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6 years ago

Great photo, Runningfox and how fortunate that you got to see him.   Amazing that in all your years you have only seen 4; very elusive creatures indeed!    Thanks for all the information, too; never knew moose could be domesticated.    I don't know if I will ever make it to Yellowstone Park but I bet its something to see with all the wildlife.

6 years ago
When you visit Yellowstone and if you are lucky enough to see a moose this will most likely be the way you will see one, at a distance..I highly recommend using a good digital camera with a magnification of about ten or more because after the moose see's you it will very quickly exit the stream and blend into the vegetation surrounding the stream becoming invisible to most humans eyes..
Yellowstone Moose
6 years ago
| Blue Label

I have been visiting Yellowstone for more than forty five years and during that time I have only seen four moose..

According to

When you do visit  you are most likely to see one in the streams, marshes, and willow thickets along the road between Mammoth Hot Springs and Norris. Moose may also be observed in the Fishing Bridge/Yellowstone Lake area, the Lamar Valley meadows, Hayden Valley, and along the east entrance road. Occasionally, they can be observed feeding or resting while partially submerged in water.

The last time I was there I didn't see one in the park but I did see two when I left out the East entrance about four or five miles from the entrance standing almost half submerged in a distance stream..It was too hazy that morning to take a descent photo..I hope to see one during my upcoming June or July visit because they fascinate me..

I bet most folks don't know that a moose can be domesticated and used much the same as a horse or mule and some were used during the making of the Canadian /Alaska (Alcan) highway..I read that when I stopped for refueling at a service station when I last traveled to Alaska..

I believe Yellowstone is the most interesting National Park in the lower 48 states with almost as much wild animals as Denali in Alaska..

If you get the opportunity to visit Yellowstone if you are like me you will want to visit it again and again..