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Wolves Reshape Yellowstone National Park
8 years ago
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In the late 1990s scientists began to notice changes in Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming. Trees that had stopped growing decades ago began to grow again. Animals started behaving differently. What caused these mysterious changes?

Scientists believe they have found the answer—wolves.

Wolves used to live in Yellowstone, which is in the northern U.S. Rocky Mountains.  But many people thought wolves were pests that killed livestock and harmed crops. In 1926 the last wolf in Yellowstone was shot and killed.

For the next 70 years Yellowstone did not have any wolves. Scientists decided to bring them back to the area in 1995. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service brought in 15 gray wolves from Canada.

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8 years ago
What a great article, Teresa!!!  Isn't it something what the disappearance of just one animal can have on the whole ecosystem!!   Same thing with the bison; if those farmer's and the state of Montana don't wake up and realize what is being lost with each bison that is hazed or slaughtered then one day it will be too late!   I like the idea about a program that will pay the ranchers for any cattle lost due to wolves!   There has to be a way that man and animal can get along.   Wolves were put on this earth, just like other predators, for a reason.  Thanks for posting this!
8 years ago
Thankyou for the important reminder of how we need all kinds of wildflife to maintain our planet.  The fear now is that once again wolves have been taken of the Endangered list and that once again they have become a victim of fear.  Will we ever learn our lesson?