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8 years ago
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Those of us who have never had the pleasure of visiting the wide open spaces of Yellowstone or out west, would love to hear from those of you who have!   Please tell us all about the animals, scenery and activities that made your visit memorable!  

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8 years ago

yes i have been to yellowstone . i used to live in roundup montana. but  had to move  because of  family in kansas . i miss the open spaces . the friendly people and the wild life . once you  have been there . it  grows on you, i have lived in  this state since 2003 . but montana keeps pulling me home  again .                                                                    .

if you ever get a chance to go see the beauty  montana and wyoming has to offer  including  yellowstone  the grand teton's . and glacier nat. park   .you would understand why we love this country so much .

8 years ago
I would love to visit Montana but I am angry at how they are treating the bison.   I can only imagine the beauty of the mountains, Evon.   Is it not possible for you to return since it has been tugging at your heartstrings?   We would love to see some pictures if you have any!
8 years ago

Yes I've been there, I'ts a beautiful place, I have many photos but can't get to the basement with my back.I walked out in a herd bufflalo. They were not brothered by my presence. the elk were protecting there young,I stood back but got many photos. Had a coyote next to my jeep, he was resting very calm! a bear from afar Had a bad time with one in cal. walk up on one with a cub. And the geysers were great. was sad to see so many trees that burned.

8 years ago

Yes, I have.  In May of 2005, my husband and I spent two days at Yellowstone and it was amazing.  We were greeted by a herd of buffalo shortly after we drove into the park (then saw them everywhere!  It became a running joke between us..."oh look, there's some buffalo.")  and also saw a coyote cross the road and disappear down an embankment.   I really wanted to see some wolves, but no luck.  We also kept a look-out for some moose, but didn't see a single one until after we'd left Yellowstone.  Then we saw 4 or 5 of them together.  LOL go figure.
The main attraction for me was all the volcanic scenery and activity.  I loved seeing the terraces, geysers and mud pools.  It was fascinating to realize we were driving/walking over a supervolcano! 

8 years ago

Before I moved to Oklahoma I lived in Montana. That was back in 76. Loved it in Yellowstone. Very pretty. One of the prettiest placest I've been. PEACE

Favorite shots
8 years ago


This is my wife, standing next to a tree that a grizzly marked. We had just finished a day hike loop, and we had a backpacking trip planned for the next couple of days. After this photo I went and bought some bear spray.

I have a slew of photos from our trip in my album. Here are a couple of my favorites.




Best, Eric

4 years ago

I've been there, when I was much younger, with my parents and brother. It is absolutely awesome. But, the most memorable thing for me, despite the scenery, was Papa Grizzly. You were not supposed to feed the bears, but people were throwing out bread and whatnot anyway, including us. Well, Papa Grizzly ambled over, stood up, and if you've never seen how fast a bear can move, I can testify to it.-He swiped the top of the car seat behind my Mom's head. I was sitting in the back behind her. My Dad who was driving was stuttering, yelling at us to roll up the windows, as he's stepping on the pedal. I think the bear was just saying he wanted another piece of bread and wanted it now. If he had wanted one of us, well, you know bears are very accurate too! But Yellowstone is beautiful indeed. I would love to go back one day.-But I won't feed the bears!

4 years ago

Oh wow Sherry what a frightening experience...and one you'll never forget!   I'm glad you all weren't hurt.   I would love to visit Yellowstone....especially to see the bison....albeit sadly they are harrassed so badly for going 'outside their boundaries' which they have no idea what they are.   The picture above taken at night with the moon out is gorgeous.  I bet out west it looks as though you can reach up and touch the stars.  

I Have
2 years ago

Been to Yellowstone right after a trip to Glacier National Park which was amazing.

Unfortunately that year Yellowstone was recuperating from a huge fire.

Mostly naked scorched trees,a few lakelike areas had foliage, but I think I'll have to return there before it is burned again,never know.

would love to see it in all it's splendor,probably this spring.

Great pictures,Eric.don't know where mine are. This was precomputer as I didn't touch a pc till 2011.

Stanley, I was going to buy a 40 acre ranch in Victor, Montana.

Lived there for a month ,and because of bigotry against Native Americans decided it was not the best idea. Where did you live?

