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* Buffalo Public Trust Lawsuit Has Day in Court
2 years ago

Wild and free? Or ... private property on a menu near you?

After 3 years waiting to be heard, our lawsuit to keep all of the quarantined descendants of the Yellowstone herd public and Tribal wildlife finally had its day in court before Montana District Court Judge Holly Brown. Read the news story:

Plaintiffs Western Watersheds Project, Buffalo Field Campaign, Gallatin Wildlife Association, and Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation filed suit against Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for a deal it struck with Turner Enterprises Inc. giving away public buffalo for private, commercial use. The deal privatizes three of four buffalo offspring born in captivity on Turner's Green Ranch west of Bozeman, Montana in exchange for keeping the buffalo in quarantine for five years.

From the time these buffalo calves were trapped in Yellowstone National Park and taken from their family groups for an experiment to produce brucellosis-free buffalo, the promise Montana made and broke, was to keep all of these public buffalo, public and Tribal wildlife forever.

While we await a court decision, whether the deal stands or not is largely up to Gov. Steve Bullock who has promised to "fight attempts to privatize and commercialize public wildlife, and protect fair chase hunting."

The public will find out if Governor Bullock's promise holds true for the buffalo.

Special thanks to Western Watersheds Project attorney Summer Nelson and law clinic student Talasi Brooks, for being well prepared and articulating the irreplaceable conservation legacy these buffalo carry as public and Tribal wildlife for future generations.

2 years ago

I hope they aren't munching on bison burgers when they make the decision..

have seen many restaurants from Colorado,including Montana,and the surrounding

states having elitist menus that serve , elk, bison, bear,venison,and more.

It's going to be a battle against all the special interest groups,ranchers,tipi trade,and restaurants,etc..

They could care less about the future of the buffalo....their dinner plates prove this!

2 years ago

The bison they eat now are probably all raised on Ted Turner's farm.   They are not the wild ones (the closest to being the most genetically pure)....however now Ted is fighting to get 75% of all those born to the wild bison.  Why should he get them???  It appears that the cattle ranchers want to do away with the genetically pure ones....probably just because they can.   There is way too much land out there for the wild ones to be a threat to the grazing lands of the cattle so I'm not buying there excuse.

2 years ago

thanks for the info Vicky

2 years ago

Thanks for coming to the aid of the buffalo, June. 

2 years ago

You mean "the mouth that roared"?

ted used to be a famous sailor,raced and won the America's cup,

when living on daddy's money before the turner broadcasting tycoon thing.

I don't know about his farm, he has a lot of horses,I know ,saw pics of Bo Derek with them.

She liked playing with them more than she did him,lol

Like I said,Elitists

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