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(CLOSED) Yellowstone cafe
1 year ago

Let's start a new conversation without all the drama of the last thread.

We're here for the bison, so It would be nice if we give peace a chance! 

1 year ago

Donate Now

Bison Photo

Emergency: Help Restore America’s Wild Bison

Two centuries ago, millions of bison thundered across much of the west. But by 1890 fewer than 25 bison remained in the wild, all in a small corner of Yellowstone National Park.

Defenders of Wildlife is on a mission to right one of our nation’s greatest wildlife wrongs; to fully recover wild bison to parts of the America’s Great Plains. With your past help, we have taken some critical steps towards recovery — but the toughest fights may still lie ahead.

We have an ambitious 10-year plan -- to restore and expand wild bison to eight locations by the year 2022: a population of 5,000 in Yellowstone, two additional populations of at least 1,000, and five additional populations of at least 400 -- and we have strong confidence that this historic bison recovery initiative will be a success!

But we can’t do this alone. Please support Defenders’ historic bison recovery initiative and other urgent efforts to rescue imperiled animals.

Please donate now to support our emergency efforts to keep bison conservation alive -- and protect the wildlife and special places you care about.



I am here and didn't know almost nothing about bison now I know more.


Peace to All


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1 year ago

Thanks for the new thread, TAS and I love the name!   I am going to close the other thread.   I agree with you, no drama welcomed here


Marie, interesting info on the bison.   How miraculous that the bison have rebounded from only 25.  But it is so sad to know that there once were millions roaming the plains.   I am so happy that there are plans to expand bison territory and we can only hope that the governor and others will not fight it.   So far the governor seems to be on the side of the bison (at least partially); let's hope it stays that way and that the cattle ranchers don't persuade him to be otherwise.

1 year ago


I like the name too.Hi,every one.

1 year ago

1 year ago


1 year ago

Darn, the links aren't clickable Kaya....I'll try to figure them out and sign.   Thanks for posting them for us. 


June, I love the bison 'nice day' tag.   Hopefully one day there will be thousands of them grazing and roaming again.

1 year ago

Kaya,they all seem to be closed..

we have posted the most petitions from the bfc and the gyc,both charities that are solely for the park and the bison,wolves and bears

There is a problem Sorry
1 year ago
Bison hits increasing on Highway 3

CBC News Posted: Sep 18, 2013 6:52 AM CT Last Updated: Sep 18, 2013 8:38 AM CT

1 year ago

Thank you everyone nice everything, I don't know again what happened to my text???

Good Night!

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1 year ago

Good night Marie....Care2 probably going heywire again

1 year ago

Thank you Vicky.  It is almost time for me to go to the bench in the Shopping Center from midnight to 1:00 --  I had my money from the Goverment the 22 and I just phoned tonight, so next week I will have an appointment with the lawyer the one will work on my papers and then when done I will fly to JFK and I had to write to dk and a lot to do...

I don't know if I can post it here but if not, you will just have to delete.

Good Night


no I am not lol  but so many in usa are talking about Halloween that I force myself to participate a little...

Be well all,


1 year ago

Hi posted in the exact thread!      I love the quote tag you posted, that is so true.   Cute little Halloween witch, too...where did you find her?  I hope your lawyer can take care of your paperwork so you can come back to the USA.


 photo october_zpsc3f19fb5.jpg


1 year ago

John Lennon

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”     ―     John Lennon
Hello Vicky,  okay I'm at the right place.  I had a lot to do last night lol it is already 12:24 --  The is in the Emoticons it is easy to make some are long and some are at Care2 for so many years.  It was not easy to control my emotions when I phoned my Bank, still thinking of it.  I phoned my lawyer and she will phone back... I met her last year but without money impossible to pay.  I wrote to -- dk so... all will be fine after 4 years of incredible time I had believe me I rejoice myself.  I start as each night to have a sore back in that bench. 
1 year ago

SNL   --  Saturday Night Live from New York -- I miss that super program with the best ones.

1 year ago

Tina Fey great one of SNL --

1 year ago
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The Wee Rabbit Series                
The Wee Rabbit Series
Jul 25, 2011        
The Wee Rabbit Series -- David Kane -- Copyright 2011
~~~~~ I ~~~~~
'Wee Rabbit Sits' 
Pear trees shed flowers; 
they fall like snow.
A wee rabbit sits. 
 ~~~~~ II ~~~~~
'On Display'
A wee rabbit that could fit in my pocket 
appears to take no notice of me 
straddling my bike less than ten feet away.
To read these great poem of Dave Kane, just type his name for it.  at the top  (EnterYourSe 



1 year ago

Nice quote by John Lennon, Maria.  I don't remember Tina Fey of SNL as after the originals left I didn't watch it anymore. John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Laraine Newman, Chevy Chase, Garrett Morris and Dan those were the cast I loved!   Soooo funny.  What a darling bunny and what a cute name for D.K.'s series....Wee Rabbit.  Nice short poems.


