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Media Still Covering the DOL's Killing of Lone Bull
2 years ago
More news stories and letters to the editor have been published, focusing attention on the malicious yet cowardly actions of the Montana Department of Livestock. Below are two links of interest and another viewing of BFC's video, "41 Resisters: Wild Bison Migration Memory Can't Be Killed."

2 years ago

I went to a restaurant the other night. 

They had, venison, bison, ostrich on the menu.

I lost my appetite. When the manager came he got a lecture

2 years ago

Glad you told him how you felt Tasunka. 

2 years ago

If enough people say it to him,maybe h ewill get the message and take it off the menu.Money talks.

2 years ago

Sadly, I don't think he will get the message, Kaya.  If money is involved many people turn their heads and hearts away from doing what's right.    

2 years ago

Vicky is right, unfortunately.

The people who are regular there, love it.

I hate to see places like that do well.

Unfortunately, bison burgers are common here in the "wild west"...

2 years ago

....yuck!I hope they all get sick!!!!

2 years ago

They say bison meat is lower in fat, high in protein and tastes better and healthier than cow meat.  That unfortunately is going to be good for people who have health problems that really have to eat leaner meats and still want a beef like product. 


2 years ago

I realize there are many people that aren't vegetarians, thus do eat meat.  However, I do not believe exotic or endangered animals should be killed for food nor do I believe that the ones that are killed are done so in a humane manner.   I know that sounds contradictory.....death - humane....but what I mean is no torture, etc....a quick kill.   I hope I make sense.   I know there are bison that are domesticated and raised for food....but the wild, endangered ones should not be eaten.

2 years ago

I don't believe exotic or endangered ones ought to be slaughtered either, any more than I do all the dogs they kill for consumption,   is it in China?  I just wonder how many wild bison are killed for consumption also.

they have ostrich farms
2 years ago

All over the state. ...gross.

Too many restaurants must then offer it.

Hard to avoid, although I try..


2 years ago

I respect people's choices,but,you know,it is not necassary to kill to eat anymore.

2 years ago

Yes, Sherry China is definitely one of the countries that kill and eat dogs.  So sad.  I don't think the wild bison or killed for food since Ted Turner raises domestic ones.   However he is wanting to buy up the babies of the wild ones so I guess in one sense he does eat wild ones since he will mix them with the domestic and will be eaten.   They are harrassing, hazing and killing wild bison for no other reason than hatred of them since money is to be made from cattle.  

2 years ago I said,I hope they all get sick......

2 years ago

Tourism, university, wild west shows.

Plus many indigenous peoples like my little comanche sis, she's only 19.

I ate meat that age too, burgers=college eating. 

Plus its hard to tell the Navajo tribe u

diaspprove of their diet...too many casino ndns 4 me! They have no soul....

2 years ago

Who knows what kind of meat when buy in grocery stores either.   Some meats taste weird and are it's not a cow or pig.   I ate a can of vegetable beef soup last night and the meat had a texture all it's own and didn't taste like beef.  

2 years ago

I heard that health news about the bison.

I think they are farmed and not wild. 

Being vegan, all meat looks gross to me. 

The ostrich is being used just for his rump.

Nothing new, they were selling it in the eighties in the Caribbean. 

Arizona is fraught with ostrich farms. YUCK, DOUBLE YUCK. 

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2 years ago

Well, I grew up a meat eater, but I give it to people who don't eat meat, long as they're getting whatever that may provide health wise, if anything, some other way, and are healthy. I'm pretty sure you and other non meat eaters Tasunka, are more healthy than  the rest of us.  I'm not about to eat ostrich though! LOL Or some of the other weird stuff, or endangered, if I know about it. 

I wonder about that too Vicky. How often they get around having to post all the ingredients, or disguise what is in there by the wording of the ingredients listed on the label, maybe not having to mention what it's mixed with? 

2 years ago

i know they mislable seafood all the time,especially in restaurants..

triple Yuck.

2 years ago

Yes, Tasunka they do have farm raised bison and that is why I fight so hard for the wild ones.  They are as genetically pure as they can be and we do not want them mixed with the domestic ones.  I mean the wild ones came back from the brink of extinction and are special and should be free to walk the paths their ancestors did; not herded like cattle bred for the dinner table.   That is Ted Turner's ideas.   Seafood is mislabeled?   How?   That's interesting....and probably, like you say, another YUCK!


Yep Sherry,  I wonder about all those ingredients, too.   I try never to buy beef from Walmart.  I don't like the taste of most of it.   I, too, was raised a meat eater but try to eat as less as possible and definitely not exotic.   Beef and pork is about it.   And I HOPE that is what I'm eating. 

2 years ago

I really don't miss it.feel healthier than ever. 

I take probiotics to kill the toxic enzymes I build up not breaking

Down meat, I am fibrous.and I like it.

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2 years ago

I wish I could go totally meat free.   Do you know they've done studies and findings say that meat is addictive in that if some people don't eat it (once they've been meat eaters) that their bodies crave it to an extent.   I know that's true (at least for me) because if I don't eat meat in a day or two I have to or I feel unfilled.   Questions:  what does it mean that you're fibrous, Tasunka and killing toxic enzymes helps your body?    I like to learn new things and maybe it will turn me around altogether from eating meat, even though I don't eat a lot now.

2 years ago

Tasunka, you forgot to answer my question about mislabeling seafood.   I don't understand.

2 years ago

rampant in sushi parlors,and seafood in general they have been accused of mislabeling fish.

you might think u are eating tuna, but it's tilefish,a bottom feeder;YUCK.

probiotics,come in pill and food form.

kills the enzymes your body grows to help digest meat.

if u don't take probiotics or yogurt,u can get quite ill..

my neice did,and was hospitalized.

the probiotics offer extra immunity...i am fibrous because I am vegan and eat alot of produce and seeds!

2 years ago

Oh I see....thanks for the info.   I try to tell everyone (since doctor's don't) that when taking antibiotics to be sure to eat yogurt with the Bacillious (sic) in it because it puts the good bacteria back in your body that the antibiotics take out.   It takes out both good and bad.   It can definitely make you ill if the good bacteria is not replenished.

as long as we are on it
2 years ago

there are pills ranging from anywhere up to 20 billion mg. of flora friendly bacteria.

If you want to get it from food, they make two products,that you should research;

kefir...I use the Lifeway brand

and Kombucha...fermented green tea with probiotics and flavor added,the good part.

slightly effervescent ,but only 40 calories a serving.

the kefir is a milk product,but lactose free?????????????

it works though ,whenever my stomach is getting acidic ,I reach for one or the other.

it helps..and I take a 20 billion capsule,every morning with my other vitamins..

I hope that truly explains it ...the benefits of yogurt times 100...or more!

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