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Please introduce yourself here...
8 years ago
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   Please tell us alittle about you.

I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of rights.

We have lost the American way.

I hope by waking people up and educating people, we can start to pursue " Liberty "   &  "equal Justice for all."  

      We need to vote in people whom are going to make Laws that represent

" WE the People "

Micheal thank-you you for allowing me to Co-host with you.


8 years ago
Hi, Hi.
I Mr. Saturn  Polly.
I'm 13.
Obviously, I'm the only one in my skool who agrees with me on stuff.

8 years ago
rabid liberal
8 years ago

hi, I'm Juanita.  I've been watching strange days in our govt. I am really starting to worry about our nation. I've watched our farmers losing everything, our industry die, jobs going everywhere but here.  Bush lied and men die.  With a signature Bush has taken away our rights, little by little.  Am I paranoid to believe that it is possible that Bush will be the first dictator of this nation?  Am I paranoid or are others asleep?  Bush has signed away the constitution of our nation.  Should he declare a state of emergency and  martial law, there will be no election in '08.

Then what?

8 years ago

Our biggest problem with the Corrupt Court system is the “Judicial Independence.” Which there is NO SUCH THING!  J.I. stands for f-YOU 2 branches of the government….   WE don’t need no check’s and balances, we are INDEPENDENT of you and you’re Constitutional LAWS! 

“The judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good behavior.....” Art. III., Sec. 1 of the U.S. Constitution

Jefferson's manual for impeachment


Judicial branch's enforcement of the judicial discipline statute Congress enacted in 1980. 


How can a Criminal over See law abiding person?


Freedom is when you have nothing more to fear, when death does not hold a sting.

http://www.dallasne tent/dws/ news/localnews/ crime/stories/ DN-ovilla_ 04met.ART. North.Edition1. 4278f84.html


Our corrupt court systems have


freed families from the sting of


death and that is the most


dangerous person alive!


For Mrs. Norton's co-workers, the situation is particularly tragic given that family courts often deal with family violence issues.

"We are also all painfully aware of how family violence does tremendous harm to families from all walks of life, and that no one is immune to this issue," the judges wrote. "Certainly, no one else is more aware of the problem of family violence than us, the Family Court Judges who handle these issues on a regular basis in our court

Michael S. thank you for the invitation.
8 years ago
To Save America and Freedom, to bring back God,
 Our freedom, our bible, our God is coming to a halt.
We are soon to be put in Jail for speaking the word of God. Michael Owens
8 years ago
Hi to all,and I want to thank Michael for the invite! I look
forward to getting to know everyone and I think this
group is just what our contry needs!
8 years ago

thank you Michael S. for the invite.

I am in TOTAL agreement with Michael O.  Let's bring back what this country is all about ..... freedom, the Bible and God.

8 years ago
Thank you for the invitation Michael. Sounds about right to me, and the name of the group was a wise choice, for we all may become the New Patriots to rise up against the corrupt Bush Administration, and the injustices he has inflicted on all people around the world..
8 years ago
Thanks for the invitation Michael. I'm a strict constitutionalist. Hope to gain some insight and perhaps provide some as we move ahead.
8 years ago

Thank~you all....

I have been without a computer... But I am back now & looking forward to doing more in this group with Michael.

God Bless,


Rule of Law?
7 years ago
I want to lots of the laws on the people done away with, for all they do is make more criminals.   We could let all non-violent offenders in jails, out.
Nature must be protected.
The rule of Law didn't do the Natives much good!
Warriors of the Rainbow
7 years ago
Hey, if you have not heard of this Rainbow Warrior site, it is worth looking into.  I hope it belongs here for it blew my mind last night when I got it from some care2 page.
Though I have yet to find out to much more about them.  I sure do plan to.