I wonder where everybody is tonight?   Well it's Saturday so maybe they are out having fun.  Have a good evening....beddy bye time.


 photo goodnightfrmlily_zpsbf32f4e3.gif

1 year ago

[VIDEO] Tina Fey Hosts 'SNL': Best and Worst Sketches - TVLine

Maybe there is your answer Vicky for  Tina Fey...


Maybe people tonight are watching SNL --  From 11:30 to 1:00 -- I don't have tv untill I will be in Brooklyn.

I like a bunch your graphic.

I will go from here at 1:00 and I am alone tonight, the woman who came with me last time owe me money and more from last night.  I will ask her... believe me. 

So, maybe will see you tomorrow, on Sunday...

I saw many withces on the sky on my way to come lol  maybe more on my way back  

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1 year ago

I painted on Friday in a private way -- acrylic ...???!!!  The prof said it is a pink owl lol...  as I am perfectionist humm not sure of it...  I wanted to put it in the garbage can.

Ciao and pleasant dreams.   Take care of the es

I have my appointment with my lawyer next week --


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1 year ago

Vicky my first name is not Maria but Marie.

1 year ago

Sorry about that Marie.   I know a few Marie's and Maria's and sometimes mix them up.  But I meant YOU when I said Maria.  Sorry.  I clicked the link you posted and it opened up to an article about SNL but something else didnt' show up....maybe a video?   Did you get your money that your friend owed you?

1 year ago

Vicky --

1 year ago

Yes?  I probably won't be back here tonight, Marie.  I hope all is well with you.

1 year ago

Yes Yes Vicky , I'll go to the optometrist tomorrow, and the lawyer for with that big amount of money she ask, but I have it now. I phoned back today because I didnt' write the date and the hour of my appointment.  lol...


Good  Night.

Tina Fey
1 year ago

She's the actress who played and is a doppelganger for Sarah Palin. 

Think about it, maybe you will remember. 

She's also played with Ben Stiller in Date Night. .she is pretty funny. 

But, I too think they were so much funnier in the seventies. 

No longer watch it. .Tina has made a few movies, that is how I know her at all.

Back in the USA .

Lots of work to do believe leaving again Xmas. 

1 year ago

Yellowstone bison and calf, 2000 pounds of anger when calf hesitated to cross road in traffic

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1 year ago

You are right, tas about what you say.

Send me energies or whatever your beliefs for tomorrow or now.  At 16:00 have to see my lawyer.  Yippie. lol.  It is about time.

I practice to sing "I'll be home for xmas" --

1 year ago

I like to look at the lightening of xmas tree at Rockefeller Center on tv now.  Getting old lol... It please a lot to me, and the best of music.  This year will be December the 4th.  The Thanksgiving Parade too, November 28th is one of the most celebretated in New York. I went a couple of time when Dave was working.  It was like a summer day.  okay time for me to awake and will probably have coffee of Matcha tee and a cake.  Love

Marie and

My friend woman told me she will come,,, waiting for her, she wants to move from where she is...??

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1 year ago

Good evening ladies.  It's late but I wanted to stop in and say 'hi'. 


Marie, not sure if you've seen the optometrist yet but I hope you have good results and I'm glad you have enough money for your lawyer.  I bet it's awesome seeing the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center.


TAS, I rarely watch movies so that's why I'm unfamiliar with movie least the newer ones (even though it may be 15 yrs ago).   You're leaving again?   Where did you say you're going and will you be gone long? 


Kaya, I absolutely love the photo you posted with the buffalo in it.   The plains, flowers and buff are so beautiful.


Well good night ladies.  I'm tired.


 photo oie_glitters2_zpsd942c7e7.gif

1 year ago

1 year ago

1 year ago

Lovely photos Kaya and June.  Thank you.


 photo babybuffkissinghismom_zps71232fea.jpg

1 year ago


I was unable to write before and it is almost time to go.

My lawyer told me it will take 8 months to 1 year for all papers done to go back to my 'homeland' it hurts a lot, cz I can't see another winter here...


Nice pictures and words from all.

Thanks to be here.


Happy Halloween
1 year ago

Happy Halloween everyone and if you don't celebrate Halloween, just wishing you a happy day.


June, Belated Happy Birthday wishes, hope it was all you wished it to be.


 Love the pictures of the buffalo and calf.


Marie, Sorry it will take that long to get back but at least you now have a time frame to look at and sounds like it will work.

1 year ago

Hi,every one.Hugs.

Marie,I am sorry for your wait.Maybe while you are waiting to go back,find what you like,some thing, any thing,and focus on what you like until you can go back to where you want to be.

