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new actions from the bfc and gyc
1 year ago

I signed the one in the 2nd link.

1 year ago

thanks Tasunka

1 year ago

Kaya, I know June does but I hope you will read all the topics posted in our group; many of them are current and  will educate you on the plight of the bison and various other things.   By all means sign whatever you can that Tasunka posts and me for that matter, too.  We both have fought long & hard to get the word out about these magnificent animals.   Be sure to share stories with your friends or invite your friends to join our group.   There is more action in numbers.  Thank you.

1 year ago

ok..Also,glad to help any way I can.

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1 year ago

Thank you's wonderful to know that there are people like you willing to stand up for the bison and help in any way you can. 


1 month ago

thanks tasunka

3 weeks ago

Great news, TAS.   Thanks for posting the link about the Sheep Station closing!   That will benefit not only the bison but other animals as well and help put the ecosystem back in sync.   You did good by posting the newsletter link in here, too.

2 weeks ago

Even though I have posted some of the articles in actual threads, here is the link to all the news if you prefer to read it this way.

2 weeks ago

Thank you,Vicky.Did all of the actions.On the ones that require a US address,I put my relatives' address in brooklyn,ny.

2 weeks ago

Thanks Kaya for taking action!   Good idea to use your relatives' addresses.   Always more than 1 way to skin the cat.  lol  


Signed your link TAS.  

1 week ago

finally managed to catch up was a day late for yours tasunka

4 days ago

Thanks for signing them, June.


3 days ago

signed.thank you.