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1 year ago

And to think I thought that Gov. Steve Bullock was at least partially on the side of the buffalo!   Another turncoat


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A Buffalo Field Campaign patrol keeps an eye on the last wild buffalo.

Greetings Supporters of Wild Buffalo,

Our season has gotten off to a deadly start with early snows bringing at least 100 buffalo across Yellowstone's western boundary over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately most of them have been shot by eager hunters waiting at the border. We now know of 53 wild buffalo killed this Fall, with 51 being shot along the western boundary (near West Yellowstone) and two killed on the northern boundary (near Gardiner).

Most of these buffalo were shot by tribal hunters with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT). The Crow tribe, we have learned, is preparing to assert treaty rights by joining in the hunt. The Park Service has asked the tribes to shoot more bulls than cows. Thanks to a new law, passed by Montana's notoriously anti-buffalo legislature and signed by Governor Steve Bullock last spring, the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has established a hotline to keep hunters apprised of the exact location of buffalo in the state. Their message betrays buffalo even when they are not in legally huntable areas, which has resulted in hunters casing residential neighborhoods with their rifles, waiting for the buffalo to step back into the hunt zone.

With so many buffalo under the gun, it is very unfortunate that we only have two volunteers currently at camp, in addition to our crew of seasonal coordinators. We are in great need of volunteers to help document the killing and provide outreach and education to hunters. We especially need help from now until the first couple weeks of December. With coordinators having so many responsibilities around our headquarters it has been very hard to keep patrols filled.

Please, if you have even a week or two to spare, we would be so grateful for your help. We have a great crew, and the small numbers create a fun, close-knit spirit. We also have or awesome Harvest feast and celebration to look forward to at the end of November.

If you feel you can help out, please email or call our volunteer coordinators ASAP at:, or 406-646-0070. If you can't join us in person, please see below to make a donation or merchandise purchase in support of our work. As a grassroots nonprofit comprised of the most dedicated people you'll ever meet, every little bit goes a long, long way!

For the Buffalo,

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1 year ago

I went to the governor's website on Facebook (here is the link and posted a not so nice comment to him.  Here it is:


"You are just another anti-buffalo governor! I was under the impression that you were at least partially open to helping them when you passed 2 bills last spring that I 'thought' were pro bison. Evidently I was wrong! You want to lure tourists to Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful yet you allow KILLING of another treasure and tourist attract....the BISON!! They have been around America a LOT longer than the NON-native cattle (who came from England) yet Montana is doing everything in their power to eradicate them!! SHAME ON YOU! There is plenty of grazing land for these iconic animals! It is disgusting the way you and your state treat them!"



1 year ago

You can contact him here also.   Let him know how you feel!


Contact us
By mail: 
Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
By phone:
Toll Free: 855-318-1330
FAX: 406-444-5529
Gov Bullock
1 year ago

Great letter Vicky.  So upsetting that they track the poor aniamls so the hunters know where to find them. That is NOT hunting, it's like "canned hunting".  I will fax Bullock today, thanks for posting his contact information.

1 year ago


1 year ago

I do not know these tribe situation, but I will say, unless it is completely necessary to once in a while hunt for survival, I'm totally against it, and I don't mean to where they are putting the wild buffalo population in danger!!!  Somehow I doubt it.  

If they are fine, and this is just another ruse of "getting back to our roots"  I'm outraged. The Macaw in WA state tried that line with the whale hunting in WA state, and got away with it. That's the one I wanted so bad to be able to go to Neah Bay and protest the hunt. An elder Macaw woman, I don't know how many heard about it, but was kicked out of the tribe, because she totally opposed it too. She was later let back in, after some protest, but that to me was total disrespect of an elder. That's one Capt. Watson tried to stop.  Maybe that elder woman felt like I did.- you want back to your roots? Then get rid of your electricity, your cars, stores, all your modern day comforts, and go back to living and having to survive like your ancestors did, and stay that way.  I heard they sold most of the meat to Japan anyway. I was disgusted with them getting their way, as were a lot of other people.

1 year ago

Thanks for faxing the Governor Carlene.   It's disgusting the way so many people have fought for the rights of the bison yet they are being ignored!   Those lands are public and we should have some say about the animals that graze or roam there.   That is the bison's ancient path and it is ingrained into their genes.   I feel sick about those poor bison being tracked and killed!  It is definitely like canned hunting!


Sherry, I don't know anything about tribal ways but it makes me angry that the tribes are joining in the hunt!   And instructed to kill the males.  What have these poor American icons done to deserve this.   They are miracles....coming back from a mere 26 in number in the 1920's.   They deserve respect.  I will NEVER give up the fight for them.


Kaya, there wasn't a petition to sign in that article.  Just something to make us aware of what's going on so that we can contact the necessary agencies with our complaints and questions.   (I posted the governor contact info).  I will also find and post the various agencies contact info.  Also, they are needing volunteers desparately so if anyone can share the info that would be great!

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