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The new SpiritWeb site: an Invitation :-)
10 years ago
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Hi, Spiritweblings,

This group will certainly continue to exist

At the same time I also want to extend to everyone an invitation to visit and join a new social/spirit networking site especially for SpiritWeb at

So why go there? Well, it's a whole network developed around Spiritweb. Free to join. You can have your own page there, your own blog-  upload videos, music and pictures, start your own groups, and participate in the forums.

I've uploaded a couple of videos, some pictures and a few songs just to give you some ideas- and I've started an Astrology group.

Please check it out,  feel welcome to join, and if you like it, invite your spirit-minded friends!

As group host here, I want to say that I feel happy in extending this invitation and link.

10 years ago

there's now seven members in the new group within the space of a few hours, so I hope you'll consider joining the fun.

17 members, as of day two...
10 years ago

am really encouraged

and now there are 32 members!
10 years ago


36 members, now
10 years ago

The new website is steadily growing- and members there are finding more interconnected activities, what with being able to upload pictures, music, videos.. start groups within SpiritWeb, etc.  So I sincerely hope that whoever feels moved to join us over there will.
Most of my energy will be going into the new website. I'll leave this up, because people searching for SpiritWeb chat on the internet usually find this group first.

63 members in the new SpiritWeb as of today (August 1,2008)
10 years ago

SpiritWeb continues to grow- and it's developing into a quietly busy, friendly site indeed.

I just made a blog post in Care2 today about it:

Care2: SpiritWeb

Otherwise, I hope everyone's doing fine.
I'd like to get the word out about the new SpiritWeb to some folks like Darkblade-  none of his old emails work anymore.

And there are now 68 members...
10 years ago

I am putting virtually ALL of my energy into the new group over at, because there's a lot more activity and life over there. People can have blogs, upload videos, music, pictures, create their own groups- it's a lot more interactive.

just updating, here...
10 years ago

We now have 171 members in our three month-old new meeting place on Ning-  and it's just acquired a little chat, also.  With so many new members it's beginning to pick up momentum, which is a cheerful thing to behold


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