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1 year ago

Boy, our other thread sure filled up fast.      So here is our new thread with a link to the old one with all those delicious recipes.   Hey, do you think it would be a good idea to open a thread for recipes only?  Your choice.  


TAS, I hope you don't mind that I used your picture here....I really find it fasinating.


Warpath from TAS photo WarpathfromTAS_zps8f66cc2d.jpg


Link to old thread:

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1 year ago

I vote for a recipe thread, wth

Its all about freedom!!!

Good idea Vicky, maybe call it yellowstone kitchen or something like that¿

wow,it's just me this morning
1 year ago

1 year ago

I like the recipes.Also,thanks for making the petition thread,I appreciate that,because one thing I do when I come in this group is look for ways to help.Now I know where to look.thank you.

1 year ago

Great name, TAS....Yellowstone Cafe...I like it!   I love your tag dog Bear looks similiar although he's older and bigger now.


Gabra, we are so glad that you look to help the bison, wolves, etc.   Signing petitions is one of the great ways to do that. 

1 year ago

Oops....I meant Yellowstone KITCHEN....not cafe.  lol  

1 year ago

hello everyone


Nice graphics

1 year ago

Hi,every one!Hugs!

1 year ago

Good evening June, Kaya and Marie.  It's a cold one tonight.  Brrrrr!  Cute little mouse graphic June.   Well, it's late so I will bid everyone a good night.

 photo newfriends_zpsbfc1ff4f.jpg

where is everyone????????????????????????????
1 year ago

1 year ago

Hello graphics

1 year ago

Hi TAS and June!  I'm wondering where everyone is, too.   I hope they are not frozen.  lol   Cute little mouse, June.

1 year ago


I am at the Airport no, not the movie, waiting for a friend, from International arrivals.


We will move tomorrow for the and the beach, in Mexico but not very well knowed.  This is great, I have some good wine and fine food they served with.  I was hungrey after 6 hours flight,  I slept two hours.  I gave 2 paintings, 1 for all the workers, and one for the one who take good care of me so.  They like  what I am doing.  It is my pink period   why not. 


Well this is a nice place here at the Airport all the arrifals from International pass besides me. 


So, be happy, I don't know when I'll be back,

Happy holidays to you all.



1 year ago

Where are you in Mexico? 

I'll be there on the 16th.

Good choice for the winter. 

I'm up northern part, Baja

You are probably wayyyyyyy south where it is warmer.

Great idea Marie, moving to Mexico while awaiting your American status! 


1 year ago

 photo HouseMouseDesignsC8-1.gif

Have to work the day shift today,but came on here first.Trying to make my dog like me too,he hates me.Usually children and animals like me.My own dog would have to be the exception.He bit me twice,on my butt and on my foot,because he was in the chair and thought that I was going to sit on him.He did the same thing to my husband Lorenzo a few months ago,but now they are friends.Working wid him to accomplish the same.Happy Holidays to you all.Hugs,have a great day.Going to check for any petitions now.

1 year ago

Kaya,you are nicer and more patient than I would be.MAN!If my dog bit me on the ass, I would not hurt the dog,but I would want to.I do think I would find him a new home if he kept biting people and it could not be resolved.Why is he , or she , biting? If you can figure that out,it would help you find a solution.MAN......

Hi,everyone!Happy hump day!!!Hehahehaheha!!!


I LOVE SOCK MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago


1 year ago

I'm hoping she is happy now and not panicking and babbling nonsense

maybe she got the subtle ribbing?

although I doubt it,seems her posts reflect her mood

in a non polite way


1 year ago

,,,,like a

1 year ago

1 year ago

....hey,guys!My offer to treat everyone to ice cream still stands!Who's with me?

I want coconut!

1 year ago

I want pomegranite, non dairy

Thanks Gabra

Jamocha almond fudge
1 year ago

hI'm still here, just taking time off from all the drama.  I'd like Jamoca Almond Fudge, double scoop and dipped. 

*licks ice cream*
1 year ago

Thanks Gabra.

I think that the drama llama is on vacation! 

Maybe it's stripes will change¿

1 year ago

I want straw berry!!!!!

1 year ago

...I think it is temporarily safe,Carlene......

have a great weekend buffs,c u tuesday or sooner
1 year ago

1 year ago

Drama Llama.  hahahahaha!  TAS, I love your puppy graphic with quote.  I am going to borrow it from you and post it on FB.   Maybe it will make people nicer after they read it.   Have fun wherever you go, TAS and we'll see you back here in a few days. 


Gabra, thanks for the ice cream invite.   I'll take Peppermint please.  Yummy!  Coconut ice cream?  Never heard of it but I'd love to try it.  I love sock monkeys, too, and since my mom loves monkeys I bought her a sock monkey cup, socks and miniature sock monkey for her for Christmas in addition to what else I will give her.


Kaya, wow that's strange that your own dog bites your butt.   Ouch!  What kind of dog is he?   Thanks for signing the petitions! 


Carlene, glad to see you back after your vacation away from the drama.   Hopefully it will stay peaceful here cause I don't like to see anyone stay away from the group.


Marie, very pretty picture of the sunset or serene looking.  Have fun in Mexico and I hope you and TAS will be in safe areas.  The cartels are very dangerous as you know and there's no telling in what areas they are in.


Where's our June at?   She'll probably stop in later.  


Even though it's not Christmas yet I, too, will wish everyone Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays.   Good night.


Here's some cake to go with the ice cream Gabra's buying us.  lol


 photo Colorfulcake.jpg

1 year ago


I will pass for the beautiful cake, am sure there is some dairy products in it...

I have problem with a new laptop, after a couple of days I'll be okay.

Thank you all for your Xmas gift, included Ice Cream, it will melt here fast.  Thanks Gabra and everyone you answered to me and for your patience. 

All the best to you all.

tas with you llama is very well from your great imagination.  Maybe we will meet not knowing it is us... 