I love the buffolo and calf,can not comprehend why is it some one wants to harm them.It makes no sense.

Always looking for a way to help them.

Have a good day every one.

1 year ago

Good evening Marie, Carlene & Kaya.  It's raining now and we have some bad weather heading this way although sometimes it bypasses us.   I'm glad for the rain anyway.


Marie, so sorry that time is being drug out before all your papers are complete.   Kaya, has a great focus on what you like until your dream comes true.


Carlene, you can wish June a happy birthday in her birthday thread as it is November 4, 2013.   So you're not late.    YAY!   I'm glad you like the bison and the calf.


Kaya, neither can I understand why anyone would want to hurt bison and their babies, in addition to the wild horses and wolves.   So sad...I do not understand humans.


 photo FINISHEDHalloween_zpsa8a0e706.gif

1 year ago

Hello everyone, so sad I am.  I passed all night at the Cafe and I left.  I had problems with my pc  ??? Dave wrote, to tell me Happy Haloween and .... I din't tell him the months I'll be here in the snow, my heart hurts right now.  All these problems,,,  tomorrow as each Friday I go for private course in painting I don'twant to go tomorrow, as I never go to the mattress before 2:00 it is too early for me to go at 11:00 and for only 1 hour.  No, no for this week, I have many things  I can focus on but I am still on the shock.

Thank you all for you encouragement.

I only came here tonight and I don't think I want to talk other groups for now.

My time here is 12:30 not sure I am at right time.

Good night all.

Marie very not feeling good, *sight*

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1 year ago

Yellowstone NP #6

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1 year ago

following Junee
1 year ago

1 year ago

I guess I have to weigh in as I've been so busy,; back in Arizona, on land after six months on the boat, minus the month in Vermont packing up. 

Now on the receiving end, all that stuff, taking up the garage, cannot even fit the car in...I think it's going to take the rest of my life to go through everything..don't have room for most of it, so it's truly a mess...learning to live with it. ..have placed some needed things around, but that's just so we could move around. 

Also, Vicky we are linked as friends. ..wonder why you thought different. 

Marie, a year is a long time, can you visit the states with a tourist visa until immigration is concluded?

1 year ago

Hi ladies!   Well today was gorgeous and I sat out in the sun reading for a long time.   Tonight is supposed to get down to 41 degrees but of course it the  nights will warm up in a day or two. 


Kaya, I love that picture you posted; especially all those trees.   I LOVE trees.


June, that's a lovely Friday graphic the blinking stars makes it more so.   Thank you for always sharing.


TAS, I'm not sure why I would send you a friend request since we are already friends.   Maybe another Care2 glitch?   Boy I know how it is not to have enough room for stuff.  I had to buy another shed to put some things in.   I don't think it will be filled up though and that is a good thing.   It doesn't take mobile homes long to overflow with stuff, especially if someone (me) can't part with certain things.  However (and thankfully) the only room that has the most stuff in it is my bedroom and I've slowly been weeding things out.  Whew!   I love your kitty graphic....lazy furbaby.  lol


Marie, sorry you are sad and depressed.   Did Dave's phone call cheer you up some?   Can you do like TAS asked and get a tourist visa?   That would be great!  I bet painting is a very relaxing past time.   I was going to take it up in the 70's but there was a dilemma.  I could either send my son to a Catholic school with a monthly tuition or take up painting.  Well, my son won out of course.   


Have a great weekend everybody.


 photo SaturdayfromJill_zps86dba944.gif

1 year ago

Love the waterfall pic Kaya.  Looks like belated Birthday wishes are due June.  Hope you had a very happy one.

Tasunka, were you out on the water most of that time, or docked? I love boats, as long as I'm not out on rolling waves. I will get green and seasick and end up hanging over the side. LOL

Hope you had a fun Halloween Carlene. I stayed home this year & passed out candy, and my hubyy went with daughter and grandkids around the neighborhood. I decorate the outside and put things in the windows.

Beautiful wolf pic June. But I love timber wolves, and also cougars.

Marie, ever get into water color painting? I'm not an artist, but my stepson is very very talented.  Anyhoo, I really like a well done water color painting, & was wondering if you have experimented with that.

That must have been relaxing Vicky-reading in the sun. Today is so pretty. It is 75 degrees outside right now at 5:21 PM, and what I love about it, at this time of year is NO HUMIDITY!  It will be that way for several more months, so will enjoy it while I can! YAAAAAY! Very comfortable this time of year here.

I just got back a little bit ago. Went block walking to get signatures on a petition to recall our dinging mayor and city council.  And it's for more than just one thing for sure, like some people think here.  They are so crooked. We'll see what happens. But they really need to be replaced badly.

