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Current Ascension Symptoms March 17, 2007 6:06 PM

There are lots of complaints lately about the ascension symptoms we are experiencing. I personally have been experiencing dizziness, joint pain, headaches, exhaustion, depression and many other symptoms.

The most troubling symptom I have experienced has been the feeling that I was dying and extreme grief. This lasted a couple of months. Once I released the parts of me that were dying to their next level of development, my symptoms improved.


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Ascension March 19, 2007 8:55 AM

I too Have been experiencing constant fatigue, dizzyness occassionally, lots of headaches, lots of joint pain from arthritis, bruises, depression for a number of years, but am on antidepressants, and many other complaints. But I thought it was just part of getting old.

I have read a number of books about a coming change in the earth. Some have called it a change in the magnetic poles, some others call it the Mayan Year of Destiny, or other worldly peoples are helping the humans to change our vibrations to a higher level and be given a new earth.

What is the Ascension?

Thaanks, genelda

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To Genelda March 25, 2007 6:44 PM

Hi Genelda,

Ascension is the increase in vibration that we are experiencing which 'could' lead to the poles shifting, or the so called end of the world in 2012. We have no idea what the outcome of Ascension is.

As our vibration increases, we are forced to release old, dense energies which cannot survive in the higher dimensions. This release can manifest in aches and pains, emotions and the other symptoms of ascension.

I have noticed that even my fur babies are experiencing the symptoms of Ascension. They get grumpy for no reason, want lots of love on certain days, etc.

The symptoms of Ascension can mimic arthritis, ulcers, heart issues, etc. It is always best to check with your doctor to make sure it is not a physical issue. If they don't find a physical issue, then it is probably Ascension.

I have experienced fibromyalgia and ruptured disks for many years. On days when my Ascension symptoms are elevated, my pain will increase. As soon as the energy shifts, the pain lessens. If you have days of increased pain and can't figure out why, it is probably the Ascension energy.


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 March 26, 2007 9:12 PM

Hi Claudia, I have read a lot about this vibration change.  One of the books told me that their are people who are not going to be able to make the change.  Our earth is going to become inundated with water and land changes.   It will be so disasterous that many will not be aware that a good portion of the people have disappeared.  They will have disappeared to the new earth which will replace this one and it also will be at a higher vibration.   I don't know if the people who have migrated to the new earth will know they have left the old earth to die.  There will no longer be any incarnations on the old earth. Those who haven't completed the needed experiences on earth, will no doubt, be given other places to go to work out their karma.

Well, that is what I have read about the coming change and about the change in vibration of certain of the human race.   Could you tell me how you came to know about the coming change and have put the name ascension to it?  I am really interested in the different ways and means that have put this type of message out to many and yet the many aren't connected.  

I mean it seems that so many things are coming into knowledge at this time, that there is almost too much to assimilate.  Such as the Mayan writings, just having been deciphered so their written word could be made known to those living now.  The fact that Clovis man could not have been the first and only settlers of north and south america because of many reasons just becoming known now. It is now believed that Phoenicians, Vikings, or even Atlantians traveled to the americas way back.  

Edgar Cayce , back in the 1930's and 1940's in his trance like state saying that many of the people that had been together in Atlantis coming back/reincarnating to this time to help in the transition.

I just wondered if you were better read than I, have a spirit guide or channel to obtain your info. Have more people joined this group? I wondered if others had different experiences???

Thanks, Genelda 


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To Genelda March 27, 2007 9:26 AM

Hi Genelda,

Yes, there will be people who will not be able to make the change, but this will be people who refuse to live from their heart - people who live lives of violence, hatred, etc. People who absolutely refuse to raise themselves out of the 3d world. Since you are here reading this, I don't think you are one of them .

We have no idea what is going to happen as the Earth ascends. It was predicted that California would fall into the ocean in the '80's - it's still there. Y2K was supposed to wipe everything out - it didn't. Things that have been predicted just aren't happening. I think this is because more people are ascending than expeced.

My guides told me years ago that we had reached a point in our development that we weren't expected to reach for many years. We had progressed much faster than expected. They told me that they didn't now how to guide us any more, because we were in uncharted waters. This is why so many of us feel that we are on our own in this.

I have also heard that the only souls being allowed to incarnate at this time are what is known as starseeds. The souls incarnating now are very high vibrational beings who are here to help save the earth - these are the indigo children, the crystal children and the rainbow children. Lower vibrational souls are not being allowed to incarnat on earth at this time. Maybe this is what is meant by there being two earths. Those of lower vibrations who die are having to incarnate elsewhere instead of here.

