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1 year ago

If you all can read my thread on the escalating slaughter of the bison that I opened today I would appreciate it so much.   The reason?   I am not good at letter writing and I want to email AND mail the Governor of Montana about all the violence and killings being done to the more than ever.   I am not very good at putting all the facts together.   Everyone can post a letter for me in this thread and I can combine the various facts into one letter.   Thank you so much.   Here is a link to my thread.

1 year ago

Here are ways to contact the governor if you all will please call, email or write him in defense of the bison.   They need us now more than ever and quickly!  If you read my escalating thread you will see what atrocities are being done to the buffalo and how the public's phone calls, etc are being ignored by Yellowstone and others.


Contact Us
By mail:
Office of the Governor
Gov. Steve Bullock
PO Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
By phone: 
Toll Free: 855-318-1330
FAX: 406-444-5529

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1 year ago

I wrote to the tribes today

"If we can buy the black hills for 9 million dollars, maybe you can donate your lifestyle", signed, tasunka maza, great sioux national! 

1 year ago

I will call this morning and follow up with a letter.

Vicki, I am a little confused as to what you want us to do but I would forward exactly what you have in that thread to Bullock and President Obama too.  If reading about this massacare doesn't move Bullock into action, nothing will. 

1 year ago

Thank you TAS for your actions.  If you get a letter or anything back from them please let me know what they say.   Maybe good news?


Carlene, there is a lot of info in the thread about the escalating slaughter of our beloved buffalo so if you could call the governor and/or write him about the situation then the thread will provide what you can tell him and ask him.  Maybe (hopefuly) if enough people put the pressure on the governor, the tribes, Yellowstone, etc. that eventually our voices will be heard.  Thank you so much for your participation in doing what you can to help the cause of the buffalo.


What I would like too is if someone could construct a letter (or talking points) for me as I am not good putting facts together.  I can talk about it but for some reason putting it down on paper or talking to officials makes me freeze up.   If I have a basic guideline of what (and how) to say or write then it would help me a LOT.


This makes me so is an excerpt from the escalating thread:


"Wild buffalo are simply trying to migrate for their survival. It is their home, the land they have known for eight hundred thousand years or more. Once they walked with woolly mammoths and they survived the ice age, but it is unclear if they can survive the human race. There are lines in the sand everywhere they turn that make them vulnerable to capture and slaughter or massacre through so-called hunting."   I can use that as part of what I can say or write to officials...I just need more. 

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