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Link to a petition for yellowstone wolves
2 years ago

I posted the wrong page,let me try it again,too sad

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petition or wolves
2 years ago

Signed.  Such a sad picture of a beautiful animal.

2 years ago

I posted a few minutes ago but obviously Care2 lost it.   This is such a sad, sad incident regarding the beautiful wolf!  WHY are they not protected and why are they being allowed to get away with shooting the collared ones???  I guess the taxpayers outcries and the taxes we pay don't mean a thing.   These brazen 'hunters' are allowed to get away with this while the judges turn the other cheek when their rulings are ignored!   I signed and posted on FB too.   Thank you Tasunka.

glad you are back Vicky
2 years ago

leaving in the morning for mexico.

free wifi there.

should be able to post from a pc there.

have a safe holiday season.

2 years ago

Have a good time and a Merry Christmas Tasunka!

2 years ago

thanks Sherry,have a blast and a safe and Happy New Year,2013

year of the snake starting 2/10

remember what we are fighting for
2 years ago

2 years ago

Hello Sherry and Tasunka!   It was a most beautiful day today...almost like spring.


Tasunka, please careful in Mexico.   So much bad stuff with the drug cartels going on there.  I hope you will be able to post; if not I hope you have a safe Merry Christmas!    Your wolf picture above is beautiful.


Hi Sherry.  How have you been?   I hope you, too, have a very Merry Christmas in case I don't see you post before then.


Carlene, I hope you stop in again.  Have a Merry Christmas!


2 years ago

I am posting from Mexico.

The Baja peninsula is fairly free of crime,especially around the marina and hotel.

Thanks for the concern,was originally not in favor of this move.

But,it is quite beautiful,and I wouldn't have missed the sail down for any other sail I've ever done,so much sealife

what are we doing wrong,I only see dolphin and whales when I'm in other countries.

FREE WIFI,cannot beat that in San Diego,lol

2 years ago

Merry Christmas Vicky and Tasunka. It is supposed to get cold Christmas night here, last I heard anyway, but for now we have a sunny nice day of 64 degrees at 11:16 AM. About to go make Christmas cookies with my granddaughter, do some cleaning and washing and tonight fill the grandkids stockings. I hope you both have a beautiful Christmas day.  Baja sounds so nice.

wolf- Merry Christmas MERRYCHRISTMASWOLF.jpg

2 years ago

Hi Sherry and Tasunka!   I pray your Christmas was safe and filled with love and blessings.   Tasunka, I'm glad you are in a safe area of Mexico.  I wish I could see all the beautiful fish life; I bet the waters are warm and clear.   How long will you be there?  Sherry, how did the cookies turn out?   I used to love to do that when I was little (bake cookies).  I haven't heard 'fill stockings' in so long.   Brings back happy memories.   Nowadays you hardly hear that.  My Christmas was great!  We finally had family all together (minus 2) again.

2 years ago

My granddaughter and I rolled out sugar cookie dough, and used Christmas shaped cookie cutters-tree, star, stocking and gingerbread man, then frosted them and sprinkled them with different color sprinkles. We had quite a few. They turned out good-4 left already! LOL  We had a simpler meal this year, no rushing around and trying to get everything done at the same time, and it was still good. The kids loved opening their gifts. I like making the packages pretty w/bows and curled ribbons, even though the kids don't much notice that, as they are too busy tearing apart the paper and all that to get to them  LOL

Yep, I fill the hung stockings every Christmas eve, even the dog bone shaped one for Kayla.

How many in your family got together Vicky? Glad you mostly all got to be together!  We just had us, my younger daughter, her boyfriend, the grandkids, and one of my grandson's friends.

Enjoying Mexico Tasunka?

a taste of the trip
2 years ago

dolphins,hundreds of them were with us the whole way,have about 100 pics

The artist who made the boat totem paintings girlfriend lost her iphone overboard in trying to get so many pictures,they were moving really fast.

Thru binoculars saw pods of orca and humpback whales,they usually stay away from the boat...but dolphins love to play...long story I once heard that they are immortal child spirits who want to do nothing but play.

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a fuzzy pic of Weedy,our totem(leafy sea dragon)
2 years ago

painted by chad whitson,who used to do only tatoos,now venturing into oil painting.

coast of Baja from sea at sunset
2 years ago

2 years ago

Oh Tasunka your pictures are glorious!!!   I would love to go down in a boat or sub with windows to view the magnificent underwater sealife!   I bet the playful dolphins are so much fun to watch.   What a lovely totem pole!


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