I'm on my way now to go listen to 3 men wanting position of Attorney general here, and I think it's going to be a little tough deciding which, so will have to dig into each's backgrround as much as possible too, to know their track record.

Have a great evening everyone!!!  Gotta run.

1 year ago

Thank you all for your good vibs.  No, tas, I can't...  I was very agressive today and 3 days not going outside .... I came with a cab tonight, and will go back the same way, I am at the Cafe I didn't buy nothing.  All from that  grrrrrrrrrrr can a da fall very hard on my nerves.  I can't do more than I'm doing.  All  the workers are watching me I dont paranoi this is the F* job.  I sleep the more I ca and  I eat at night (dinner 5 to 7) alone in the piano room and I am napping after in 2 chairs, snorring.  This is very annoying what I am writing ....... but this is what I am living.  I don't go nowhere at Care2.  Only here.

Need you all here.

Marie very very disappointed.   ((((the group))))

1 year ago

Well, the walking went better than expected, except for a couple of very no shut up people who love mayor, city councilman, and it doesn't matter how crooked they work to get what they want done.-like slipping in wording to an amendment right before a vote, meant to confuse, meant to get what they really wanted all the way around. Trickery, and a lot of people don't care. Not just that, but because of the one thing they like about them, they refuse to see or let it sink in what else these people are doing. Right over their head, because of one thing they are passionate about.  Found out one, (I won't say how right now) tried to find us to follow us-one that kept trying to push herself on walking with us around the neighborhood, because she didn't agree with our purpose. Another couple was screamed vulgarities at, making a person who was signing their petition call the law himself, and the screaming banshees scared off a potential renter to his duplex. They were also warned by someone else not to come back, in an intimidating manner.  Oh well, not easily intimidated, but I will keep my guard up when doing this, because stalkers are not well people, as are not the ones who have to scream their heads off at people who were very nice, keep their calm, and just explain why they are asking for signatures from registered voters.  One doesn't have to sign, and when they show they are as childish as some of these people, they also show to me how intolerant,- they can cry how tolerant they are all day long, forget it, because NO, they most certainly are not, and DO NOT believe in live and let live like they claim, but do live for intimidation, harrassment and acting like a mean child in a big person's body. If I don't like what someone is doing, I don't sign it, tell them to have a nice day, and that's it.  But I keep hearing things that happen to people I know, who are very calm and collected, and don't get same treatment from people who don't like what they stand for. What's happened to people being able to act like a grown-up today?

1 year ago

Well.unfortunately,there are people who choose yo be willfully ignorant,and there are also those who will brown nose to whoever happens to be in power at the time.I can not control what another person does.I can put the info out there for them,I can help those who are willing to accept help,and that is it.I will adhere to what I believe and need to do,and whoever does not like it can kiss my black a**.I am teachable.I will listen to anyone who can provide a valid,reasonable opinion,but I will not bow because they have a temper tantrum.I choose to be happy,regardless of who likes me and who does not.You do what you feel is right,Sherry,don't worry about them.

1 year ago

1 year ago

Hi everybody.  It's with a sad heart that I tell you my aunt died this afternoon.  She had alheizhimer's for a few years and the last 2 weeks she went steadily downhill.   Last night she got the chest rattle so a lot of us went to see her this afternoon even though she was sleeping peacefully.  I guess we all were saying our goodbyes even though we didn't want to admit that it would probably be the last time we'd see her alive.   My mom no sooner got home when they called to tell her she had passed.  Anyway, keep our family in prayer.


Pretty quote, June.   Good night all.


 photo MissYouPuppy_zpscbd56499.jpg

1 year ago

Woman's Hands with Rose


1 year ago

Vicky,I know what is loss 1st hand,many times over.I am here if you need some thing.

oh Vicky
1 year ago

Cry if you need to, it cleanses the body and relieves stress.

SORRY for your loss.

1 year ago

So sorry your aunt passed away Vicki.  Alzheimer's is such a dreadful disease.  It's so hard to lose a loved one so please feel this hug coming your way.

1 year ago

so sorry for your loss Vicky

1 year ago

Sock Monkey Ornamentare you ok,vicky?

1 year ago

dear Vicky, my sincere sympathy for the loss of your aunt.

I hope to see you soon.  I have a lot to do re and tomorrow night going to buy a Birkenstock shoes, so I'll should be here  after, as I'm not in New York, stores close at 21:00.  

Sorry to talk about my personal life here but I have problems with my laptop.

I was unable to add an nice image.


To everyone have a good night.  only 20:38 and will go back around same time 1:30 or if not to tired I will go to a Cafe open 24 hours.  And will come back.

Be well  ; )

1 year ago

Thank you so much for the condolences for my aunt and the love that I feel from you Gabra, Kaya, TAS, Carlene, June and Marie.  You won't believe this but today a member of my church, Miss Margie, also died.   She was the same age as my aunt and she, too, died of alzheimers.   So please her family in prayer also.   Thank you.


