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anonymous No More Freedom Of Speech Against Health Care October 24, 2009 3:20 PM

No More Protesting Government Health Care Ideas

My name is Henry and do you want to come over and play, please visit us...... 

No public option in health bill? Not so fast
Letter from Washington: Proposal that seemed dead showing signs of life.

Dena Bunis
Washington Bureau Chief
The Orange County Register
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I said a couple of months ago that it's dangerous to make predictions when it comes to health care.
Then I proceeded to predict that there would be no public option in whatever health reform bill went to the House and Senate floors.
Note to self: Listen to self. Stop making predictions.

We was senr to care2 to help save the Freedom Of Speach, you are invited to see how in 2007 the poor was to be considered not to have rights in a caging concsept.
, and more issues.........

Please forgive some of my writing, I am dyslectic so for now I have to use the computer to help me.
It needs needs be known that we was sent to car2 because of how we offer our views and we place no copy right on none of our issues at on It is a way to show that within it creation of FASC Concepts it is offered to you for free to open your mind to the WHAT IF ?
We invite you to join a campaign that in its creation of the trickle effect of public awareness that Pay It Forward and The Pay It Forward Foundation, is to show respect of where it all started from and within other concepts of the groups and to care2.
By nov, 1st we will bring 30 000 to our goal of 30 000 000 million people to care2 and your efforts within that group," I will Pay It Forward the respect that is in and for your group & efforts at care2."
As the trickle effect moves forward to november 1st to the D Day, that it will be by of thousands of people that set forward the PAY IT FORWAD at one time to the media, Your group may use Pat It Forward with in this concept, and please use the acknowledgment in the memory of Trevor McKinney the 12 year old child for which he gave to all his love to people he did not even know.
What is taking place as of now, is as we move forward to Nov.1st  the D Day of a campaign to contact every media out let , and { WE WILL} bring 30 000 to our goal of 30 000 000 million people to care2 and your care2 group as well as FASC Concepts.
The trickle effect as you can see is that a small release of goals,that is listed on AOL,YAHOO. and,  as it grows as we near to D Day, it is kind of HACK THE PLANET concept and have fun doing it, stay legal and say to each other are we having fun yet!! { Kind of waking up the next morning}, and finding 30 000 000 emails in your box for a Pay It Forward,{ campaign}. That The PAY IT FORWARD will bring forward international attention.
So join us and lets make some noise and hack the planet have some fun as we move Pay It Forward for D Day.
YOUR group will be most welcomed to join the in for trickle effect until D DAY. It is very important that there is respect to the other groups, in this and we will show the ut most respect for you....

 Like this email we got
Henry M
Mary left a comment on the following article:
Toddler Too Small for Health Insurance
Henry M.: This site you posted is nothing more than Republican spin. Advertising is not allowed in Care2. This site is so false, it's nauseating. To think people still's disgusting.
  my reponce to her,
 Nope sorry,
Dear Mary ,
 I do not belong to any party, I am Cherokee and Dakota Sou ix, Irish and German Jew, so all though it is with in your right to state your mind ,please understand this, we offer you  respect and we as a nation within a nation that for most, harbor no ill well, so please so respect to a people that you have not a clue of who we are.
Henry Massingale

Original Message:
You must all ways show respect the best you can

WE GOT HACKED SEE OUR 1ST SITE FOR Feredal Act Security Card
It is something I wrote at my site,That I do note ask for people to believe in what we say, I ask for you to believe in yourself and say ,what could you do to add to this, your words to protect this and also help make it a law.
Within care2 a group was being formed and it is called { Federal Act Security Card} the term ACT or INACTMENT ,is to bring forward a law before Congress. This ACT becomes a bill and it is voted on of its merit, before it becomes a law.
The creation of a petition for a ACT is to present a concept in to law.
If you was to do a search for the group { Feredal Act Security Card }, you will see that there is not one thing left within that care2 site, and this is because it was hacked. I can not get in until care2 finds the people who did this.
If I left something out please email me.
Henry Massingale

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