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anonymous Lets Not Sweep This Under The Rug!! October 09, 2006 9:56 AM

Hi Dear Members who care!.

Lets start by NOT trying to sweep this issue under the rug ..any longer. Enuff if enuff! There are too many innocent people getting beaten every minute that I type! Women as well as Men.

Children live through it. DV (Domestic Violence) starts at HOME - remember. God knows only where it moves to next.

Here is one of many more videos I will posting in this special thread... conveying that very message.

An Anti Domestic Violence Vid with a message...

Watch This Anti Domestic Violence Ad

Caution: This maybe rather disturbing to some here.
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anonymous UNICEF estimates that.... October 09, 2006 10:35 AM

UNICEF estimates that around 1 million children in Papua New Guinea live with violence, either at home or in their community. Many of the ... all » country's women are victims of domestic abuse. Among Papua New Guinea's more than 800 tribes and languages, the concepts of domestic and sexual violence do not exist Please do watch this vid:
UNICEF: Domestic violence in Papua New Guinea
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Increasing numbers of Afghan women are committing suicide by setting fire to themselves to escape difficult lives. Non Government Organisations (NGO's) based in the country say women forced into marriage or suffering chronic abuse are killing themselves out of desperation. One group says cases of self-immolation in the capital have doubled since last year. Cases are said to be reported every day in the western city of Herat. In Kabul, some 36 cases of self-immolation have been recorded this year.

One Afghan survivor of a self immolation, a 16-year-old girl, said she had endured beatings from her drug-addicted husband, a man 25 years her senior and whom she was forced to marry. "When he did not have access to heroin and narcotics, he tortured me" she said. "One night he hit me and hit my head. Blood was coming from my nose. I asked him why he was doing it and he hit me even more." Following the attack, she doused herself with benzene and lit a flame. Since then she has divorced her husband and undergone a series of operations.

Experts say many such women believe they have no protection from their abusers or the cultural practices that makes their lives unbearable. "These are young girls at their most productive ages," Ancil Adrian-Paul, a spokeswoman for NGO Medica Mondiale, said "These young girls are killing themselves from frustration and because they feel that there is no way out for them."

Campaigners say illiteracy and an incompetent justice system contribute to women deciding to take their own lives, because they can see no way out of their problems. Women and girls are also often given away to settle conflicts in the country. A recent Human Rights Watch report said many gains made by women since the fall of the Taleban had since been reversed. 

Source: Intercessors Network

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Pakistan's Government has claimed a historic victory against religious conservatives after winning a vote to change the country's controversia rape laws. The parliamentary vote scrapped a law that placed an almost impossible burden of proof on women bringing a claim of rape and exposed them to charges of adultery. Under former laws rape victims had to have four male witnesses to the crime. If they didn't, they faced prosecution for adultery - a crime that potentially carried the penalty of death by stoning. Although the death penalty was never implemented, women convicted of adultery were often jailed or given substantial fines.

Now rape will be tried under civil law, the Pakistan Penal Code. The amendment will lend much-needed credibility to the "enlightened moderation" policy formulated by Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz hailed the vote, saying: "It is a historic bill because it will give rights to women and help end excesses against them."

If however a woman cannot prove she has been raped, she could still fall foul of the adultery laws. Pakistan's religious parties walked out of parliament in protest at the new laws and have called the legislation "a harbinger of lewdness and indecency in the country" and against the strictures of the Koran and Sharia law.

Source: Intercessors Network

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