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anonymous What is Compassion ! November 11, 2007 7:51 PM

cambodian children

Where Do We Begin In Compassion.

The Divine comes first.

Serve the Divine and you serve ALL beings!
Attending to the need of an animal or a child ~ you are acting as God's hands and feet.

This is done in an attitude of service and non attachment.
Compassion is NOT pity...and it is NOT meant to come from an attitude of superiority.
This is how you become a true 'caregiver' to this world.
Do not become Dependant on your own giving or attached to the role you play.
Do not think of yourself as any kind of savior...this is to display a pride that you enjoy the limelight.

Pride destroys all the energy of our good works..for it is NOT us who act ~ but the Creator within....and if we are truly awake and conscious we will KNOW that.

Jesus ~ Krishna ~ Buddha and all the great Ones never thought of themselves..nor of their role in the world..they were serving The Creator ~ the Universe and Mankind which is the highest Service of All.

They did not consider themselves heroes....they were not self-focused..nor did they neglect themselves in any way. They did not become a 'doormat' for others to walk on.....

They shone their Light and acted only to honor their Creator.

They simply and humbly served the Creator within all creatures.

A service that ...if done right..comes as naturally as breathing.

Compassion Is Nourishing this Earth and all it's inhabitants with Love.

Be Blessed With Compassion.



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