Marie hot here lol but I love it and my new friend too.

1 year ago

Hi Marie.  Glad you stopped in and I'm glad you have a new friend.  I went on a cruise to Mexico twice over the past few years and really enjoyed it.  Sorry you can't eat 'my' cake (lol) but you can look at it's beauty anyway.  I hope your laptop is okay now.


1 year ago

Hi, Vicky.    I look at your colorful cake.  Went for a cruise a short one, from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas.  I was pregnant. Oh la la,,,

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1 year ago

I thought the cake looks like that only if you smoke some bad!!!!!!!Looks yummy,the more colorful the better.

What are the flavors?Or is it just food dye?

Marie,you can make almost any recipe vegan by adjusting a few ingredients.

Thank you Gabra ~
1 year ago

Here is a fabulous Christmas cake recipe which is gluten-free so the whole family can enjoy it.


To Prep


To Cook









(13 Members)

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To my
Gluten free Christmas cake

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition
  • 850g dried mixed fruit
  • 1 cup brandy
  • 150g butter, softened
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 3 eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 cup gluten-free plain flour
  • 1/4 cup gluten-free self-raising flour
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 3/4 cup blanched almonds
  • 1/4 cup apricot jam
1379kJ Fat saturated
4.00g Fat Total
11.00g Carbohydrate sugars
38.00g Carbohydrate Total
46.00g Dietary Fibre
g Protein
3.00g Cholesterol
mg Sodium

All nutrition values are per serve.

1 year ago

Nah Gabra....smoking pot makes it look BIGGER and taste much more delicious.  hahaha!   Or it did back in MY day.  teehee!  I'm not sure what the flavor is....just found the pic on the internet.   Actually, the different color icing layers looks like it might be fondant.   Not sure.


Marie, went from a flop house in freezing Canada to a cruise to balmy islands.   What a difference a day makes, huh?   Be careful now that you're pregnant.  hahahahaha!   Well, you posted your recipe in our chat thread (Yellowstone Cafe) when it should have been the Yellowstone Kitchen.  lol   I'll leave it here but just remember to post your recipes in the other thread so we don't lose them.   The cake looks delicious   Thanks!


 photo BeautifulbirdsfromFB.jpg

Rainbow Cake
1 year ago

I think it may be fondant frosting too.  BTW, it wouldn't make any difference to me, I've never smoked pot.  Maybe it's my age as it wasn't around much when I was growing up.  I'm 69 yrs old. 

age doesn't matter
1 year ago

that's ok Carlene

I have never been drunk in my whole life

have thrown up every drink I've ever had.

thank dog for medical maryjane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's never too late 4 u.

It would help soooooooo many things related to older age.

DON'T RULE IT OUT,I'm sure you have aches and pains,that over the counter medicine is bad for you,and pot could help, it's plant based and much healthier.

I prefer to ingest it, maybe I'll post a recipe for brownies in the kitchen!

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1 year ago

christmascritters_happyholidays.gif picture by Dayzeerose

1 year ago

  I never had a lot of MariJane, on a regular base now, at night before bed.  When with my ex in 1969 I started to drink lot of alchool and I was very sick.  Now I am not sick with Lady MariJane.  Here, we have at day time too.  But it is not an addiction.  I am addict only to love. 

Marie and

Thanks tas for your always interesting comments and explanations.

Hello to everyone, enjoy what you are taking. 

PS  oops, my daughter who is in PQ sent me a short email, saying yes the baby borned, nothing else, and were are you?  So I answer where I am.  I hope she will email me shorlthy, I know it is a girl. nothing else.%#&!*%

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1 year ago

Carlene, I am 63 yrs and it was around a LOT back in the day (1960's).   I never smoked a lot and quit altogether in the 70's.  Even my ex father in law said he used to smoke it back in the 40's (30's?) and they called it Muggles.  hahahaha!  


TAS, I used to love 'brownies'.  hahaha!  


June, that is a pretty graphic you posted.  How have you been?


Marie, congratulations on becoming a grandmother.   Is this your first one?   I hope your daughter and baby are doing okay.


Well good night folks! 


frm Sandi photo good-night-4frmsandi_zps3ebe06cf.gif

1 year ago

google picture -

Well, no Vicky it is not my first grand'ma time, the thirds, had one more daughter she had 2 maybe 20 and 21 today.  It is not my daughter who had the baby girl but her wife.  Probably she will email tomorrow with pictures.

Thank you for asking, Vicky.  I can't name you Vivian it is very French too. 

I wish you all a very blessed night.  Love you all.



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1 year ago

...her,her WHAT?The statement most likely to make you puke.....



1 year ago

Hey....Where is Tasunka and Kaya????????

smoking pot
1 year ago

Hi Vicki,  I never knew about it as a teenager, we drank at parties but no pot that I was aware of.  I guess it was either hidden or our friends just didn't do it. I don't like the smell of it, hard to not know what it is when you smell it.  I used to smoke cigarettes but quit that when I was 32 yrs old after my dad died from lung cancer. 

Tas, Thanks for the offer but so far so good, not many aches and pains at all and consider myself to be healthy and lucky thus far.  Worse thing I have is a torn meniscus in one knee and it rarely bothers me. I hike about 3 times a week 6-9 miles and stay active and try to eat healthy (that's not easy this time of year).

Hello to everyone hope you are happy and enjoying this beautiful season.

Nippy out??? just imagine you are snorkeling 30 miles of reef
1 year ago

merry xmas buffs;)
1 year ago

merry xmas buff's ;)
1 year ago

Beautiful pictures
1 year ago

OK, I really like the pictures you all post here.  I would like to try to post some also but don't know how. Can someone please tell me. Thanks! 

Carlene,go to Zen's group,there is a tutorial
1 year ago

1 year ago

I right click on the image,then hit "copy".Then,when the cursor is where I want to put the picture,I right click it,then hit "paste".


