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The Shameless Slaughter of Canada Geese - Please Contact Your Senators & Voice Your Opposition August 16, 2010 5:15 PM

Hey: I received the attached email from Tyler Chase, a film maker. It is very disturbing as I have also witness a number of areas where there appear to be no geese left. Please read the information below, forward to as many people as possible and please send a message to your Senator. Hello, My name is Tyler A. Chase, a film maker, currently developing a project called THE WAR ON GEESE. I have been investigating the killing of the Canada Geese and attending the various demonstrations done on their behalf. Here is the issue; despite all the PR in front of City Hall and posturing of organizations WHERE IS THE COURT INJUNCTION TO STOP THE KILLING OF CANADA GEESE? There are NO Canada Geese left in any of the places I go to, even Greenwood Cemetery, which is, by the way, also poisoning the raccoons. Central Park has only one lonely battered goose residing near Belvedere Castle....Here is the lynch mob mentality... it's supposedly OK to get rid of Geese since the "millionaire expert in City Hall" has deemed that all of a sudden after years of aviation, Canada Geese (in particular) pose a threat to airplanes. It's a lie if you have read the comments of the wild life experts and I've also spoken to former Air Force men who made some very colorful comments about the killing of the Geese. The USDA killed all of the Canada Geese in Prospect park a few weeks ago and now according to Defense of Animals spokesperson Elaine Hendrix, the city signed a contract with the USDA and other departments to kill something like 650000 more all the way up the Hudson. These geese are resident geese that don't fly high enough to affect planes so the excuse of airplane safety is bogus. The real reason is that some individuals are squeamish about the poop of the geese. Mind you, everything poops and we walk down sidewalks and in parks that are used as toilets by countless dogs everyday. Even if dog poop is picked up there are nevertheless particles and toxins left behind so the "danger of Geese" is merely a whim, a prejudice of people who don't know how to live in harmony with nature. Basically what they are doing is also against the law since hunting season on geese is once a year and they are federally protected. Now they want to go on National Park Land to kill them there and why there is no court injunction to stop this "gassing of geese" is beyond comprehension. According to the interview of one of the spokes people from In Defense of Animals, It takes twenty minutes for the goose to die. They don't leave their mate or babies so they are easy to catch and the gassing is done with mobile units. I ask that you all start writing to your Senator immediately to ask for a court order stopping Bloomberg's folly. I have attached the link to the United States Senate, please send an email to your senator from this website stating your opposition to the killing of Canada Geese by New York City Mayor and The USDA all across America. Thanks Love Animals Too  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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