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1 year ago

Here's our new thread....great to know that we have a nice chatty group.


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1 year ago

Vicky,I wrote Medicine path,new thread

well,just as well

could you please,with the first links ?

we filled the cafe up a little,but I closed the path thread it was wayyyy

too long,you must have misread it

thanks, I see you like this graphic, Marie put it on her new page as well.


1 year ago

1 year ago

Happy month of May --

1 year ago

A winecup flower in TX


I got back home Monday afternoon.  Had quite an eventful trip heading to Louisiana before we even got out of TX., then because of that incident, got stuck in traffic twice, moving nowhere, for a bit of time, and consequently didn't get to Louisiana till evening of last Thursday, when it should have been afternoon.


I really had a great time getting to see my nieces and nephews. My brother & I went and visited for several hours my mom's cousin and best friend. She's 95, in a skilled nursing place right now, & I guess it's up in the air whether she will get to go back to her Little Garden Home, as she calls it.  I sure hope she does, as she has always been sharp as a tack, independent, but I think the fall she had,  a little over a week before I got to Louisiana, hitting her head pretty hard, has affected her somewhat.  It was a great visit, and it really, really made her day.

I brought home a big bag of boiled peanuts for me and the kids to share.  My husband doesn't like them. Also brought home a container of chicken gumbo, & one of seafood gumbo.

The weather was great whole time there, getting only a little bit too hot one time, and that was when my SIL & I went to a nice sized open flea market, but it didn't last that long.

Night before I left, we had a yummy feast of catfish, shrimp, fries and hushpuppies.   It was soooo good.


I'm fixing to leave to take my son to a Dr. appt. then we're going out for lunch together.




have a great weekend Buffs
1 year ago

1 year ago

lots of them.

1 year ago

1 year ago

Hi everybody.  I'm kind of depressed tonight so this will be short.   My dog Angel is acting wierd and she made a couple of strange noises.  Please pray that she will be okay.   She is such a sweetie.   Sherry, it's good to see you made it home safely.  Wow, I can't believe you left Louisiana 5 days ago.  Boy time flies.  It was great talking to you on the phone.  Maybe one day we all can meet up somewhere.  TAS I love your quote graphic....very beautiful.  I think I will post it on my Facebook page. I also like your 'friend' one as well.  June cute little graphic you posted, too...I love frogs and turtles.   Marie, I think I will snag your 'love' graphic. 


Well, let me go and open a new Medicine Path thread.   Good night.


My dog Angel.


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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

I agree with you tas - We are talking to move wher the man didn't touch nothing, Mother Nature.  Hope you are feeling better dear friend Vicky and you dog.  Sending Reiki to both of you at my medi tat ion lol... you will get better if it is not now.  Hello Gabra and don't see the nice Kaya, hello.  and June and all who will read me, and Sherry, wish you have good healing for your son.  Dave applied to be volunteer as music therapist, at the hospital where he had his detox 1 year ago, time past so fast.  He will have to go to Brklyn if so.  He is at Day 3 now, this Saturday and all is fine.  Just hope it will continue.  Was very sunny and warm day yesterday.  I did NOTHING, NOTHING.  -- dk made 3 Juices and I ate around 21:00.  I will go to the garden for smoko and   Good everything to each one of you.  Be well,

Marie &

Vicky, you can snag all you want and everyone too.  This is what I am doing now.  xx

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1 year ago

Vicky, it was good talking to you too!  My time was short in louisiana, and running the nroads and visiting while i was there, but I had such a good time with my brother and family.  I hope i will get to go back before way too long, and have a longer time to spend so I can come into Misssissippi, and visit you and Preston too.

Vicky, my niece & her husband in Louisiana have two dogs, and one of them looks like your pic of yours!  Isn't that like a Red Heeler w/out the cropped ears?  I don't like the idea of cropping dogs ears either.  I do hope she is going to be okay. keep us informed.  Another big dog down there is those Catahoulas. Some are okay, but I think it depends as usual on the owners,  as we used to have a couple that lived next door that had 2 of them, when I used to live in Gonzales.  Not the most desirable of people by far, so the dogs were unfortunately the same. They do come in some interesting combo of colors too though.

My brother sent me some papers to file a complaint if I want, over the incident I told you about driving to Louisiana, but i don't know if I really want to do that or just call the right people & tell them about it. That officer by his own doing, if he had had someone to be worried about, could have put his ownself in jeopardy. I can't fault him on his attitude or personality a bit,  which would make it alot easier to file, it was just all so odd.

