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*LAST WORDS* by: Laural Mancini
3 years ago

"I have been following the BFC for almost a year.  I have donated money and written letters and signed petitions.  I have called my Senators.  I wrote a letter regarding the issues with relocation of the bison and the brucellosis debacle.

I am very much with you all in spirit, since I cannot be there in person.  In my life I have seen one bison up close, maybe a length of two arms dividing us.  Without movies or a national geographic program or an old photograph, the sight of a plain covered in bison would never be    comprehensible to me.

There are some sights that require to remain.  There are species that mean much to Americans, for reasons we cannot always voice.  Bison are just meant to be.  There must be someplace in this continent where they can live unmolested.

I despair of the human animal.  Most times our behavior toward other species is aberrant.  It eludes me.

I will continue to do what simple acts I can."

~ Laural Mancini

BFC supporter Laural Mancini recently sent us these powerful words of support and love for the buffalo.  We have been extremely touched by the deep feeling and understanding they convey.  We are in this together, for the buffalo, for as long as it takes.   

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4 years ago
* Last Words ~ From the Cow's Mouth

"Bottom line, our ranchers don't support bison relocation.  Our ranchers are just very fearful that bison restoration will result in the elimination of cattle grazing."

~Errol Rice, Executive Vice President of the Montana Stockgrowers' Association
4 years ago

* Last Words

"Jean Yellowbear, an Arapaho woman with a gentle voice and manner to match, tells with assurance where the buffalo have gone. "'That's why you see that Milky Way in the sky. That's all the buffalo that went home.'"  So maybe it stands to reason that each time a falling star lights up the night, a buffalo calf is born."

What a lovely thought....another buffalo calf! 

From an excellent news article that appeared on 11/28/10 in the Casper Star-Tribune article, written by Tom Mast.  Read the full story, Northern Arapaho seek to restore historic link to buffalo

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4 years ago

Sue!!!  I've been asking about are you?  I hope you're okay...we have all missed you terribly.

4 years ago

thanks for posting this, sorry I have been on a needed break an I am slowly getting back on track...thanks...sue

4 years ago
* Last Words

"As I dig deeper, it seems like pure economics driving the continued killing and hazing.  The cattle industry is well financed and politically powerful.  Buffalo grazing on "their cattle's land" is not an option (even if this land is public property.)  Unfortunately, Montana's government buys into the cattlemen's argument that buffalo carry a nasty disease called brucellosis that is dangerous to their livestock.  Ironically, it was the cow that first gave the disease to the buffalo and there is no reported case of the buffalo giving it back.  So the ranchers win, the buffalo lose and Montana Fish and Game continue to force buffalo off cattle land.  In some cases, they have the authority to kill these wild buffalo.  Do you know what scares me most?  What if they succeed?  What if they put enough stress on this herd that not enough of them make it through a cold winter?  What if the herd's numbers become so depleted that they can't recover?  What if the last living remnant of that once vast herd that covered the new world disappears on our watch?  Many Indians from the 1800s predicted the day would come where the white man would cover the land and destroy the buffalo."

~ by Tony Davis, from his article "Taraha'"  ("Taraha" is Pawnee for "Buffalo")
* Last Words ~ Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer "
4 years ago

There are people who just don't want the buffalo to compete with cattle for the grass."

 "No governor in Montana history has sent more bison to slaughter than this governor." ~ Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

The first quote is from the new film "Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison." The second quote is from a speech Schweitzer gave, on December 11, 2009, at the Montana Stockgrowers Association's annual convention.

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* Last Words ~ Rosalie Little Thunder
4 years ago
"By the standards of American culture, the Tatanka is regarded as a mere commodity. In the Yellowstone area, it is regarded as an inconvenience to the cattle industry, but they are the last of the great ancestors, with their genetic integrity uncompromised and instinctive wisdom intact.

It is unfortunate that we must seek remedies from those that may not have a similar cultural foundation or the wisdom of their ancestors, who may not have the necessary disciplines to guide their thinking or behaviors, but on whom rests the fate of the Yellowstone buffalo herd.

We seek to hold accountable those that are entrusted stewards of the land and the true and rightful inhabitants. Lack of stringent oversight can sometimes distort the necessary standards of accountability. I believe that we must bring about this scrutiny to protect the rights of a sacred species. And so, as tribal people, our challenge is to develop further strategies to preserve the core of our culture, that viable populations of wild buffalo are maintained."

~ Declaration of Rosalie Little Thunder,  Western Watersheds Projects et al. vs. U.S. National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service.
4 years ago

* Last Words

"We looked upon animals like the wolf, buffalo, elk, and grizzly bear as elders because they were already here in the creation when our people came along.  Ours is the task to respect the elders and to respect what the elders teach us."

          --Jack Gladstone, Blackfeet Tribal Council

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4 years ago
*Last Words

"For the past 200 years these bison have been slaughtered to near extinction. Even as you read this the Montana Department of Livestock is getting ready for their spring hazing of these remnants. This animal that once numbered into the millions is now down to a meager 3,000 and will be even less if they are slaughtered by government agencies as in the past."