1 year ago

I am here, Gabra.  I am earlier this morning, had breakfast, and I keep going to the beach, I have nice suntan.  I love it.

Talk to you later.



1 year ago

1 year ago

Who wants to join me for tea, it is tea time with cakes ???

really it is two feet lol tas... great picture.

coming around again
1 year ago

1 year ago

Nice graphics

1 year ago

How true it is tas--

How beautiful season, it is the most wonderful time of the year, oh there are many others.


1 year ago

Great graphics everyone.   TAS I love the bison with the Santa hat on and the huge feet made of ice.  lol  Marie, I know you are enjoying the nice weather and the healthy tan you got.    Pretty Christmas tree.  Sorry, but you will be drinking tea alone (at least I won't be there) in the snow.  hahaha!


Well have a great day or evening everyone.


frm Nance photo cutedoggyfrmnance.gif

1 year ago
Happy Yuletide to all.  ~  Going to bed but have to go out of the cabin to smoke my ... my oh la la ...  Thank you Vicky, I love this tas graphic so it is 2 feet of snow... everyone is great here in their own way.
1 year ago

going shopping downtown.  Restaurant only written in Spanish. talk to you later.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever
1 year ago

I want to wish each of you a wonderful day tomorrow no matter what, or if, you are celebrating.  Also, much happiness and love in 2014!


1 year ago

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate.  


happy howlidays
1 year ago

I have no WiFi or Mexico phone service. 

Wishing all buffs a wonderful day. 

Be back as soon as service is restored. 

It's been 4 days of no internet.

Happy Holidays
1 year ago

Yes, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

tas too bad, Merry xmas, I know what it is without internet my my my

We are lucky here.  Omg where are you if you want to say.  Power is here.

So, I am waiting with a special radio of my friend to hear 'Minuit Chretiens' I never hear this translated.  A great tenor who passed away, popularized it long time ago, I was about 20 and went to a concert in Quebec City, oops his name Richard Verreault. 

I will eat some ???  I didn't cook it is a surprise lol,,, I love surprises my life was a Fantastic Surprise.

See ya soon. 

My favorite Christmas Carol
1 year ago

oh holy night photo: oh holy night motherandchild.jpg

It's on to the New Year,it will be the horse ( chinese) totem
1 year ago

I leave my Year of Snake for Horse, o, what a difference!!
1 year ago
abstract, Happy New Year Buffs
1 year ago

1 year ago

Came back from a holiday trip...Hi guys...HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

....HEY....where is Kaya??????? She has not been in the groups,and she quit sending me stuff...WTF????

I agree
1 year ago

Gabra,I am trying to get in touch with her myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope all is well, I think I know the problem,it's very troubling

and involves a personal tragedy that will be a year old this January.

I hope I am wrong....waiting to hear 

1 year ago

Hope all had a Merry Christmas! I think I like leftovers the best. Always seems to taste better even, the next day.  Well, the New Year is almost here. We have gotten used to celebrating it at home, staying off the roads during this trime as much as possible, what with all the drinkers & any chaos that could happen.  But we're talking about going & walking down at The Riverwalk to see what they got going on this year, since it's close to home.  What are y'alls plans?

1 year ago

I don't know either where is Kaya.  I just got up and we are leaving tomorrow for our home in Manhattan NY.

Preparing for New Year and we are going at Time Squares for the countown, lot of peeps there, it will be my third time.  So all is good for us, hope Kaya will shop up soon.

Have a nice Friday.  Fairwell to the sun of Mexico, I have a great suntan.  I look younger.

1 year ago

Lot of people at Times Square. We've watched that countdown. Be careful & have a good time, Marie.  What part of Mexico were you staying?  We've been to Cabo San Lucas, and it was pretty.  I've been to Juarez, & when we first got moved into our home here, we went to Nuevo Laredo, which we didn't know at the time wasn't the brightest of ideas, but we went, nothing happened, except a guy started trying to sell us steroids, vicoden, whatever, because the lady of the couple we went with, & I stopped on the sidewalk in front of the pharmacy who had it's doors wide open,  waiting for the guys to catch up. I remember coming into Las Cruces, New Mexico, and how I liked it. 

1 year ago

Hi ladies!  I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas...I did.   I haven't been online for 2 days...I was visiting one day.   Sherry, good to see you!   Do you have a River Walk where you live or were you visiting NOLA?  I hope Kaya is okay; let us know if you get in touch with her TAS...but I know you will.  Very pretty pictures you posted; I love the abstract buffalo  Gabra, Carlene and Marie, just wanted to say hello to you.   Great photos you all posted.


 photo hello_friendsfrmNance_zps664f7e61.gif

Happy New Year all 'horses' I have to go as snake but still a snake lol
1 year ago
Thank you everyone for your good news, for Kaya, really not funny one more time as you say Gabra, WTF not good... so I hope she is not in trouble same she was all year. We are taking off at 6:00 tomorrow morning going to bed earlier,??? I don't think I will sleep, they said for insomniacs, sex is good, I'll tell you more maybe lol... we will land to La Guardia NY.  really close to where we live.  No worry, Sherry, my friend is a guide for many years and he knows where to not go.  Good work as always, Vicky. 
Be well,

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1 year ago

Hi.Sorry i am not on,just dealing with some thing,that is all.Also,I had a tattoo is infected....dirty needles.dealing with some thing too.Complicated,do not want to talk about it.Happy new year,love and hugs.

1 year ago

Hi Kaya!  No need to explain anything, we're just so glad to hear from you.  I am so sorry about your tattoo and other problem(s). 


Pretty horse picture, Marie.  Have a safe trip to wherever you're going.


