, please.

Add 8.jpg

9 years ago
Called this morning.... Senator Allards office I got an actual living, breathing person....Senator Salazar...A recording.  Maybe they aren't up yet.
11, 385 phone calls into Senators offices since 10/25/06!
9 years ago

Gwen -- thanks!  You rock!

Great work everybody!

Let's keep lighting up the Capitol Switchboard! 

Lots of reasons to call! 

Call for the horses, call for the dogs forced to fight and die by scumbags, call to say you are not a terrorist!

We've picked up 4 more co-sponsors!!!

Let's get it done! 

9 years ago

We are running out of time, this needs to end this year!  Please call Senate Majority Leader Frist and ask that the bill be brought to the floor!

If they can fast-track a bill that the special interests want, they can certainly fast-track a bill the majority of the American people want! 

Marjorie C.
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Very important for S. 1915! 9:17 AM
Hi all,

I just spoke with William at Senator Frist's office - he told me that it's going to be very difficult to get this to a vote in the next 3 weeks. I told him that 80% of the people want this to be voted on this year.  He said he knows that, he's spoken to about 3,000 people in the last week, but he said that they need to fund agencies, etc. I told him that the American people want this to end.  He said they would do their best.  I'm just sickened by everything that's going on atm.

We need to make this 10,000 people evidently to be heard. I'm going to post and I'm asking you all to fax and call Frist's office immediately.  As you all know, we don't have a lot of time to get this to a vote.  Please pass the word!


ps.  On a good note, we picked up another co-sponsor!  YES!!  But this will be all for naught if we don't get this bill out of committee for a vote!

9 years ago

I got this e-mail in my box this morning.

Alright, I am not too bright but even I am smart enough to know that this is wrong.  I hope you will see that too and call your Senator first thing in the mo

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9 years ago

Urge Senator to Bring the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act Up for Vote

While the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA) enjoys wide support among both the public and legislators, the Senate has yet to approve their version of the Act (S 1915). If approved, the AHSPA would ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the domestic and international transport of live horses or horseflesh for this purpose.

The Senate is just about to reconvene after a long recess, and we need to get this bill up for a vote before the session ends. An estimated 2,000 horses are trucked to slaughterhouses and brutally killed each week this bill awaits action in the Senate, so we cannot allow our leaders to stall any longer. In light of this, one of Senator Jon Kyl's (R-AZ) constituents called his office on Tuesday, November 14th urging that he introduce the bill. She was told that, if Senator Kyl receives a lot of calls in support of the AHSPA, he will do what he can to get it to the floor.

Please call Senator Jon Kyl's Washington office immediately at (202) 224-4521. Let him know that you support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act and urge him to get S. 1915 up for a vote or attach it as a rider to another bill before the Senate adjourns.

Also send Senator Kyl a follow-up email urging his support for the AHSPA. Feel free to edit the sample letter to your liking.

9 years ago

Linda -- not sure, but are those the lyrics to a song?  Didn't recognize it myself, and I do apologize if it offended you.  I think Robin only meant to find a fun way to inspire folks to call in.  I hope that you will.  The horses could use every voice right now!

Sandy -- thank you so much for posting this alert!  We have a Senator willing to call for a vote on S.1915, BUT he wants to see how many citizens are willing to call him first!

Soooo....  any takers?

Let's ring his phone right off the hook! 

I've called Senator Kyl's office myself, its so easy, give it a go!

9 years ago

Oh!  And don't forget to send the follow-up email from the link in Sandy's post.

In case it helps anybody, this is what I wrote, italics mine, plain text is the sample given.

I just called and spoke with your staffer.  I have been actively campaigning for this Bill and for many others.  I am an active and informed citizen.  I am asking you to call S.1915 for a vote!

It is the right thing to do.  The horse slaughter industry would have you believe that this is humane euthanasia, that they are providing a public service.  If that were the case, then why have they STEPPED UP production since the passing of HR503? 

No, this is not about humane euthanasia.  Anything but.  Please refer to the in-depth article, "Galloping Scared" in Vanity Fair.  These horses are tormented and suffer immensely along every step of the production chain.

This is wrong.  And it must be stopped.  Every poll shows that between 70-80% of the American people do not want OUR horses slaughtered for human consumption overseas.  If they want to eat horses overseas, then kill their own and do it humanely.

What is going on now is UNACCEPTABLE.

To think that our former race horses, pet ponies, and wild mustangs are being treated so horrifically is a DISGRACE! 

No, these are NOT old and lame horses!  Of course not, that just doesn't fit the business model for a meat company!  These are young, healthy horses!

Please do the right thing.

If approved, the AHSPA would ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the domestic and international transport of live horses or horseflesh for this purpose. While the House passed their version of the bill in September, and the AHSPA enjoys wide support among the public, the Senate has yet to vote on their version (S.1915).

An estimated 2,000 horses are being trucked to slaughterhouses and brutally killed each week this bill awaits action in the Senate. Stopping this cruel and wasteful killing is an essential matter that our leaders must take seriously. Please do all that you can to get S. 1915 up for a vote or attach it as a rider to another bill before the Senate adjourns.

9 years ago

An estimated 2,000 horses are being trucked to slaughterhouses and brutally killed each week this bill awaits action in the Senate. Stopping this cruel and wasteful killing is an essential matter that our leaders must take seriously. Please do all that you can to get S. 1915 up for a vote or attach it as a rider to another bill before the Senate adjourns.

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