--Eva Vincent (read the whole artice on the HabitatAdvocate web site.)
wakaya wakaya wakaya
4 years ago

humans need to awaken there heart chakra,live in nature as One,We must re member that every animal is our family,treat with respect and honor,live in harmony as One/Peace,we are all children of the law of One/Peace,please go vegetarian,stop using harsh chemicals and re awaken your spirit as the animal kingdom is always living from the heart of there own Soul,as One with harmony in mother Nature,wakaya arise , and evolve humanity,thru luv and ativistic resurgence,wakaya

4 years ago
* Last Words

"A 400-page United Nations report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that cattle farming is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases.  The production of cattle to feed and clothe humans is assessed to be one of the top three environmental problems in the world on a local to global scale.  The report, entitled Livestock's Long Shadow, also surveys the environmental damage from sheep, chickens, pigs and goats. But in almost every case, the world's 1.5 billion cattle are cited as the greatest adverse impact with respect to climate change as well as species extinction. The report concludes that, unless changes are made, the massive damage reckoned to be due to livestock may more than double by 2050, as demand for meat increases. One of the cited changes suggests that intensification of the livestock industry may be suggested, since intensification leads to less land for a given level of production."

4 years ago

It is heartbreaking Anumpeshi that the millions of non-native cattle are given the lands once roamed on by millions of buffalo.   They have been forced out and killed and makes me so sad.   I pray we can all put an end to this cattle nonsense once and for all before it's too late.   There is enough land for both the bison and cattle to graze on.   And the wolf, elk, wild horses and burros, too!

Thunder beings/Our last greatest gift from our grandfathers/Bison and Mustangs
5 years ago

My heart is breaking for this time of sadness,i pray all the thunder beings are returned to the stars,on a whisper of a Clouds breath,yai ya,we all weep together

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* Last Words
5 years ago
Even the National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) are not immune from the livestock industry's influence. For instance, a joint federal/state plan for management of the Yellowstone National Park (YNP) bison herd-the only naturally occurring, (ostensibly) free-ranging bison herd in the United States-seems designed primarily to assuage cattle producers outside the park.  This is so despite congressional mandates to "conserve . . . wildlife" in the parks and "provide against . . . their capture or destruction."  Bison that cross YNP's northern border are treated like livestock, not wild animals."
* Last Words *
5 years ago
"One thing I have learned over the years is that the impossible can be possible and superior odds are to be looked at as a challenge to overcome. It does not matter what the strength of the enemy is. What matters is the determination of our opposition to the enemy. They fight for money, we fight for life. They are motivated by greed and we are motivated by a passionate compassion. [We] have more courage and determination and that is what will make the difference once again. "

                   ~ Hans Lak, Sea Shepherd Volunteer

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5 years ago
"Power concedes nothing without demand"
           ~ Written in 1857 by Frederick Douglas (1818-1895)

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* Last Words* Essay entered by Pete Leusch
5 years ago

This is Pete's powerful HOPE essay submission (see above).  Submit yours for the buffalo, too!

"In the nightmare, I'm on the north side of the Madison River, just west of Yellowstone National Park. A thick, gray fog obscures everything but the ground at my feet. My heart sinks as I hear the sound of high powered rifles and the pounding of heavy hooves in the distance. Suddenly, a massive bull buffalo charges from the mist and pins me against a pine tree. I'm not hurt, but am stuck between his horns and the tree. I'm helpless as the slaughter approaches, hearing and feeling the earth shake as many buffalo are killed and fall to the ground. I awake in a pool of sweat and realize that I was dreaming. Slowly, too, I realize that I am safe and warm in the lodge at the Buffalo Field Campaign. I can hear the soft breathing and occasional snores of the other volunteers sleeping around me. In reality, the senseless slaughter of the buffalo continues, but my hope lies in these volunteers. They come from all over the world, old and young alike, to answer the call for help.

Soon we will rise and head into the field, into the offices, into the schools, the courtrooms, the street rallies, anywhere that we can advocate and educate about how important these last wild American buffalo truly are. Some can only come for a weekend, others have devoted their lives, but all who have been blessed to be in the presence of wild buffalo are changed by the experience. For every volunteer who comes to Yellowstone to brave the cold and bear witness to this harsh injustice there are thousands more who work and support from afar. I am hopeful because I can see that together we are making progress. Slow, painful and bittersweet at times, but progress nonetheless. With the stubborn persistence of buffalo headed into a winter storm, our numbers grow, our collective voice becomes louder. I can feel it now, like a huge wave growing in the ocean, we are poised. Wide awake, our dream of the return of wild buffalo and justice for the native cultures that cherished them begins to take form. Together, with dedication, hard work, and a boundless hope, we will make this dream reality."

~ By Pete Leusch, BFC Board Member.

5 years ago
| Hot!

"The Park Service has slaughtered more bison than the state of Montana. That's not their charge; they have a different mission: leave the park and its resources and wildlife unimpaired for future generations. If park employees were caught peeing in Old Faithful, do you think they'd still have a job?"

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