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Photos of Ducks - put your link in
10 years ago
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Get to see the native Australian ducks I saw today. One is white and not often do we see a white one. Rare in Canberra but not in other parts of Australia. Peter took the pictures as I was leaning on the car and had my walking fame to hang onto. We didn't want to frighten the ducks. Here's the link - you can check through the rest of the album if you like - go ahead and enjoy all. Click on the picture it will make it bigger then press your back button to take you to the thumbsize again to see the next ducks. Love Christine
10 years ago
They're beautiful, Christine. Do you know what their breed is called? I think the little black ones with white beaks are some kind of coot. Lee
10 years ago
No sorry, coot rings a bell, but ducks are ducks to me, either farm ducks or wild ducks. Just love looking at them myself so haven't checked anywhere or asked. Most people go for picnics were we went (on weekends) its easier being free all week. I havent even got a book about ducks to tell me what they are. But they did look cute. Love Christine
10 years ago
Peter is sorting out the slides, and we have a couple from our honeymoon in New Zealand.  When he scans them in I'll let you all know
Love Christine
I have added another duck
10 years ago
This is a strange looking duck.  The pictures from the honeymoon of the ducks were on camera so will have to scan in sometime.  Hope you enjoy this duck.  On wild animals there is also a Cassowary you may like to see.
Love Christine
10 years ago

This is the photo taken in New Zealand on honeymoon 18 years ago.  Its totally different to our local ducks.  This is a wild duck near a water area and a little waterfall.  There were quite a few ducks so I gave it some breakfast cereal.   The others in the album are the Australian ducks in Canberra.
Love Christine   my real life wallaby taken by peter with his mates

beautiful ducks
10 years ago

For the most beautiful duck pictures click here:

good duck and great viewing

Photos of Ducks
3 years ago

Here,s a link to some photos of ducks, geese, swans in my local park in N.E Yorkshire UK Just 5 mins walk from home!

3 years ago

It looks lovely there, Michael.  You are so lucky to have swans.  I've never gotten to see a real swan.  Is it true that they all belong to the Queen?

I didn't know you had Canada geese in the UK.  I would so like to visit there.

Welcome to the forum, Michael.


3 years ago

I used to live on a lake with a gazillion ducks and geese and other birds.