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Out of Body Experiences
14 years ago
Has anyone had these? I will share something that happened to me in the next post on this topic.
Harmony's Experience with OOBE
14 years ago
When I was around twenty-seven years old, I belonged to a spiritual fellowship called Subud. The main "thing" to Subud was something called the "latihan", which is an Indonesian word meaning work or exercise. In this case, it referred to a spiritual exercise; the state of being directly plugged into the source of all things. Every so often, Subud would have an international get-together- and at the time I'm talking about, this gathering took place in Washinton, D.C. in some hotel whose name I've long forgotten. We all heard Bapak lecture, and we all had various meetings and workshops. The days at the gathering were very long. One night I got up on stage with my guitar and sang for everyone- it had to be around 3 in the morning! Afterwards, I went to my room in the same hotel and lay down for a rest. What happened next was unexpected and instantaneous- I began to feel myself floating above the bed!! I rose higher and higher until I went through the hotel roof- higher and higher through the atmosphere... higher still until all of a sudden I found myself hovering about the entire earth and looking down at it. And there on the earth, covering every inch of soil from horizon to horizon, were the people of the earth- every single one standing stock still with their arms crossed over their chests and their eyes closed in sleep- waiting to be touched by the light and to be awoken from their sleep.. All around me, high in the air, were spirits of light- messengers who were responding to this vast need and its feeling of utmost urgency in the air- and yet it was as if this urgency had gone on forever. Every so often a spirit would dip down to earth and touch one of the people who were waiting. And the person would wake up and begin to be who they really were- alive and in flow with Spirit. This experience lasted just long enough for me to take it all in- and then, just as instantly as before, I was back in my bed in the hotel room! However, something had changed in me- for month following that experience I was filled with an incredible energy I had never felt before- all I can describe it as is when you see whirling dervishes perform on stage in ecstacy. My latihans in Subud became filled with a light and an energy I could hardly contain. Finally, mystified, I wrote to Bapak and told him about my experience. I asked him what was up. Weeks later, his reply arrived from Indonesia. I opened the letter, and found that he had given me a name as a result of this experience, and that name was "Hadijati". Curious, I asked a Subud member named Varindra Vittachi what the meaning of "Hadijati" was. "Well," he replied.. "Hadijati means "High Born" in Indonesian!" I had to laugh- after all, I HAD been "borne way up high"- miles high- literally. So to me, "High Born" now means "High Borne", LOL- as opposed to how it's usually meant, which is of noble birth or some such. Way afterwards, in doing some astrology research on my chart, I discovered that Mercury, which had been retrograde by progression for twenty seven years, had now gone direct in my chart. Have you ever tried pressing your arms hard against a doorway for ten minutes or so? When you finally step out of the doorway your arms just literally float up, they feel so suddenly light. To me, that was exactly how it felt to have Mercury's energy suddenly going forward. I felt as if I had taken a lightyear's leap forward in the twinkling of an eye.
14 years ago
Note: Bapak is the late founder of Subud (which stands for Susila Buddhi Dharma). His name is really (bracing myself and knowing i may be spelling it incorrectly, sorry): Pak Subuh Sumohadijwidjojo. Note: I meant to say more specifically that Mercury went direct at the time of my OOBE.
OBE OOBE The Out of Body Experience
14 years ago
OBE OOBE The Out of Body Experience * Introduction * What is an out of the body experience? * What are ESP, PK and psi? * What theories have been put forward to account for the OBE? * What is an astral projection OOBE? * Is astral projection an adequate OBE explanation? * What is animism? * Can the OBE subject be seen as an apparition? * How can one find out what an OBE is like? * What is an average astral projection like? * What is an average OBE like? * How common are OBEs? * What are the prerequisites for inducing an OBE? * How to induce an OBE? o Imagery Techniques o Inducing a Special Motivation to Leave the Body o Ophiel's 'Little System' o The Christos Technique o Robert Monroe's Method o Ritual Magic Methods o Meditation and Chakra Meditation o Hypnosis o Drugs o Dream Development o Palmer's Experimental Method * What are lucid dreams? * What is the physiology of dreams and lucid dreams? * What is the physiology of OBEs? * What are near-death experiences and are they some kind of OBEs? * Is the OBE some kind of mental illness? * Are people who have greater imagery skills more likely to have OBEs? * Are OBEs some kind of hallucination? * What are the features of OB vision? * How can the OBE be explained? o Something Leaves the Body + Physical Theories + Physical Astral World Theory + Mental Astral World Theory o Nothing Leaves the Body + Parapsychological Theory + Psychological Theories o Other approaches * Out-of-Body Tools * References
14 years ago
I had one last night
3 years ago

I had a dream last night and it was crazy.

Here is a good intro: Psychic Dreams

Any better resources?

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