I have been studying Ascension for about 15 years, so I can't tell you how I learned about it. Some good authors are Joshua David Stone and Barbara Marciniak. I am sure there are others, but they aren't coming to me right now. Many of the current books being published are just information from the older books in a new cover.

As a group, humanity has passed through the Heart Chakra and is moving into the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra represents communication. This is why so much information is being made available. More Truths will be discovered and it will turn current thoughts upside down. Computers will become amazing machines that we cannot even imagine now. Everything to do with communication is going to be increasing at amazing rates. Pychic abilities will also be increasing, which will scare people who are not ready for it.

Ascension is a process, not a destination. It is simply an increase in vibration. Once we reach the 5th dimension, we will start moving into the 6th, and 7th and on an on. Even Ascended Masters continue to raise in vibration to higher dimensions.

I have been told that the Angels will not be ascending into the higher vibrational levels, they are not able to do so. This was very disconcerting to me, because I work with Angels all the time. I do not understand why this is, but this is what has been shown to me.

I have a game called Transformation which has been on the market for about 10 years. It is a great game for getting guidance on issues in your life. When I play the game now, I get almost no Angel cards. I have to state before starting a game that the Angel cards also represent Masters, then I get lots of them. This is proof to me that the information I have been give is accurate - at least for me.

Cayce was right, many of us from Atlantis and Lemuria are on earth today to try to complete what we were not able to complete at that time. We are trying to create a different outcome this time. I truly feel that we can do it this time. I feel that enough of us are ascending that we will be able to cause the major shift in consciousness to do it this time.

The dark forces tried to stop us by the violence in the Iraq war, but it isn't working. The violence has not prevented the continued rise in vibration that is happening. The dark forces are not stopping us from moving into the throat chakra and learning new truths every day. I have great hope that we will succeed this time. We just have to persevere.

As for the group, so far there are only 3 of us. I haven't been able to advertise it because of computer problems. Hopefully those will be solved for good in a few days. Feel free to invite people you know.

Hope this has answered some of your questions . It has given me ideas for some articles I can write, so thanks!


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 March 28, 2007 9:04 PM

Thank you very much Claudia.  All of this is relatively new to me. I started searching for spirituality more than religion, about early 2001.  I have read about Mayans, Essenes,  Grooved Ware people, phoenicians, Atlantians, not too much about Lemurians, Australian aborigines who are still in touch directly with the source.  Food is brought to them in their long walk-abouts, and they are given the location of water.  I really enjoyed my book about Down Under but I think it was lost in one of my moves. The Aborigines decided to die, those that still communicated with the source as the young people were growing up in western ways and not learning to center themselves in the source.  I have also read a lot about how the Egyptians were so similiar to the Atlantians.  I have read a number of books by or based on Edgar Cacye's work. And by Dolorus Cannon, a past life regressionist who authored a number of books on incarnation, ufo's and Aliens, She spoke to Nostradamus and he told her what his quatrains meant. But the future isn't set in stone and free will in a turn to love could change what he saw.  I also read about the beginnings and growth of freemasonery.  I believe that the ark of the covenant is set in it's place in the holy of holies that was built in the exact design of Soloman's temple only on a smaller scale in Scotland at a place called Rose something.  ( I am 70 years old and my memory is not what it should be sometimes.)  But in numerous places in my quest to reach my inner self I have heard about the vibration change.  I have read the book BASHAR, of material channeled ffrom an extraterrestrial by Darryl Anka.  It does talk about the change starting sometime after 2000. It was written in 1990. The name is Blueprint for Change.  And it does seem as if things are speeding up faster than expected.  But that book spoke of the vibrational change as densitity. We are at third density now and will go to fourth, then to fifth and so on. We will be getting lighter. 

The next book I am scheduled to read id The disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard. 

I do wish that I had the guidance of a spirit guide or angel now or in the past that could have taught me to focus better. 

Thanks for your inspiration., Genelda   

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To Genelda April 03, 2007 11:50 AM

You gave quite a list of books! Thanks. They may be of help to others. I have enough books to open my own bookstore . I have been on my path since the mid 80's, so that is a lot of books! I also read a lot that is on the internet.

You are too hard on yourself . Your Angels and Guides are there helping you, just not in the way you want. They are doing it in the way you NEED. Be okay with the fact that you are right where you need to be when you need to be. All is in Divine Order.


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