1 year ago

Gotta run take a shower as my daughter will be here by 11:30 to pick me up to go to the grandson's baseball game. Then when i get back hubby and I will probably be going to the gun show.  The old antique ones they have are really cool, and not everybody's thing, but it's interesting seeing things from the past old days, and different styles and types plus other things they sell. 

My son and daughter will be coming over one day here to have some seafood gumbo I brought back, also chicken gumbo. I took a small ice chest. And I brought home a big bag of boiled peanuts too. My husband doesn't like them, but me, son and daughter had a feast, & I sent them home some.  Also brought home some boxes of Beignet mix. 

1 year ago

Here is your message, you have to look at the Ocean ~

1 year ago
Dave will be on Youtube soon, I will give you the link.  That what he said, early yesterday morning.  I am so happy, finally.  He is a great musician.
1 year ago

Be back in 3 weeks or less or more. We wiill look at 3 farms.  Flying tomorrow.

Have good time everyone.  Hugs,


1 year ago

Have a good trip,Marie. Sherry,I wish I could have eaten with you,that stuff sounds fantastic.Just checking in,saying hello,blah,blah,blah......hahahaha....have a good "hump day",everyone,lol.

1 year ago

Gabra Davis  ^5 to you Gabra.  I hope your life is going better. 



1 year ago

1 year ago

Hi Sherry, TAS, Marie, June, Gabra and Kaya.   Wow, it's been 5 days since I stopped in.   I'm slacking.  lol   The weekend is upon us again....time is flying.   Oh, Angel is doing lots better....thanks for all that prayed or inquired about her.


Sherry, did your daughter have her baby yet?  I forget when you said it was due.   Angel is a Red Heeler and her ears used to stand straight up.   However while she was still an outside dog living in someone else's yard she must have got ear mites and shook her ears a lot.   That's why her ears look like they do and I didn't have the money to get them to make them stand up straight again.   I think she looks cute though; of course I could just be partial.  lol   I once owned a Catahoula dog; he had gorgeous blue eyes.   Unfortunately I couldn't keep him in my yard or a pen; he would climb the fence and always get out.   Sadly I had to get rid of him.  I need to make some gumbo this winter; it's been a while.   I love Chicken, Andouille gumbo but mainly seafood gumbo.


June I sure like your 'hello friends' tag....hope you don't mind that I snagged it.


Marie, beautiful pictures of the mountains, the wooded land and the one of the ocean.   Looks so peaceful.   I went to the coast yesterday and laid on the beach for about 30 minutes listening to the waves and gulls.  I had so much fun feeding can start with 1 gull and when you turn around there are dozens.  lol   I'm glad you are happy now with d.k.


Good night ladies.


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1 year ago

I thought that was a Red Heeler, Vicky.  The ears are cute down.

My daughter had my granddaughter, Tatum MaeLynn, on January 26th, on my Mother's birthday. My Mother is passed.  Mae was my Mother's middle name.  She would have been delighted with this one too.  Tatum laughs now, and yesterday when I took her when they came in, her little eyes lit up, she got the biggest smile and laughed with delight.  Today my daughter drove up to get something, I went out to the car, reached in and started talking to her. She didn't see my face, as she was facing bacward  in the car seat and I had to reach across my older granddaughter to take her fingers and started talking to her, but she lit up right away and got that big smile to hear grandma.

I tried a few songs with her too, like I did my grandson when he was a baby, and guess what is the only one that tickles her to pieces? She just loves "Camptown Races."  You know "Camptown ladies sing this song.. Doo Dah,  doo dah...." LOL

  Well, going to bed. I'm going to school lunch with my grandson tomorrow.  

Hope everyone is doing well, and life is good for everyone!

the world lost another great voice
1 year ago
this is the mentality we are dealing with
1 year ago

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago
Adios --
Trying to send a message, again...
1 year ago

Hi everyone,

I tried to send a message a few days ago and it 'loaded' forever and never posted so I finally gave up.  So much going on and notes to read, I skimmed through most of them, sorry.

