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female gential mutilation - a cultural factor
9 years ago
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Still they are not known to the origins and deep description of the feminine circuncision and the genital mutilation, is certain that it originated in Africa and it has its base in the Islam.
Feminine circuncision and genital mutilation are a cultural factor, its value varies of society the society and then it cannot be generalized.
Frequently a virginity guarantee is practised as or as a precursor for the marriage, is thought that to provide sexual pureness and a hygiene for girls.
Also it has the certainty that the existence of the clitoris also can be a danger to the masculine agency and for the birth of a child.
This also is a important part in the rite of initiation of a girl to the adult phase. However this practises cultural and religious it is surrounded of a great risk for these women and girls later.
Today still 26 countries in Africa and the Arábia exist more than that practise some or all the forms of feminine circuncision and genital mutilation.
One knows that today 100 million women had passed for this ritual.
The form most common of feminine circuncision in Africa is the clitoridectomy that is practised in more than 25 countries.
In the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, for the Atlantic coast and of the Egipto and Líbia in the North for Mozambique, Angola and Malauí in the South In accordance with Thiam, clitoridectomy is the form where it is removed by complete the clitoris, or the more moderate variant of sunna, can be found in the Iêmen, Arábia Saudita, Iraque, Jordan, Síria and Algeria Sulista.
The form extreme of feminine circuncision that is called Infibulation- clitoridectomy (genital mutilation) appears sufficient all in the Horn of Africa (African east), as the Somalia, Djibut, the majority in the Etiópia, Sudan and Kenya. The other African countries that have diversity of this practise is in accordance with its ethnic groups.
Infibulation or Sunna is in Nigéria, Senegal, Gâmbia, Burquina Faso, Níger, Hunger, Guiné Bissau, Guiné, Sierra Leona, Libéria, Togo, Shrimps, Central African Republic, Tanzânia, Chad, Burundi and Uganda.
Nor all these countries have a legislation against this the practical one.
9 years ago

The different forms of feminine circuncision and the health of the girl or the woman affect the feminine circuncision.

Generally the pointed hood of the clitoris is cut, or cutting the clitoris completely or in its extreme form, removing all genital agency of the woman leaving only one very small opening for piss and menstrual flow.

This practises is agonizing, painful and extremely dangerous. Many girls die of hemorrhage, many have chronic infections that they last all life, as also many problems with childbirth, in the conjugal relationship and the menstruation.

The main difference between feminine circuncisionand of the man is that, considering that masculine circuncision involves the removal of the front skin, feminine circuncision involves the removal of a healthful sexual agency, the clitoris.

Feminine circuncision is made by women, and the men do not have the responsibility of circuncidar its children when they to reach the certain age for the ritual.

The girls are normally enthusiastic for the ceremony, many are determined, everything that they desire will be granted

9 years ago
The age to which this practical is executed not alone varies of area to area and between ethnic groups, but also in agricultural and urban areas and different social and economics situations.
The Yuroba enters in the Nigéria, feminine circuncision happens in the sixth day after the birth of the baby. Generally it practises it of the feminine circuncision happens between the five and twelve years of age.
In the case of Infibulation badly succeeded, the operation will be repeated.
Many times exist the re-infibulation that is the method to press the vaginal opening after giving to the light, in some cases the divorced women and the widowers suffer this to be able to be married again.
9 years ago
Numerous complications exist that can appear of these circuncisions and do not exist anesthesia in these cases.
 - A problem can be that the fight of the child can lead to one very dangerous cut to vaginal environments.
- As problem is that the used instrument is generally not esterilizado, and can result in infection and effect which, probably, last for all life.
- Another problem that appeared is the possibility to transmit VIH(AID as the ritual can consist of ceremonies of circuncision of group, the same razor is used here for each one of the girls who are circuncisioned.
- Immediate complications normally can include Haemorrhage happen while the clitoris will be being cut and divided the sanguineous vases and the dorsal artery of the clitoris. In the cataclísmico case of haemorrhaging it can have serious collapse, or sudden death, if this only happens resurrection of emergency and blood transfusion can save the child (the Morgan al of et, 1995).
-  The effect of female gential mutilation are immediate complications and in the long run, psychological, emotional and physical problems are resulted of this atrocity.
- The complications in the long run that this practical this causing in the women and girls includes infection of chronic urinária area and piss retention, vulva dermic, stenosis cysts vaginal, hematocolpomentra, dismenorréia, inflammatory illness pelvic chronicle, and infection with first penetration of the penis (the Morgan, et al 1995).
female gential mutilation also cause infection of septicaemia (blood infection) of the uterus and vagina, dermoid formation of quelóide scar, cysts, abscesses of vulva and dysporeunia that cause extreme pain during menstruation and sexual relationship (Mcleane & Graham, 1983).
The psychological effect of female gential mutilation  are difficult to investigate because of the secret that surrounds the practical one, a small number of clinical cases of psychological illness joined the female gential mutilation were informed.
However, despite the lack of studies of evidence research they had disclosed feelings of anxiety, terror, humiliation, trauma, permanent frigidity, and in the long run negative psychoses everything of which have a negative effect in the women and the lives of these girls (Abdalla, 1982).

9 years ago
**** a small number of clinical cases of psychological illness joined the female gential mutilation were informed.

To me this is terror against women, while there may be cultural roots, and that the study of culture in relation to FGM is essential, many families do not mutilate their children.

I believe that the principles of child abuse, and bad intent in many families driven by "family captial" is at the heart of the problem.

This seems obvious to me, since much of the purpose of this horror is to reduce sexuality along with possibility of the woman looking outside the family for love.

And, seeing how bad her family is, why wouldn't a child want to leave ??

9 years ago

The female gential mutilation is a big problem because it is a cultural factor.

It is more easy to finish a war that finish with cultural factors.

The laws doesnt matter... while the society as so accepts the mutilation is super difficult to finish it.

Nobody question to the daughters if they wanted to be subput of feminine circuncision and genital mutilation.  Nor his own mother who happy takes her daughter in this ceremony.

The mother was subput of feminine circuncision, suffers with her mutilation but she knows that her daughter must also be mutilated to be accepted like equal in the society in which she lives.

- What man want to marry with a young woman non mutilated?

- What husband wants that their woman is not again  re-infibulated after a childbirth?

- What grandmother does not feel shame by her granddaughter if she is not mutilated?

- What friend.... ?

and the vicious circulate does not finish.
The best form of fight against a mutilation is education!

7 years ago

Some years ago my Mom worked at some low cost apartments and I would help her every now and then.  there were many folks there but one family has stuck in my mind for years.  It was a couple with three little girls from Toga.  A church had helped them to the US so the three little girls would be safe from FGM.  At the time I had never heard of it but as this woman in broken English told me about it I was horrified beyond belief.  I admired how she held her head up high and was willing to leave all she knew behind for her daughters.  All three girls did well in school, they were thirsty for knowledge and my daughters befriended them.  Tow of the girls went to college and did well while the youngest wanted to be a Mom and she is one now.  I shudder when I think of what could have happened to these three bright little girls