Very pretty photo of the hands and flower, Gabra and the monkeys are adorable.


Good night ladies....peace to all.


 photo bearfrmlinda_zps8ab29634.gif

1 year ago


Thank you Vicky very nice picture.   Good Nigt all!


1 year ago

Glad to see you,Vicky.I was concerned for you.

Yellow Stone Café
1 year ago


                        Vicky is always fun to see, ya !...

1 year ago

Hi Mongi!  So glad you stopped in.   I don't see much of you anymore.  It rained hard last night and today was dreary and much cooler.  Then the sun came out and it warmed up but tonight is supposed to be in the upper 30's.  We'll see.  lol


Gabra, thank you so much for your concern.  I am doing okay thank you.  


Marie, really pretty graphic your posted.


Hello to TAS, Carlene, June, Kaya and anyone else who comes in.  I am going to call it a night.


frm Vondi photo GOODAFTERNOONfrmVondi-1.gif

1 year ago

Good evening graphics

1 year ago

I can't  almost do nothing... my pc etc



1 year ago

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am back oh la la, it is so warm my Dr Martens boots with wool socks   It was so warm in the building Hudson's Bay they are there from 1670 --  I went by cab back and forth with a woman who is staying not far from me.  I miss everyone and I try to forget that I will 'winterwonderland' here  --  I snagged this graphic to someone I know but she doesn't know it .  My youngest son (42) phoned when I was at the store, he phoned back.  I told him that he can invites me for xmas ...

What a wonderful world!!!!!!

Me to You  

1 year ago


love ya allllllll -- 

1 year ago

Coffee And Friends Sign

1 year ago

Sock Monkey Ornament I like that pic,Kaya.

Glad you are ok,Vicky.

Tasunka,thanks for the green star.What does Tasunka mean?Are you Indian?Kaya could be Indian,or it could be Jamaican.

Some of the petitions in the other thread will not let me click onto them.I am not certain if it is the link or my pc.

I forget who I snagged the sock monkeys from,but I love them!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

1 year ago

How nice you are all, thank you for say hello to me Kaya, Gabra and June.


How great you are!  selfish women.

1 year ago

I smoke and so much better than cofee it is natural.

1 year ago

Hi everybody...this is real short and sweet tonight.   I've been to 2 funerals in 2 days so I think I will go and kick back.   Good night all.


Isn't this little guy adorable?   Does anyone know what he is?


 photo endangeredmysteriousanimal_zps5c4b76c5.jpg

1 year ago

That is a tree kangaroo.He is in Australia.

Love the pic June.

Marie,I do not overstand-why do you call us selfish?You do not know me,so I will thank you to shut your mouth unless you know what you are talking about.I did nothing to you.Don't start with me,I see how you act in the other group.

Hope you all have a good week.

1 year ago

a quick reminder,please Marie no drama!!!!!!!!!!

everyone is here to help the bison,grizzly bears ,wolves and national parks.

It is not a prerequisite that everyone love each other,just to respect and not cause so much drama,I am pleading with you

No more redundant pics,in the medicine path,on topic originals

and keep a civil tongue or you will have no one who will even read your posts.

as some are already creeped can change that,I know you can be the better person, all it requires is RESPECT!

1 year ago

that's rough,2 funerals in one week

makes you love your own life,I hope

take all the time you need, that's what co-hosts are here for.

plus your aunt,must have been a sad time for you.

Hoping the new week wll be brighter .......

Hello all......see that's all it takes not to leave anyone out....duh

just kidding

love to you ,I need a nickname for the members,all i can come up with atm

is buffs......wadda u think?

1 year ago

yes,I am lakota sioux,a plains Indian tribe

My part is actually named teton sioux,we are right by the teton mountains..

Tasunka means horse in lakota, but feel free to call me tas or siouxz,(my official nickname )Well Kaya means herb/ganja from the Bob Marley you know it's jamaican...

happy to answer any questions about native american you see from June that each tribe is like a different belief system ,language and customs

almost like islands of the same country,like the caribbean which is where I  lived most of my adult life after college.


1 year ago

...I know well the Jamrock(Jamaican)meaning.There is a Native American meaning too,but not sure what it is.I see Kaya is Jamaican as I read her profile.


Look,I was not trying to be disrespectful,I am sorry if I was out of line.I just do not want any trouble,especially when I see certain people are known to start %#&!*%,ok.Sorry.


I will sign any petitions you may have,and am willing to help in any way to help the parks and the animals in them.It would be a shame to not have them any more.

I love Native American culture.Love learning about it.Thanks for what you provide here,I hope that people appreciate it.