Sherry, TAS, Gabra and Carlene, I hope you all are having a good evening.  We miss you....hurry back.


 photo ChristmasfrmSandi_zpsb38eee9a.jpg

1 year ago
Hello, Vicky, we are just arriving from somewhere in Mexico.  Maybe we will go somewhere else after January 7th.  As he is Touristic Guide for 25 years, it cost almost nothing to travel.  And he knows where to go, the best places in the world.  I am really lucky to have met him.  He worked for Government before.  It is another good affair.  Nobody will fool me one more time.  So, happy that Kaya you are back, and really take care about the Tattoo infected... oh la la.
Everyone have a very Happy count down, and Happy New year 2014 -- Prosperity.
Mitakuye Oyasin and Happy New Year
1 year ago

As the year 2013 is ready to say so long to us and 2014 is about to begin I feel this video will leave us a good message to carry forth into the New Year.

Mitakuye Oyasin. We Are One We Are All Related. Carry that in your hearts and set it forth upon the lands and universe.

May we all be Human Beings.....Enjoy the music of Brule an award winning and one of the top selling Native American adult/rock music groups.

Music by Brule

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as the lakota language org said to me, "philimayaye"
1 year ago

1 year ago



happy freakin new year!!!!!!!

smoke two for me,lol!!!never mind,i will smoke them myself.....

Happy New Year my way lol so exited I am...
1 year ago

Hello everyone.  What am I doing here one more time?  Well I had an email with picture from their first baby girl, in vitro.  She didn't say more but I will phone her asap.  at the first hour tomorrow.  I choose this picture.  Thank you Dandelion for your wishes well said, and for Brule that I love too.  Gabra, I willl have mine too.  Where is Kaya?  Maybe I didn't start to read enough.


Tas, thanks but you have to wait one more day lol.... one more my winky woman.

1 year ago

Marie, you've come full circle from where you where last year, what a change, beautiful infant! 

Aho, Dandelion, happy New year. 

Kaya, I know you are hurting, it's ok, this too shall pass. 

Vicky, and group members, thanks for having me as a co host this past year, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Buff hugs! 

1 year ago

tas, you said it as a special journalist you are in so many other specialities.  Sailor, builder and will be too long.  Thank you for the infant, rare I hear infant... Daughter sent me 5 pics last night, so beautiful Maelle.  I will shop tomorrow to find something special as I am, lol. 

Happy to see Dandelion here.  I told her Happy New Year, and all Happy Happy to all here. 

Kaya, as was saying so many times --dk all things pass.  Be well.  Sending good vibs to you now.

Tas thank you for all you did this past year.  Listening to be as a stupid and crazy, you had the words to tell Vicky how to deal with a case like mine.  My winky woman.

I am almost blind, time to hit the bed, if I want to go shopping, it is all open here, not all, but so different from Mtl.

Buffs hugs!  wow, it is good hugs, oh my my.  Muahhhhh

Smoke outside I don't have to go long just open the door, and in the garden.

PS   Yes tas, I came full circle from where I was last year.  All for the best, life is so short. I have 30 more years to enjoy all the beauties.

1 year ago

Miscellaneous New Year Comments

1 year ago

Nice to see ya here, sweet friend, Kaya, nice video, and thank you.

Be well,



Happy New Year
1 year ago

I loved this video of the wolf eating snow.

Want to wish each of you a Happy New Year and the best 2014 you can imagine.

Marie, Congrats on your new grandchild!

Kaya, Hang in and thanks for sharing the beautiful song.

Hope you all had a nice time doing whatever makes you happy last night to bring in this new year that hopefully will bring less animal suffering, more human rights for all and perhaps world peace, but that's a big order!

Nice to see you Dandelion
1 year ago

Hi everybody and a very happy and prosperous New Year to each of you.   I don't have time now to view the videos right now but I will later; thanks for posting them Dandelion & Kaya!   How are you feeling, Kaya?  I hope much better.   Gabra, you are soooo funny about the 'smoke 2 for me'.  hahaha!   Beautiful graphics everybody....the wolf is awesome Carlene and TAS I love the 2014 fireworks.   Marie congrats again on your 'granny' status.   I think you said that baby isn't your grandbaby but it's adorable anyway.   Can't wait to see your pics.   TAS hit the nail on the have come full circle...even from 2 weeks ago it seems.  What a difference a day makes, huh?   Cute little kitties, JuneTAS, I've love having you as co-host (you do an excellent job) and I pray you will continue to stay as one for a looooong time!   (((HUG))


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1 year ago

Ooops....the way I said it is confusing....I didn't mean to say that the grandbaby isn't yours I meant to say that the picture of that baby (above) isn't your grandbaby.  lol   Sorry Marie.

1 year ago

We just arrived... again shopping,,,, tired, going for a nap we ate at Macys "Au Bon Pain 7th floor.  I went there alone many times, and with -- dk.  Now it is another one lol, it was about time.  The wind turn fast sometimes and it was for me the great north wind to the south one.  Manhattan, going to smoke and later around 1:30 at night will go for the last.  but only for me and him too...

Thanks Vicky I know about the baby as say tas the infant... I like it.   Okay outside for smoke. Clop for the Frechn....

1 year ago

Melissa Etheridge

New Years Eve, Times Square, NYC, 2014- Imagine was so great.  And just on time with the countdown, New York they know how to make things.  Aw I New York, and for many years.  As long as I remember.

Thanks all for your great pictures or nice words, and

Kaya lol I choose the color a nice red for your, to say Don't Worry, Be Happy, and look at your picture of Marley on you Page, maybe it will help.

If you want unblocked me I will ask you to be my friend again as the good time we met.

Hugs to all,

Be well


Marie after our ritual  

I almost buy an Apple iPad have to think more.  Bisous to all... muahhhhhhhh

1 year ago

Time for us to clear the holidays decorations.  I saw enough, in my concerns, in the loft, outside it is still there and if we miss ours we just look on the patio on the grass yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  I guees most are thinking to have a great Friday we will, I suggested to my friend to go to Brooklyn Botanical Garden BBG, so he is checking how it is now.  Tell you more next time.  Ciao

It is snowing now... Beautiful to look at from the patio.

