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Dillon & Daisy Duck
14 years ago
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Here is a cute duck couple, Dillon & Daisy. They both live at a local lake, Loch Lomond, & are very friendly. They greets us whenever we go boating through their territory. Usually on our outings on the lake, we only see Dillon. But on rare occasions, we see him with his Lady-Duck & we were lucky to have a camera. Here is a link to my duck photo album: ~Lisa
14 years ago
Dillon and Daisy look lovely on Lock Lomond. I have a picture my cousin bought for me framed in the bedroom of Lock Lomond. Its a beautiful place and the ducks look different to our Aussie ducks here in Canberra. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely duck photos. Love Christine
Hi Christine
14 years ago
Would you be refering to the wonderful Loch Lomond in Scotland? That is a beautiful place! But our Loch Lomond, here in California near the town of Ben Lomond, is much smaller & has only 1 island My Hubby & I enjoy boating at this lake & there are quite a few species of birds here. I always bring my binoculars to bird watch & sometimes see our "regular residents" here like Dillon & Daisy. They are wild, but Dillon, especially, is quite friendly. He doesn't look like the other Mallards & has a white chest with black freckles. One year, a Momma duck (not Daisy) came up to our rowboat with here babies. She actually stayed with us for a while & I believe she was showing off her ducklings lol! We didn't offer any food (not good for wild animals) but she & her babies swam along side for awhile & was quite charming I was wishing I had a camera that day! Well, our Loch Lomond is closed to the public until March & stays open until September. And I will make sure to bring the camera along every time we go Take care, ~Lisa
14 years ago
Lisa, You are right, my cousin lived at forfar in Scotland and bought the prints of Loch Lomond and Lockness for me. I didn't realize you meant another loch. Oh so many places with so many names the same. I originally come from England and came to Australia when I was 6 and three quarters so just assumed it was that loch. Even looked more closely at my picture as well after you mentioned it. Funny how that happens and brings back many memories. They had duck at Loch ness when I visited in in 1983. Its a lovely place to go = ignore the commercial stuff and enjoy the beauty. I'm delighted you are going to take some more photos, so we can see a variety of wild ducks as well. I love that the duck family visited you to show you the babies. Catch you all later Love Christine
14 years ago
Hi Lisa, Dillon is so friendly to people because he started out with them. He is a feral domestic duck. He was 'dumped' there. He may have been an Easter duck or an extra male a farmer didn't need. His color pattern is called pied wild. I'd have to see him to tell you exactly what breed he is. Most likely he is a Rouen duck or a High-nesting Flying duck. I agree with you about not feeding wild animals if they live in a relatively intact habitat where there is plenty of wild food for them. Here in the east, many habitats have been almost destroyed by invasive plants and animals. Also, we have many urban animals. Since we have replaced almost all our native plants with ornamentals, there's nothing for them to eat. For instance, the pond where I care for the ducks is a landscaped park pond. If we did not feed them, they would starve. Christine, Would it be possible for you to take some pictures of the ducks where you live? I'd love to see some Australian ducks. Lee
14 years ago
No worries, when I am out of isolation in maybe a week still keeping away from people I'll get peter to take me for a drive where there are ducks and take picture and add them to my photo album for you all to see. Its only a 5 minute drive from here. My telephone exchange area was hit be lightning so I wasn't able to get on the computer since Tuesday my time. So I have missed my friends on different groups. I'll keep you informed about any pictures "yes I will indeed" Love Christine
14 years ago
Hey Duckie (Geoff) would you like to turn on the icons so we can use some ducks and smiles to add happiness when chatting - its your choice. Love the nickname so now I'm calling it to you with affection. Love Christine
Concrete and teracotta ducks I have
14 years ago
Actually everyone I have 2 ducks, one is cement made and looks very grand, the other one is in terracotta, but Moya the dog bumped into the birdbath and knocked it all down and the duck was inside sitting on styrophone to look good so the birds could drink. They are now nice and stable on the patio so I can look out the window and see them between my plants. Love Christine
14 years ago
I don't want to loose this page into archives so I can check when here all the pictures of our ducks even though they are all wild. Love Christine
Dillon the Duck introduces his 3 friends
14 years ago

Hubby & I went boating at Loch Lomond again last week. As we were coming back to the dock, Dillon flew overhead & landed by 3 other ducks several yards away from us.  The foursome started quacking up a storm to each other & then proceeded towards our boat.  I slowed the boat down a bit so they could all catch up & say "Hi" to us.  It was wonderful!  They were so vocal & came so close to the boat.  Dillon stayed back, though, & let his buddies do all the greeting & quacking Dillon The Duck Introduces His 3 Friends

I added some more photos of these talkative ducks in my photo album:


12 years ago

A friend of mine sent me a email the other day. She was talking about ducks that were in the paper. Cars had stopped going both ways because a mother duck was crossing the road with her 17 babies!!! This must have been a site to see. 17 babies )

We can't get enough of ducks!

Hey Lee!

12 years ago
ahhh, so sweet
Hi all,
10 years ago



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