2 years ago

Hi Tasunka!  That's too bad that your trip to Yellowstone was marred by the fire that left only barren trees, etc.   I hope you get to go back.   I probably will never make it there so I will  have to make do with beautiful photos.   You just started using a PC in 2011???  And you probably know more than I do!  lol   I am clueless about Smart Phones, ipods, ipads and all the new technology.  I am technically challenged and 5 years (at least) behind.  haha!


Sorry but Eric and Stanley's last posts were 6 years ago.   I was so glad to see that you reopened this thread with your post.  I don't blame you for being upset about the bigotry in Montana.  How did it manifest itself?  Was it out and out rudeness/shunning?   You know if you had moved there maybe you could have made a difference somehow.  Gather the troops together and make a plan.       Right the wrongs.  I know you are a strong woman!

Interesting story
2 years ago

was in a car radio installer in Missoula,MT

and I could hear the boys in the back room

"hey, bud whatcha doin this weekend?"

"I'm headed back to the res,gonna pick me a fight,and this time I'm bringing my shotgun and friends!"

They didn't know I could hear them, or my name at the time.

I realized I wouldn't have the climate I wanted,both literally and socially.

Too many gun toting guys with gunbelts sitting eating breakfast at wafflehouses for my taste.

1 year ago


Eruption of Volcano in Yellowstone -- 2013

Stanley was my friend, not sure if he is still alive.

Thanks, very interesting in all.  Nice pictures.

1 year ago

Great photo, Marie....didn't even realize that Yellowstone had had a volcano eruption.  How awesome that Stanley was/is your friend....I hope he is okay.


Those are definitely some great shots...I especially love the one  with the moon in the purple sky.

1 year ago

An Interview with Tom Murphy

Wildlife photographer Tom Murphy is well known for documenting the beauty and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. In these interview excerpts, he shares photos and experiences from decades of hiking, camping and skiing across Yellowstone, a place he refers to as "one of the finest wild land ecosystems in the world."

1 year ago

June, thank you so much for sharing that link with us.   The photos are beautiful and the excerpts from Tom are very interesting and informative.   I 'borrowed' your link (giving you credit) and posted it on Facebook.


1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed it Vicky, wasn't sure which thread to put it in

1 year ago

It's beautiful.  Wish I could go back there for old times' sake. 

I'm getting last minute things done and made in preparation for my daughter's baby shower tomorrow. See ya later. Have a great Friday.

1 year ago

Sherry, I can't wait to hear about your daughter's baby shower.   When did you say the baby is due?   I know how excited you are.   Didn't you say she lives close to you?   Be sure to post some pictures of the shower. 


June, this was the perfect thread to put your link in.   I enjoyed it so much.   Thank you.


TAS, I just went back and read a post you made 11 months ago.  You said that you were going to buy a 40 acre ranch but because of the bigotry against Native American's you didn't.   That is shocking to hear that out west that that kind of stuff exists against the Indians which were there way before the white man.   Stupidity knows no limits does it?   I hate that it happened to you as I'm sure the land out there is so beautiful and you would have loved to live on 40 acres surrounded by sky, trees(?) and wildlife. 

1 year ago

Yellowstone: A Wild Life Paradise

Yellowstone national park is a Located mostly in Wyoming, Yellowstone park was the first national park in the world, built in 1872, signed off by president Grant. It is known for its wide variety of wild life - 67 different species of mammals call this place home, not including the many birds, reptiles and fish, which bring the number of species to the hundreds. It is also the home of many geysers.

1 year ago

June what an awesome page!   Fantastic photos of the beautiful animals and the information was very educational.   I didn't realize that a Mountain Lion and Cougar are one and the same and the Meadow Voles only live about 6 months.   I also didn't realize that domestic bison (not genetically pure like the wild ones) are mixed with cattle.   Interesting.

1 year ago

What a wonderful article, TAS with lots of good news contained in it!   I am so glad that the million + acres have been protected and that an additional million has been added.   Because of the beautiful photos, gas & oil proponents decided in favor of the protection for the wilderness.   YAY!   I don't like that the Shoshone opted to open up 2 wild areas to motorized vehicles.   If bears should hurt people then the poor grizzlies will get the blame when people shouldn't be allowed to be out my humble opinion.    I hope it will be a success story for the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.