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1 year ago


1 year ago

I will come back later. 

marie, what a coincidence!!!!!!!!
1 year ago





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1 year ago

We were wishing they had had different talent downtown for New Year's Eve. Over all, it was not what we would call music or songs that would put someone in a festive spirit. They had a stage w/people, then across the road in some other little section, they had other people, music. Just was disappointeed in that part. You'd have thought they could come up with something better than they did. It was making us yawn, or want to walk away, not stick around to listen to them at all. The lights, watching people in costume, walking along the Riverwalk was fun. We decided to leave a couple hours before midnight, as droves of people were coming in, so good thing due to traffic seen already leaving. We watched the rest & fireworks from the Alamadome, right where we had been,  on tv, and tipped champagne glasses where it was warm. LOL  It was cold that night, and everyone was wearing jackets. We're supposed to get down in the 20's tomorrow night.

1 year ago

Hi everybody!   Been cold at night for the past few nights.  BRRRRRR!   Sherry, I know how much better you felt after getting into your room.  All snuggly warm.   Back in the day I could tolerate the cold but not anymore.  I'd rather be inside celebrating and watching the festivities on t.v.  lol    Marie, sounds like you had a good time for the New Year.   Sure is a pretty pink & white dining room.   TAS, how many years ago was Greg & Cher married?   Seems like a lifetime.  hahaha!  I wonder where Kaya, Carlene and Gabra are tonight?   Well, it's the weekend so maybe out doing something interesting and not stuck on a computer (like me).  hahahaha!


Well, good night all.


 photo ShowinSomeLuvAniT.gif

1 year ago

We're supposed to get down to 24 degrees Monday night, around 30 Sunday night, back in the 60's on Wednesday day, & not so cold at night. Some other parts of the  country sure are being hit hard, or are going to be. It was cold out New Years Eve here Vicky. Everyone was wearing coats, some hats and scarves. 

That is a beautiful room Marie, you put up. I think Cher was married to Greg Allman somewhere in the mid 70's, wasn't she Tas?

Well. I'm fixing to go have a bowl of chili. It would probably be a good idea to have tomorrow night, and Monday night, as my husband made this and he put in some Habanero sauce. He says he didn't put in much, but...whew!  He put in some cayenne too. I think it would take off the nippers-coldness- both nights, for sure! You'd forget all about being cold. LOL

Well good night all. Take care.

good night photo: Good Night 61884.gif

1 year ago

Well, tas, coincidence, sure.

I don't know the divorces, so many in these actors.  So I hope we will see Gabra, Kaya and Carlene. 

Thank you Vicky for the beautiful pink room, it is not ours, it is on google.  But almost the same.  I have to learn how to add video where I want and change my icon if I don't have my pictures, in my new laptop.  I wish you a great weekend.

Be well,

Cheers (thinking of David in a group who was a gentleman) he left as many,


1 year ago

Well,NY weather has been absolutely insane,biting cold to springlike,back and forth between extremes,reminds me of those military hot box torture devises.This would be a good time to go to the Carribean if I had the money,it is just crazy.I have relatives on 2 islands,but the plane tickets are astronomical.Would love to go,all these people in this tiny apt,all this crazy weather,it is just crazy.When I hear the tourism commercial that says I LOVE NEW YORK,I want to punch them in their face,seriously.No more offers for ice cream,screw the ice cream....I know that by my rambling nonsense bullshyte you know what I have been doing.I really do not mind sharing.(PASS THE KUTCHIE FROM THE LEFT HAND SIDE...LOL....).Hope all your dreams that are good come true this year.

1 year ago

Gabra was at Coffee...

Weather and New Years Eve
1 year ago

We were out with friends on NYE.  Been celebrating with them for over 25+ years.  This year there were 6. We went to a delicious strolling buffet, danced the night away and the venue celebrated at 9:00 and Midnight.

Weather here has been almost springlike.  Mid 60's for about 2 weeks, sunny every day and what little cloud cover we get does not bring our much needed rain but makes for gorgeous sunsets. As hiking is my main form of exercise, it's been great but California needs rain badly. We are set to match records from the 1850's if we don't get rain soon. I'll be hiking again today with a hiking group and Gil will be glued to the television watching the  49'rs.  We usually take a hike by ourselves on the weekends but not during the playoffs.

Hope everyone living in the cold and suffering get some relief and soon.  The homeless people especially, I hope they have a place to go to stay warm.  And Gabra, yes! The Carribean, anywhere, any island.  Our favorites are St. John and Virgin Gorda. We're taking a 14 day cruise this April to some islands we've not visited before and "doing" New Orleans for 5 days before we board the ship.

Have a great day everyone! 


pass it over to me!
1 year ago

Virgin gorda, sounds like fun now.

lived there a decade or two

1 year ago

Great you had great time Carlene.  New Orleans is one of my favorite.  I have a lot to discover now with my friend who is Touristic Guide for 25 years.  We started talking about our next trip, but we don't know again where we will fly or cruise, not sure I like cruise, went to Bahamas from Miami was only for the weekend.

We will see.  I would like Les Marquises..,

Hey tas, always nice to read you, and short, all is there.

1 year ago
Have an evening kindof HORSE!!
1 year ago

It is Wood Horse Chinese Year, starting the 31st, be happy all horses if they are some here, do you remember your wood horse, if so.  My children with my ex had one.  It was so cute. 

Do we have some horses? in our super group, watch out, horses year, it is not nothing, they scares me, my mother in law was one, -- dk too, omg.  My friend is not horse, like me, snake.    I think tas is horse... he will tell us --

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1 year ago

Good to see more people tonight. 


