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Thin Clients and Web Based Systems Your Experience?
14 years ago
Thin Clients and Web Based Systems Your Experience?
Thin Clients - what a wonderful topic idea!
14 years ago
This is a really good topic, one we should not let die on the vine. Mr. Van Vlaanderen eloquently expressed his interest in helping students and I share that interest with him. As some of you may know, I work on a large cluster and part of our duties is scrapping old and broken items that require more cost to fix than they are worth. Thanks to the company I work for (not Exxon-Mobile) we are now donating these items to high schools, colleges and universities for their students to work on. As an added bonus, we are creating a local grid-so each school can leverage their equipment with other schools to create a high performance computational grid. I am exploring how we can use thin clients to process complex math models. But, then that begs the question, "how thin is thin?"
Thin can be damn thin
14 years ago
I have to run so I cant get too involved but I have been working on thin cli projects for a while. You have to look at LinuxBIOS to see how thin. LinuxBIOS actually lives in the startup bios and is wrtten w/ uClibc the tiny GNU libraries. You can run it on floppy or VM in the form of
I Represent a Thin Client Co. From USA
14 years ago
They sell Linux Thin Clients and Servers. Also the Management Software that keeps things under Control and Relativly Safe. Please Ask me about Them.
Ok, tell me about them ;)
14 years ago
I happen to own the URL, back in the hey-day of technology I was hoping to create linux clients based on the MIPS architecture that is used in the PlayStation. Thinman is a Thin client as common as the walkman, that was my goal. I have been offered as much as 500$ for the URL, but I havent given up on the possibilities yet. Tell me more about your company and their product line.
Thin Clients in USA
13 years ago make and distribute Linux Thin Clients.
Thin Client Model getting Strong in 2010
8 years ago

Some of the Reasons.

a-Security Leaving everything on Safe Servers is Best.

b- High Volume Standard Social Networking - Cloud Computing- Needs Standards

From Mobile Phones and Devices uptu Big Networks like Google, Facebook etc..

That need Fast Response and Standard Safe Internet Computing.

The "Net is the Computer" is Back again as Larry Alison likes to joke about "Cloudy Weather"...

Thin Client Model getting Strong in 2010- More
8 years ago

Look at my biz Blog for interesting News.

Thin Cleint Projects is one of two Main lines of My Small Biz.


Thin Client Projects at end of 2011 is even more Relevant, in Tablet Era.
7 years ago

The "Wars" Going on with Apple Ipad against Android Phones and Tablets with Amazon Wifi Kindles too. All Thin Clients!!!.

And Large Organizations like Health, Call Centers, Education are Safer and Saving Money with Thin Clients.


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