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2 years ago

This has been going on for years.  The first video displays how the Department of Livestock handles private property rights.  The second shows how they handle bison.


Glenn Hockett

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Working to Protect Habitat and Conserve Fish & Wildlife


2 years ago

Why does this not surprise me at all?

The injustice flows like the clear water should be. The corruption is staggering and heartbreaking. 

So morose, hugs....

2 years ago

I just remembered, you can easily get shot in montana over water rights.

It gets down right nasty, the fighting every summer over water for homes and cattle. 

I've heard stories while I was living in mt. That raised my hair, about water rights.

And during a drought , that much more dangerous. 

2 years ago

I feel so helpless and so sorry for the wolves, bison, wild horses, etc. that are just trying to persevere on land that is rightfully theirs.   I don't know if our fight is doing any good, but we mustn't stop.

2 years ago

Imagine how helpless the animals feel.

Watching their numbers, meaning their herds, family, decimated,?

It makes me physically ill to think of the happiness killing an innocent animal brings these yahoos!

2 years ago

Me too Tasunka.   It's sad to know that baby killers, rapists, murderers, etc. get a better life than the poor animals who don't hurt anyone.   And they are clueless as to what they have done to be harmed.   Just like the bison mom's having to watch their newborn calfs hazed for miles until they drop, or mother seals (in Canada) stand by and cry as they watch their babies skinned alive for pelts!!    I just don't understand.

2 years ago

With so many things that are wrong with how things are being run,we need to stop saying please and being nice,and demand things be done differently,and have enough angry people backing us up so that they have no choice but to listen.

2 years ago

thunderclap movement: over 60,000 people have pledged their lives in civil disobedience about the other98%...

maybe we should arrange a sit in at yellowstone????

I agree with Kaya,we were nice,now it's time to be not so nice.

the louder you scream in this case,the more attention you get from media whoars!

I really wish they would make an angry female emoticon,don't like looking an old

2 years ago

An old geezer....hahaha!   This is the only angry woman I could find right now Tasunka.   However she is pulling her hair out.   Keep her if you'd like...I'll try to find and post a better one.


 photo angrywomanTRANSPARENT_zps75f7008d.gif


I've been saying that for years (about getting things changed) that people ought to do like they did in the 70's; have sit ins and/or marches.   Maybe that is indeed the only way our voices will be heard and taken seriously.   People complaining to 'those in office' in Montana may be pleading with the devil; whose only concerns are the cattle ranchers and anyone else with money!.  Unless we can get our voices heard EVERYWHERE then things won't change.    I think a sit in at Yellowstone would be a fantastic idea, Tasunka.   Maybe we can contact the right people and arrange one.


2 years ago

that lady doesn't look upset as much as confused,

anyway... works for me.

I see that the occupy movement is not being taken seriously,and like predicted has kinda disappeared from the media.

so I wonder about the efficacy of occupy or sit ins...was kind of ranting when I said that.

Do you think people would come?

Vicky,I would but don't see a lot of cohesion between words and action these days.

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2 years ago

Blue as the blue of ocean, no, but it is Royal Blue for sure.

Sorry if I am not talking about the subject, I have so limitated time at the Library.

Thanks Tas, I am still here.

I don't have the so beautiful picture of your boat at sunset but I took another one.

Ciao everone,

I am flying lol.



Hi Marie, Kaya and Tasunka!
2 years ago

Tasunka, I'm not sure how many people would come.  However 'maybe' if word got out or the public saw the sit in or occupying on the news, more people would lend support.   But like you said, I don't see the cohesion nowadays as was in earlier times.   The only people I know that band together in large numbers anymore are blacks and I sure wish that other people would do that, too.   Maybe changes would happen.   I would definitely go to a sit in, etc. but I live so far away and probably wouldn't be able to and of that I'm sad.


Oh, the girl is not confused....she is actually pulling her hair out in anger.  lol  And it looks as if she may be screaming, too.   But I would prefer to see her fists pounding and her snarling like the old geezer.  lol

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