Sherry, you may be warmer than us.  It was gloomy but warm today.   It is going to be around 26 degrees tonight and only up to 39 degrees tomorrow with 15 degrees tomorrow night.   Of course we'll do our slow warm up.  Like Gabra said, a hot box torture.  lol   Habanero AND cayenne pepper in your chili?  YIKES!   I love hot but that may be too much for me.  teehee!


Gabra, not sure what a 'kutchie' is but I can imagine.  hahahaha!   And you said you're rambling so I definitely know now.  How many people live in your apartment?  If too many I can imagine how you would like to travel to an island for some R&R.


Carlene, sounds like you had a nice celebration with your friends on NYE.  It's always nice to gather together.  I, too, pray for all the homeless people that will be out in the frigid weather.  May God supply their needs.  I hope they find shelter and a warm meal.   I live about 50 miles outside of New Orleans.  I was basically raised there and worked there and in the suburbs too.   I love the French Quarter but please be careful if you are out there at night.   Nowadays it is not very safe.   Well within the quarter isn't too bad but do not wander far down Bourbon St. nor the back streets.   Try parking in a garage close by.  I'm not trying to scare you but just want you to be safe.  Walking around the French Quarter & French Market during the day is lovely.   And there is the aquarium, Harrah's, and lots of other stuff.  Have a safe and fun trip when you go. 


Marie, that sure is a cute wooden rocking horse and I love the picture of the horse coming out of the wave.   I love cruises but I don't want to fly.  I've only flown once (1986) and only cause it was a free trip.  I hated takeoff and landing and just knowing I'm up in the air although it's pretty looking at the clouds and of course you get where you're going quicker.  I might like Amtrak since I love trains, unless it goes real fast.  I know there have been wrecks and that kind of scares me.   Of course any mode of transportation has wrecks.


TAS, where is Virgin Gorda?   Are you saying you lived there a decade or two ago or that you lived there for a decade or two?


 photo blessedsunday_zps622cefed.gif



1 year ago

Hi.Kutchie is for the herb.I love you guys.No more petitions?????

1 year ago

Now it is Monday. Funny you are Vicky, tas passed two decades lol... on Virgin Gorda?  we will know probably,

Thanks Kaya for Kutchie. I love you too, Kaya.  Re petitions I can't answer.  I will try to take time to sign.  I am earlier tonight but it is Monday hahaha ~  We have a great week ahead, so my ritual and

1 year ago


I met greg allman and Cher in 1976,when I was in college,interning at abc for the scoundrel geraldo rivera, I kept up with them,greg and Cher seperately whenever I was in the big apple,would see Cher.

In 1988/9 was invited to a new Year's celeb party for the debut of Melissa Etherdige, the year before I crossed the atlantic from NY to Portugal

and yes,I lived in the British Virgins,specifically Virgin Gorda until 2009.

I first went there in 1985,so about 20 years.


1 year ago

Vicki, Thanks for the info on New Orleans!  We will be with another couple so maybe power in numbers? Sure hope do!  We've been told to be careful especially at night and thank you for the parking tip also.  We're staying at a B&B in the Garden District which I've been told is nice. 

Tas, Geraldo Rivera?  Ugh...  but...Virgin Gorda!  Yes, we loved it there, spent 10 fabulous days in a home called Villa Tamar.  Loved the house, the island, the people, the food, had a wonderful time and hope to return some day.  Did you stay in Portugal?  I'm 1/2 Portuguese and love it there also.  Have been 2 times both the mainland and Madeira, where my grand mother was born.

Need to research Year of the Horse, don't know much about it.

Have a wonderful day!

1 year ago

ugh is right,what an a-whole

spent over  6 months in Villamoura.

then on to the canaries to antigua to North Sound,Virgin Gorda.

If you went to the Bitter End, then you saw my harbor

right around the corner from Sir Richard Branson's resort home.

Lived on a mooring ball there for many years.

1 year ago

We watch Survivor, so got to see a little of Antigua when they were there. I loved what I saw.

What would you say, Tasunka, is the prettiest, least populated, more natural beauty to the islands character, island, of the places you've been? One you felt more at saying that you would live there, perhaps?  We have only been to Hawaii, & took a cruise to the Bahamas, stopped off in Key West, which I really liked, pretty & laid back atmosphere.-went over to where Atlantis resort is at.  As for Hawaii, we were married and honeymooned in Kauai, then in June 2012, we took a trip with my father-in-law to Maui and Kauai, spending most of the time in Maui this time. Having seen a little of the other islands in HI, and pictures & on tv, and having been in Maui & Kauai, I have to say that for me, Kauai can't be beat. But that's my personal tastes. It's less populated, & more in character of what I like in an island, less commercialized, less big buildings, all that. I was just wondering what you suggest, as someday, we may try and plan another trip somewhere, & Antigua, or the Maldives, or Bora Bora we've talked about, but, I am always open to learning of places we don't know about.

1 year ago

BTW, Vicky & Carlene, I have been to the French Quarters 3 times. It is fun. One time was late afternoon & stayed for a parade. That time we din't even get around the corner, almost, before some guy comes up and asks if we want to buy smoke, with your money. & he'd go get it & be right back.  Uhhuh-riiiiight!  

I remember when I saw on tv Governor Edwards, & he was asked if the people on the floats drank and got drunk. He lied valiantly, because we had seen first hand. Sometimes someone else on the float would have to grab a piece of clothing of another person & pull them back before they fell off they were so liquored up. Hahaha! I don't know if they do or not have stricter rules now for those on floats, & who knows if they'd really be followed or monitored. 

Anyway, I'd say, like anyplace unfamiliar like that, keep your money and items where they can't be pick-pocketed,-not to say that would happen as we never had a problem, just never know today. And like Vicky says, stay off the back streets, and far down, park in a close safe place, you'll be fine and have fun. edited to add--And take a camera.

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1 year ago

Well it was 19 degree wind chill about 11:30 am and then at 11:45 am it went down to 17 degrees.  lol   I never heard of temps falling before noon.  Our regular temps today (not windchill) are around 27 degrees.


