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All pictures are uploaded on my album
14 years ago
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Hey everyone. All my duck pictures are on my duck album. Check them out. Im in most of the pictures. For those who do not have the link here it is, There is a couple pages Check em out and tell me your comments. Tell other friends if you like.
Jamie, you and your ducks are all beautiful
14 years ago
I'm so pleased and honoured to see all the lovely pictures. They have a large sleeping area and see to be starting to like the pool. They do seem to pose for some of the photos don't they. It looked like they were in formation for graduation or something. Its lovely, Why not try and put the original picture not onto the group photo, it shouldn't be too hard. It gives instructions. You are entitled to join Hosts and co Hosts and ask any questions there and all have experienced problems and the experts answer quickly when you have a problem doing things in your group. You will be most welcome as you are Our Host. Love Christine
Original picture?
14 years ago
What's the original picture? I do not think I could upload anymore pictures right now. Oh wait, do you mean the the group photo? I know how to do that. My ducks have been swimming in the sled for quite a few weeks. They are 4 and a half weeks old now. I am quite a proud mother. I will keep you upated on my not so little anymore ducks. Thanks Christine.
Yes I mean the first picture Geoff helped you put on your album
14 years ago
It would be a great picture for the group photo. Our ducks are growing quickly aren't they. I'm off for the weekend again. Catch you later and I saw two ducks swimming in the creek just down the road about 7 minutes away they looked very cute - definately not as cute as ours in the group. These are all the same and Grey coloured. Love Christine
Hey, thats pretty cool Jamie!
14 years ago
They sure are growing. You look pretty proud there! A very wonderful little family. Thanks for showing those to us and keep up the good work! Peace.
14 years ago
Jamie, Oh you must be so delighted. Your ducks look so grown up now and I adored all the pictures again with the new ones as well. Hope you get another computer soon. Or can use an internet cafe. Just to pop in and say hello to us. Love Christine

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