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2 years ago


2 years ago

These bills really have me scared!  I just know they are going to pass and if so, woe to the bison and elk. 


This is the bill that really scares me most of all.  The poor bison who have migrated for hundreds of years in Montana are now going to be killed!


* SB 143, sponsored by Sen. John Brenden (Scobey, MT), this bill makes it mandatory for the Dept. of Livestock to "immediately" destroy all buffalo migrating into Montana by firearms, and or subject them to hazing, capture, quarantine, and transport to slaughterhouses. SB 143 kills Montana's statewide bison reintroduction plan (MCA 87-1-216) by prohibiting any bison from being translocated except to the National Bison Range in Moiese. SB 143 establishes a buffalo hunt "statewide and at any time of the year" for people 12 years of age or older and repeals the prohibition on state officials directing hunters to the "actual physical locations" of buffalo to be killed.



HOW can this bill undo a 2013 court ruling?


HB 249, which passed the House Agriculture committee 12-5, gives legal sanction to any landowner to 'take' (destroy or harass) migratory buffalo on private property. HB 249 is an attempt to gut a long-standing wildlife protecting precedent set by the Montana Supreme Court and recently re-affirmed in a 2013 court decision in Park County recognizing migratory buffalo are part of Montana's landscape and natural heritage and cannot be destroyed just for being on private property. A House floor vote could come this week.

Hi June!!!
2 years ago

I've sent emails....tonight I must send write letters to be mailed tomorrow.   Hopefully I will call too.

2 years ago

it truly is a monumental task,and doesn't ensure anything

thanks for diligently trying to change the minds of extremely stubborn mentality.

I have posted new updates,from BFC,and GYC in new topics

they may overinform people if read,not a bad thing at all.

Great letter in the other thread, wish I had more time;

leaving again on Monday, for valentine's on the boat

my land vacation is being cut short.

Counting on your perseverance, till I get resettled with wifi,there.

all this moving around is making me loopy.

2 years ago

Thanks for your confidence, Tasunka.   I know you do what you can do even if sometimes you are only able to post and make people aware.   Many times that's all I can do, too.  Have a nice trip(?), or are you going home.   You stay on the move so much I can't keep up.  lol

2 years ago

strangely Vicky I'm barely keeping up myself.

Trying to make everyday count is hard work, lol

on the boat ,went sailing with friends this past Sat.,it was 80 degrees ,freak weather

it's back to chilly again

nice to say "wanna go sailing?", and have 6 people say "yes", this is FREEDOM.

or as close as you can come to it without living on a deserted island,I've actually done that.

Then all of a sudden cruise ships descended upon us, and there were swarms of people where there were none.

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2 years ago

It seems nothing is private anymore, encroaches everywhere and on everything.   It's like wall to wall humans.   I hate it!   Surround me with animals any day!

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