Wow TAS, you have lived a very exciting life!   I have never gone anywhere except Mexico and of course a few places within the U.S.  I feel so left out after hearing all the exotic places most of you in the group have been too and the famous people you've met.   I wish I was 20 yrs younger and know what I know now.  But don't we all...well many of us?  hahaha!


Hi Kaya!  Yeah, I figured out Kutchie was herb....cute name for it...I've never heard it called that.  I learn something new everyday.    How are things going with you?   I hope better. 


Yes, Carlene there are more power in numbers but I still wouldn't chance things.   There are some real crazies out there...not only in New Orleans but everywhere in our country.   A B&B in the Garden District sounds lovely...but again, watch yourself.   Last week during daytime hours (somewhere in the Garden District) a kid carjacked a car with some teenagers in it.  No one was hurt.  I really, really don't want to scare you but just keep your eyes open.  The odds are low that something bad will happen but better to be safe than sorry.   Like Sherry says, put some money in a hiding spot.  What I would do is keep a little in your purse or the men their wallets and hide the rest on your person.   That way on a slight chance that someone takes a purse or if any pick pockets are about then they won't get the bigger portion of your money. 


Sherry, how funny!  Former Governor Edwards saying people on the floats don't drink or get drunk.   I couldn't have said that with a straight face.  hahahahaha!   New Orleans is home to all kinds of parties and festivities as you know, and that definitely includes DRINKING.  In fact I'd say that it's a prerequisite.  teehee!   Boy, you sure have done some travelling, too.  I would love to visit Hawaii although I probably couldn't afford it.   Are there cruises there or do you have to fly?  I would love to visit Key West, too.  My cousin used to live there.   Whenever I think of Key West I think of Jimmy Buffett and his book, Tales from Margaritaville.  Great book by the way....especially since a lot of it is about New Orleans and the coast.


Marie, I guess you are working on your travelling agenda.  Have you figured out where you'd like to go next?  Oops, I forgot...I said I wasn't going to ask you any personal questions since I don't want them to be misconstrued or get upi angry so forget my question.  


Where's our Gabra at?  I hope she is okay and staying warm. 


I managed to make it here early today; I have a lot of groups to visit so I'll chat later or tomorrow.   Blessings to all.


 photo SwirlinEzimbaOIE_zps33ed6e01.gif


Marie's post moved from the Medicine Path thread
1 year ago
2 days ago

Not sure if I can post here if not okay, just deleted.  It is what we are seing now from our loft...  Vicky you will be chilly, stay inside.

Marie, going to bed after my smoke, all is white snow for 2 days.  brrrrrrrrr not inside with the fireplace.

1 year ago


Sherry, having been to maui, I would have to agree.

still there are other Pacific islands I need to see, like the Tonga islands before making a final decision. problem with maui for me is the lack of safe harbors. 

1 year ago

Hey,Manhattan! I am in Brooklyn-Crown Heights.Jamaicans,Jews,and arabs,what a combo here,lol!  I was born in Spanish Town (Jamaica). I hate Manhattan,too many tourists....annoying.Kutchie is the pipe the rastafarians use to smoke ganja.Kaya worte to me,they have limited internet,they moved to a remote location in Clarendon.Someone's boyfriend bought a new house or something.

Mighty Diamonds-Pass the Kutchie

1 year ago

Wow!  Marie, what a view!  It must be so much fun to be able to travel with someone who is a tour guide. 

I have been in Mexico too, Cabo San Lucas, & to Juarez & Nuevo Laredo.

I don't know if there are cruises to Hawaii Vicky. We flew. Over a lot of water too. After doing a cruise, I found I'm not a cruise type person. We had fun, going with my brother-in-law, his wife & her sister & husband. But being on a ship with loads of people, that long, is not my cup of tea as far as vacationing. Some people love it, & that's all they seem to want to do most, so you might like it. Everyone's different. My favorite part was being off ship in Key west, then off ship and going over to where Atlantis is. Beautiful area there, & we explored the Atlantis inside and the grounds, went swimming w/the dolphins. 

I told my husband if we ever get to go back up to WA state, we're renting a camper and going camping up in the mountains most of the time. We used to tent it all the time when we lived there, and I do miss that. I haven't seen anything here that can compare to all the places to go in the Pacific Northwest for camping, hiking, driving, all that. There are campgrounds of course, but many places you can find for yourself, or knowing what sites at what campgrounds are more private, & when most people don't go camping too, is a plus, if you want to go that route.  We had the campground at the Hoh Rain Forest all to ourselves when we went camping there at Easter time. It was wonderful, right by the Hoh River. Gorgeous. I love going to sleep at night with the sound of the river rushing, or gurgling over the rocks, wind in the trees. For me, that's heaven to sit and have a bonfire, go out away from the fire and see the stars in the sky, the sounds and beauty of the forest, walk there, cook over the fire or a camp stove. We've camped some great places, & the beauty of the trees, rivers, streams, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, meadows, well, you can't tell I miss being up in those places, can you?! LOL I never wanted to have to go back home.

But our next big trip, if we get to take one, hubby wants to go someplace warm and exotic, so that's why I asked Tasunka for some suggestions to look up, as far as beauty, less populated areas and beaches w/places to swim, explore. I've seen pictures of bungalows over the water, and that looks great, but I would prefer to have one, if possible, aways from other people's bungalows. Looks like most have them have them pretty close to each other down wooden walks that extend over the water. If I'm going to vacation that big, I like getting away from it all, as much as possible anyway, and going into the more populated parts to see things when we want to.

1 year ago

From the comments, were they saying Dutchie or Kuchie, Gabra? LOL Looked like they were having a good time.

