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Say thank you Ceylon Reserve.
1 year ago
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Say thank you Ceylon Reserve.          

I do not do this a lot but I think thisneed to be signed......

Ceylon leopard (lat. Panthera pardus kotiya) - subspecies of leopard, which lives only on the island of Sri Lanka.
A real chance to see this graceful, bright and extremely quick-witted cat, prone, and like most members of this family, to a single way of life. The park Yala leopards are accustomed to cars with tourists and almost no attention to them. The beast can calmly pass you, only slightly distracted by your presence.
Leopard is quite possible to find a rest in a tree or on the ground. Because of its color, they blend perfectly with the environment. In the bushes, even far from the road, it is very difficult to recognize a leopard in the grass.
This subspecies is found only on the island of Sri Lanka, and is the main predator of the island. Spread all over the island - not only within the reserves.
1 year ago

Actually, David & Mamabear, I have been thinking for quite some time that we need to expand our topics here to include quality of life issues and the environment.  Signed gladly. 

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good idea, Anjelica
1 year ago

signed...I just expanded my dental group to group discussions

instead of just disseminating info...

It's nice to have activity.

only 11 members,so it's like a small ,personal partylike atmosphere.

1 year ago

I'm terrified of dentists.  Send me a link.  Maybe it will help me.

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