1 year ago

Thank you TAS for your condolences.   She was sick with Alzheimers for so many years that it somehow softened the blow if you know what I mean.   YES!!   I think 'buffs' is a perfect name.  Me and my buffalo friends from other groups use it sometimes.  I really love the name.     Okay, I am confused you are Souixz and have a different avatar?  


Marie, I don't know exactly what you meant by calling anyone selfish but that is mean and disrespectful.  We are all here to help the animals and other causes as well as each other.


Gabra, thank you for letting me know the name of the Australian Tree Kangeroo.  He doesn't look much like a kangeroo does he?  lol   I love his yellow belly and paws.  And his face is adorable.    I don't find that you were out of line in saying what you did.  I didn't catch what Marie said or I, too, would have said something.   We are all here for the benefit of the animals and other causes as well as for each other.


Hi Kaya and June...I hope you both are enjoying your day.


I really like this graphic:


 photo IndianWolfHead_zps520f3966.gif

1 year ago

Hi everyone.

Vicky, Preston called me yesterday and told me about Hilda's passing.  He apologized for not calling sooner,  but he didn't need to. I know he's had a lot on his shoulders trying to take care of everything, and everything else.  We talked a while. It is so sad, and I'm sorry.  I remember my husband and I being there and visiting with them in 2005.  My husband got tickled because of the accent, not being used to it and all.  We had made a loop of visiting my brother, my aunt and cousins, and Hilda and Preston.  How are you doing?

1 year ago

Sherry, I am so sorry....I forgot that you knew Aunt Hilda and Preston.   Yes, she had had Alzheimer's for a few years.  She probably started getting it a couple of years after you last saw her.   I hated seeing her go down but she was still active until the last month.   She went down fast then.  Where is your husband from that he loves Mississippi accents?  lol   I'm doing okay.   We went to Aunt Hilda's funeral on Friday and a long time church member at my church on Saturday.   I pray that is the last of funerals for a long while.  How have you been?

1 year ago

Again,I am so sorry for your loss.If I can help you in any way,do not hesitate to talk to me,ok.

Gabra,to not respond when certain people do things is best,especially attention seeking people.

Hi,every one.Have a great week.

sunrise photography

continued drama
1 year ago

I try to stay up to date with what is happening here but the drama keeps me away most of the time and I really don't understand some of the comments. 


That being said, Vicky, I too hope that the funerals were is the last of anything sad for you. 


I hope everyone has a good day today, be happy for what you have and what you can do to make things better for all. Thinking especially about the people in the Phillipines right now, there is tremendous suffering going on there.

1 year ago

the drama is overwhelming,and I and Vicky are too soft
1 year ago

to block or delete people in need,please take a hint from Carlene.

people are staying away because of all the drama, and it is coming sporadically,so never ready to deal with it when I first see it..sad that it is coming from pretty much one person, and we are here for you, but the intensity has to end.We don't need to be losing posters..

Please, take a lighter attitude when coming to the cafe, because it needs to be a place for friendly chatting,not social encounters of the wrong kind.

I am being vague ,but we all know where it is coming from,so I will be kind and not name know who you are!

1 year ago

I was partially responsible for the last incident,Tasunka.I should have just let it go.I apologize to you and everyone else.I really am sorry.I will not respond like that again.If there be any more drama,I promise I will not be one of those perpetuating it,ok.I am sorry,everyone.

1 year ago

I have the new lakota dictionary bookmarked on my pc,and you've got me curious

so I will endeavour to find the Native American meaning kaya,as she is a very close friend to me.

I think it might not be lakota sioux,so I might not find out.

will get back with my findings......very interested!!!!


that was fast,I found a variation of it Kayes,I don't have the capacity to mark it properly, but it means  "in spite of",or "even though"

basically a means to pursue the unpursuable

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1 year ago

kaya is Hopi.It means "wise beyond her years."My Jamaican aunt,who raised me,gave me kaya,so my meaning is from the herb.My birth name is Alexis,but I use Kaya.Pronounced it with a long i,(ki-yuh.)Mot like ay is normal pronounced.

1 year ago



white box

Atheism has been defined as anything from a lack of belief in God to a total  denial of His existence.  Whichever the case, atheism is a growing movement  that is becoming more aggressive, more demanding, and less tolerant of anything  other than itself -- as is exemplified by its aderants.  Is it a cogent belief?  Is it a worldview?  Find out more about it here as well as how to deal with  those who preach the message of atheism.

Introduction Against Atheism Polemics
1 year ago

Hi Carlene, Kaya, Gabra, Sherry,TAS and Marie.  It got very cold tonight (it will be in the 20's or 30's for a couple of nights) but then it will warm up to the 50's (at night).  It will do this all winter.   Never boring. 