Manhatten sure doesn't sound like a place I'd want to be! Heck, I'm seeing the growth in traffic here, and I don't like it!  That's why I'm afraid they're going to end up ruining Kauai. On HGTV they have Hawaii Life, and seems most of the time, people are looking for a place in Kauai.  They had already begun ruining part of the area where we used to live out on acreage in Port Orchard, WA. Then I got pics sent to me of a road back out in there that for no good reaso,-hardly any traffic whatsoever, they put up some circular drive around in the crossroads, with some stupid sign here, there, for nothing other than they had extra money they had to spend somewhere. Now I heard a road you could drive down there, with hardly anything there but some houses on one side of the road, is built up on both sides with apartments, businesses and what not, for a long ways, & told I wouldn't even recognize the area now. Some friends went back up there & went to see where they used ti live in Port Orchard, & they said they almost didn't find the place, it's so messed up. They used to have a fully tree covered ravine behind their old place, privacy. Now it's gone, trees and all & it's all back in there built on, on down the road. The agent told us back in 1997, they were sending videos out to other states, trying to get people to move there. Great for an agent I suppose, but I wish they wouldn't do that to certain places.  Seems like they always have to look for ways to go and screw up what was once nice areas.

1 year ago

We got everything we need in our patio-garden, it is the best a loft down Manhattan, we don't see the traffic, we are not looking down every 5 minutes, lol.  And we are talking to go somewhere as Les Marquises Island, or Hawai.  We are travelling as we want and only to decide where we want to go.



1 year ago

Dropped in to say good night. It's chilly. Supposed to get down to 22 degrees. Hope everyone is staying warm. 

1 year ago
Our next destination is Maui Hawaii on March 2nd we will leave.
Good night Sherry, pleasant dreams. b rrrrrrrrr your way now it is everywhere on the planet that's happening, these brutal changes of temperature.
New Orleans and....
1 year ago

Vicki and Sherry, Thank you for the travel tips when we visit New Orleans.  We will be very careful and usually don't carry much money, use our ATM or credit card. Some of what we'll do will be with a tour company so that will help with the safety factor.

Tas, Yes, we've been to the Bitter End and Villa Tamar looks over to Branson's island, think it's Necker Island. One of my favorite places on VG was the Baths, we'd walk through to the beach at the other end and spend the day lazing around and snorkeling. Also liked to take a water taxi to Saba Rock for dinner.  The villa was so beautiful, think you can look it up online because the owners rent it out.  Maid service every day, they even emptied the dishwasher and we enjoyed chatting with them.  We were so spoiled it was hard to come home and have to do my own housework!

that's exactly right
1 year ago

except you didn't mention Saba Rock ,basically was right behind it,on the left side of the harbor across from the bitter end.

The beach across from Necker island, goat island is uninhabited,so that's where we always took our dogs, it had a view of his house.

We used to take people snorkeling and diving at the baths,and the HMS rhone

off salt island,you could see 90 feet underwater how ,many fingers someone was holding from the top of the water,it was that clear,when not swelly.

Last time I went to New orleans was in the 90's .I think,so only remember the french quarter and red lamp district,and the garden area was beautiful..

Sherry,I never really told you my favorite islands......

bequia,dutch west indies

and the azores,portuguese island out in the middle of the atlantic ( the Hawaii of the east,2000 miles from the us,1000 miles from portugal.)

Vicky,I think it's time for a new thread,this filled up so fast!!!

btw,marie,I'm a dog, my name means horse

the captain is a horse,and he can get scary,lol

a born leader!!

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1 year ago

Thanks,tas, for all the infos, dog et.

I have a lot todo today, and just got up.

Talk to you later.

Sorry Carlene
1 year ago

I just reread your post,and saw Saba Rock staring me in the face

I was sleepy when I wrote that...

so,that harbor is exactly where my last boat Jade lived.

Might even be there still, sold it a couple of years ago.

1 year ago

Thanks Tas, for the info. You are so lucky to have been able to visit all these places!  I've never heard of those places, Portugal & the Dutch west Indies, yes, but not Azores, or Bequia.  So many places in the world. I wish I could visit them all. LOL  Well, I keep trying to win those big Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes-haha. Probably an elusive butterfly, I know, but I try.  Even the Dream Homes. I figure you can end up selling them, depending where they are at as to if you'd want to move, and build a comfortable enough home where you'd like to be, that way. Dreamin', but, you don't win if you don't try. They'd better hurry up, we're not getting any younger!  

Have fun in Maui, Marie. I would love to go back to Kauai. We went ziplining there last time. I learned the scary parrt was not at all while you were zipping across, but the stepping out off the platform so you could. Yep, I'd take several deep breaths, telling myself I could do it, especially the higher we went, but I'd love to do it again. If you get a chance to hop over to Kauai, you might like taking a catamaran up the Napali coast. Beautiful. We anchored off way out in there, went snorkeling. It was a blast, & I had to be called back in when time was up, last one left in the water. I would have stayed. I always thought it would be neat to be able to go back in to part of the beaches there, & go swimming back in the caves. Have fun whatever you do.

We have a friend who just now popped over for a little. His wife, whom I was just getting to know better, and really enjoyed visiting with, passed away a couple days ago. They had been together for years, but married just over a year. She had colon polyps that had to be removed, & my understanding is that when they did, something else was nicked that should ot have been, So she went home, was feeling ill for a few days, ended back in hospital w/bad stomach pains, & they discovered what had happened, & she had a hernia from it. I don't know what tey did at that point yet, but sshe came home, sleeping a lot he had told us, from the meds, & not feeling well. He was trying to give her a bath, & he said she started slipping, he immediately called an ambulence, & back to the hospital she went. They kept her overnight, but the next morning, he got a call that she had passed.  He called my husband shortly after that, & when my husband told me, I was in shock, & kept telling him he was kidding me, though I knew he wasn't. They're both so nice, & we were all planning getting together and going out to their place again, and target practicing. They have a beautiful, newer home, a bit of acreage, privacy plus. Anyway, they came down for coffe, see ya later.

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