Our grandson, Cade, was born on May 1st, emergency C-section for our daughter, Laurie, and Cade did not breathe for over 3 minutes.  Rushed to UCSF NICU where he was put in a special cooling bed for 72 hrs.  We were told on the night he was born that he may not make it but he did.  After the cooling period he was given an MRI which showed no damage or injury to his brain.  He was kept in the NICU and finally came home on Mother's Day.  My hubby and I have either been at the hospital or watching our other grandson while our daughter and her hubby were at the hospital.  Cade saw his pediatrician yesterday and the ped called it a 'static' event that will have no lasting consequences, which is the best news yet. and we are all more than thankful.   BTW, his name means 'small battle' and 'spirit of the battle' so had picked a perfect name without knowing.

I hope all of you are well.  Marie, you are traveling and happy, that's great news. Vicki, I hope your dog is doing better.  A quick hello to everyone else and I hope to be around more than I have been now that our life will return to normal, whatever that is!  

1 year ago

Oh Carlene what a scare that was with your new grandson, Cade!   I am so happy that he is okay with no lasting damage.   How awesome is that that he was named Cade before this happened and that he came home on Mother's Day.  What a gift from God.  Angel (my dog) is okay...thank you for asking.


Hello to all the other ladies.  Marie, that sure is a pretty picture with the conch shell, starfish and other sea creatures.  It's starting to get real humid will soon be time to turn on my a/c and fill up my pool.  


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1 year ago

ThumbnailII dont know what is this picture.  nice weather don't no this pc.  ty gabra and all   

so much going on
1 year ago

trying to remember all the good news ,Sherry ,Carlene.Marie...CONGRATS.

have got a few minutes,not just  to post and run,sorry if it seems like I am not paying attention...There are a few things going on with me,getting ready to head west to the boat for the summer,concerts have been added that are exciting,like Sarah Maclachlan, in June,,really looking forward.

1 year ago

What a darling picture TAS.   Summer concerts will be real nice; I like Sarah Maclachlan.  


Marie, typing in deliotk this is what I got; is it Dave?   If so I like the song; he did a good job.  I think you're saying that he wrote it, right?  


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1 year ago

lThanks Vicky, yes Dave is a poet he can  play many instruments.  If you want to look at his profile it is Dave Kane.  Did you see the Madam Gizmo?  One of the 8 cats. Believe it I went to bed at 6;30.  i just got up and have to dring some juice.  Talk to you later.  Like your pic, dear Tas and every one hugs.   

1 year ago
Sarah Mclachlan --  back untill Monday.  love you all. xx
1 year ago

thanks for that pic Marie

a friend joked at me by asking if there was going to be a slideshow of shelter dogs playing behind her,lol

1 year ago

1 year ago

That's funny TAS about the slideshow of shelter dogs.  lol   Precious picture June!  Weather today was so beautiful!   Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Come to think about it, WHERE IS EVERYONE?   It's been a while since Kaya posted and haven't seen much of Sherry, Gabra, Carlene either.


 photo hummingbird-animated_zps93db3bc4.gif


1 year ago

Hello!  Maybe it is the weekend and great sunny weather, so, they ar busy to o things of the weekend!!    and I love your humingnbird, Vicky,   It is all good.  Have to eat.  See ya later.  Quiet night here tonight,  I will wath SNL. 

1 year ago

I would like to see a owl, they live at night and never seen one.  I should google it.  Nite all.  You should be all in bed.  : )

ok, I will explain the mess
1 year ago

In an effort to keep our threads on topic,and not hurt anyone's feelings,I made an off topic,topic thread...and reposted extraneous posts,and or petitions that do not pertain to the bison;our mission...

I have made a bit of a non sensical mess,and hope Vicky will help sort it out..

since she is unaware of my having done this,I just know she was unhappy as was i with all the offtopic/non bison related posts in the wrong place..

Hopefully she can help me relocate them properly,,, please don't be mad at me. just trying to keep things organized and everyone happy...Hope your weekend was great

BUFF HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

I'm glad you like my hummingbird Marie....they are such entertaining birds and very territorial.   I love the picture of your owl.   Once in a while if we sit on the porch towards evening we can hear owls.  


TAS, thank you for opening the other thread for chatting and non-bison petitions, crusades, etc.   We don't want to miss signing them yet we want to keep the group focused as well.  You did a great job coming up with the idea of a separate thread.   I think I'll close this one and when we fill up the re-organized thread we will keep your name Yellowstone Cafe & add '& off topic petitions'.  How does that sound?