TAS, I love the quote on your is so true and inspirational!  Beautiful bison, June!  Thank you Carlene for your condolences.   Kaya, I love the beautiful sunset picture with the cypress trees in the water.   We have cypress trees down here in Louisiana.   Sherry, hello if you pop in.   Gabra, we do not fault you for your response to a hurtful remark.  Marie, I am not going to respond to your graphic.  But I will tell you 'hello' and that I hope you are in a warm area for the night.


Like TAS says, this is a friendly thread and group so we need to keep it that way....we are all friends here.  If negative comments about or to our members are posted then TAS or I will handle it.  If 'someone' has to be suspended from the group for a few days then unfortunately we will have to do it.  I think the person will know who we are talking about.


So on a lighter note, I hope each of you has a wonderful evening.   Big HUGS to all.  Since this is just a chat group you will see me posting all kind of different graphics that are not necessarily Native American. 


 photo squirrelanddog_zps6829e6ed.jpg



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1 year ago

Do what you want.  But I know .... and I will... and Vicky you look like the tas secretary, because... and... I started something nobody will talk me like that, like this blue one, G.... I am a 72 woman ans she is only 33 kindof and the young of today 2013 don't have any RESPECT. 


Don't get surprise of what it will happen.   


My best regards to everyone.



Enough is enough.


1 year ago

Hi all. Yes Vicky, I knew Hilda and Preston through my Mom. I knew she had Alzheimers. That is something I hope they find a cure for one day.  You know my Mother and Father were born and raised in Mississippi, Lumberton and Hattiesburg, respectively, and so the relatives on each side, from Mississippi. My husband was born in Milwaukee, WI, hence I have teased him about being the Happy Days boy. Remember that show?  Now, my brother was born in Mississippi also, but I was the oddball, being born and raised in Richland, Washington, after they had moved there. But we made many trips while I was growing up back to Mississippi to visit relatives. Now, being from WA, I was just as tickled as he was, I suppose because though my parents still had the accent all their life,  it was by that time going back, much more pronounced in my relatives from MS, having never left there.  

I have throughout the years though, lived in Gonzales and Houma, Louisiana, and N. Charleston and Wando, SC, and N. Tampa, FL.  Louisiana the longest.  My brother ended up back in Louisiana years ago, early 80's, after traveling around for a bit after an accident in which he was almost killed by a drunk driver in WA state,  got a state job there, and has been there ever since. I left Louisiana end of Nov. '92, went back to WA state. My husband, whom I had known since "82, -we got married in "95,-and I moved to TX in 2006. 

I miss the people, southern cooking was the best, and they sure do know how tom throw a parade. LOL   I don't miss the humidity, but it gets humid here in the summer too, can get bad, just not as bad.  This time of year and for several months is really nice here, very comfortable.  I just wish I could afford to have a place to reside at in the summer back in the Pacific Northwest the rest of the time.  Plus I miss the mountains and passes, old growth, scenery, tent camping in Washington state in beautiful areas,  which I grew up on, a lot. My husband and I, when we still lived there, went tent camping a lot up there. That was some of my favorite times.

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1 year ago

Vicky, you can guess sweet tea was a ritual in our home in WA still, and cornbread, yams or sweet potatoes, greens, black eye peas, and my Mom made the best fried chicken around. They still drank buttermilk, something I never acquired a taste for, but when my Mom asked me what I'd like for dinner, it was pork chops, black eye peas, corn bread, sweet potatoes and tea. LOL  Good old days. Here in TX, you learn the best BBQ places.

1 year ago

Sherry and Vicky,I am very sorry to hear of your loss.I do not know you well,but I am here if there is any thing i can do.It is good to remember the good things , Sherry.Vicky and Siouxze,thanks for all that you do for this group,and giving us an opportunity to talk to friends and help the bison and the parks.It is a worth while thing are you doing,and I and I appreciate it.Glad to meet you,Carlene,June and Gabra.We can focus on what is good,and that is each other,and focus on what did we come here to do.Ignore any negativity,like in real life we ignore what is the bad,we deal with it,but we move on and then do not focus on it .There is lots of good here.This is what is our focus.Thanks to all of you,and the ones I did not mention too.Hugs.

1 year ago

 everyone hope you are all having a good day


Hugs graphics

1 year ago

1 year ago

I love that graphic,June.It is so cute. I hope that you guys like this one,it is so true.Kaya,thank you for that info on your name.My name is from an Ethiopian nomadic tribe.It means "vassel".My ancestry can be traced back to Ethiopia.The meaning for your name is pretty cool too,Tasunka...Tas.I love horses,although I am deathly afraid of them.Hi,Carlene,Vicky,Sherry,and everyone.Hope your day goes well.

1 year ago

Love it.sooooooooo true

You bring a refreshing air to the group,thanks  for being such a trooper

I hope you find more good than bad to keep you interested.

Btw,my full name Tasunka (Ta-shun-kA) Maza means iron Horse.

I have been riding horses as long as I can remember and have owned three pair so far!!

Good afternoon, Vicky,Kaya,Carlene.Junee ,Sherri,Mongi and Marie.

hope I got everyone,I am more comfortable with saying everyone,so no one feels left out.

Have a wonderful HUMP day

4,seasons in one
1 year ago

1 year ago

HUMP day.... Sorry,had to get that out....

Tas,of course there is enough here to keep me interested.I came here to help some causes and to make friends.I can focus on the 1 person causing negativity,or I can focus on all the rest of you,who seem to me to be wonderful people who want to do good things.My focus is on all of you.Thank you.

1 year ago

Hi everybody....(Gabra, Sherry, TAS, Kaya, June, Carlene & Marie).  I, too, hope I didn't leave anyone out.   Boy it was cold here today (well cold for us) but definitely cold last night and will be tonight.   Friday is supposed to be in the 70's again. 


Kaya, thank you so much for your offer of are very kind.  And you are so right about ignoring negativity.   It will do nothing but bring people down and not help any of our causes.


Gabra, I am so glad you joined our group to help causes and make friends.   Our little group is growing and that is so awesome!   More people will be able to not only sign petitions and become aware of problems but to share stuff, too with others.  The black cat quote is so very true; thanks for sharing it.


June, your polar bear hug graphic is adorable; I must snag it.  lol   How is your week going?


Sherry, I used to party in Houma and Gonzales.  Especially Gonzales....I went to see the play 'Cats' in Houma.  Yep, tea is called 'sweet tea' down south although I just call it tea.  And I think Louisiana has the best food ever!  I adore Southern, Cajun & Seafood cooking.  Yummy!   My mom loves sweet potatoes and cornbread but I'm not a big fan.   Me and mom can cook some pretty darn good fried chicken and I can cook up a delicious pot of gumbo (both seafood & Chicken & Andouille).   A lot of people probably won't like barbecue from the Eastern part of N.C. (made with vinegar) but I totally love it.  I was born in N.C.   Sounds like you have lived all over the U.S.  I bet WA is beautiful.  


TAS that is a lovely graphic of the 4 seasons.   I'm glad you mentioned it or I may not have noticed.   I'm also glad you spelled the pronunciation of your name as I was pronouncing it Tas SUN ka instead of Tas SHUN ka.  


Hi Marie.  I'm sure it's real cold where you are living so I hope you stay bundled up warm.


Carlene, not sure where you are but I hope you are having a wonderful and warm week.


I was going to post a Hump Day tag but I'm in Google Chrome and it will not let me.   I am so sick of one browser allowing you to do one thing and another one not.   WHY don't they make them all the same?   It's ridiculous.



1 year ago

 photo Camel_zpsac7d2887.gif

Day after Hump Day
1 year ago

I like the graphics you all post! Yesterday we went to our son and DIL's house. Surprised our grand daughter, she is 9, and met her when she got off the school bus.  Had a wonderful visit, lots of laughs, then went to a fushion grill for dinner before we headed home.  BTW, we live in the Bay Area of California about 1 hour East from San Francisco.  The weather here has been beautiful, sunny warm days, tee-shirt weather but....we are in a drought, third year without much rain so although we all are enjoying our California weather, most of us really hope the sky will open up soon.  Have a nice "after hump day" everyone. 

1 year ago

Carlene,so glad for your visit.It is nice to see people that you love and spend time with them.I am bless with a really big family,I love it.

Vicky,Tas,Gabra,June,love being in this group with you all,others too.Enjoy your self and ignore the ignorant actions.Have fun and help,that is all.HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!!H ave a wonderful day.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up and live!(bob marley)

"Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts."

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1 year ago

The picture and the quotes above are in honor of world kindness day,which I think should be every day.It should extend to people,to Almighty,to the earth,to the animals.Thank you,all who are so kind to me here,making me feel welcome,and giving me opportunities to help the parks and the animals.

1 year ago

Hi everybody!  Still cool out today but hopefully tomorrow will be about 10 degrees warmer hitting the 70's.  


Gabra, the butterfly is very beautiful and your message and the Bob Marley quote really tell the truth.   We are so happy to have you here with us helping the animals, parks and whatever else we can help.  This group is made up of such good people wanting to help where and when they can.


Kaya, how is your day?  Have you gone anywhere or done anything special?


Carlene, I bet your granddaughter was so happy to see you (and your son and DIL, too).  How far away do they live from you?   I pray that some rain will fall to help the people, lands and animals.


TAS, June and Marie, I expect you all will make an appearance later.  It's early for me for a change. 




 photo hello_friendsfrmNance_zps664f7e61.gif

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