Here is the link to the new thread:

1 year ago

Nice, everyone!  Here is a nice humingbird that doesn't need feeder.   More natural.  G'night everyone.  Be happy like me; )

1 year ago

Hello everyone.  I got up and decided to visit you.  I was tired when we arrived too long walking in downtown Manhattan and slept enough I think.  I used to see Vicky here very late, not here, ok, next time.  Tourlou!

This beautiful picture is in Austria, Autriche, Vienna.

Already Tuesday, May 20.  Have a good one. 

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1 year ago

Beautiful pics Marie.  I don't think I've ever seen a pure black hummingbird. Beautiful!  And the pic of Austria just reminds me of why I have wanted to go there, ever since I have seen The Sound of Music,  years and years ago. The only musical movie I've ever loved.

I have come down with some sort of virus.  My daughter said there are several, going around, once again. Hopefully it is only one of the ones that are short lived, but I'm really tired of these sicknesses going around, & some of the reasons for it. Doesn't put me in a happy mood.


Marie, the owl pic is neat.  I haven't seen an owl for a long time, come to think of it.  We used to see one, in the day, out in the trees, when we used to live in Port Orchard, WA.  OH! I take that back......We did have a little owl come & perch underneath our front door eaves, last year.  I thought it was a baby owl because it was so little.  The neighbor informed me it was full grown owl.  Forget their name, but they are so cute and tiny.


Beautiful Pride of lions, Tasunka.  And that puppy pic is precious, June.


Carlene, I can imagine the fear you went through about your grandson, a little bit anyway.  I am so glad he is okay!  How is he doing now?  I was worried about my new little granddaughter, because there was only one artery in the umbilical cord, instead of the normal two, and that can cause different health complications as well.  It is so scary, and gut wrenching, to go through the worrying about our kids, and is everything going to be okay with them and the baby?-- and you sit on pins and needles, praying, hoping, and such a relief when you get good news.  Yes, Cade is a good name for the little man.


Hi Gabra. Good to see you. How have you been?

Vicky, I  have been comptemplating, but think I will, fill out papers and send back in, about that incident with the officer in TX, on our way to Louisiana.  It's been bothering me to just let it go, as my cousin wants to do, so I called & got the paperwork. When I can think with a more clear head, get rid of this virus, done.  Like my brother said, people can either choose to live being scared all their life of what may happen, if, will they be singled out, if, or do what every American should do when something happens to them that is WRONG, and stand up and at least try and DO something about it, instead of just being placating, and therefore encouraging acts in our lives, and others, that are wrong.


Went to my grandson's baseball game Saturday, and that little buggar hit the ball out of the field.  He has a good throwing arm too.  He wants to go to the batting cages so he can get better.  I may have a little baseball pro on my hands.  LOL  Other than that, I have been attending various meetings & get togethers, meeting people running for various positions. Will be gone for a few days into the beginning of June, at the State Convention. So, I've got to really work on getting rid of this virus!

A friend of ours is flying in today, to get his car he left here, so he can drive it back home to WA state.  He was really sick before he left here, for a good week, something he picked up somewhere between Spain & Portugal, and it took him nearly a couple weeks to even get rid of it, after he flew back home, and that's with is taking all kinds of vitamins and natural herbs while he was here, and back home, and herbal teas to get rid of it!  He said it was one of the worst feeling sicknesses he's had.  Hope that's not what I have! 


Hope all are doing well, and staying healthy, happy, and all around in high spirits.

1 year ago

Good evening Marie & Sherry and the other ladies if they stop in.   I think after this post I am going to close this thread since TAS opened another thread for petitions and chatting.   So let's meet over there next time. 


Beautiful pictures Marie.   The black hummingbird is beautiful that setting in Austria looks so peaceful.   Sorry I wasn't here last night but I only got on the computer real early and not sure how many groups I posted in.   I try to make it to Care2 everynight but don't always succeed.


Sherry I'm so sorry you have been ill.  I'm not sure how long you've had the cold but I hope it doesn't last long.  And I hope when your friend flies back in that he isn't carrying another virus.   Hopefully his cold is gone.   You must be so proud of your grandson hitting that ball out of the field; maybe you do have a future pro on your hands.      Is Cade doing okay?   If you feel in your heart to report that cop that stopped you all in Louisiana then by all  means do it.   It will give you peace of mind and maybe if it was an illegal stop that he won't do it again.


Well ladies I will bid you a good night.


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