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Where are you from amigos
6 years ago

Viva la Argentina

Thanks Mohammed
8 years ago

For sharing the many flags.

8 years ago

Many thanks to all our friends for telling us all the countries you've visisted!!! My dear Mohammad,have you ever counted all the hours travelled?I bet you didin't ,LoL!! HeHe!!! Congrats for all your travels!! When you can...please do tell us if ever travelled on a flying carpet? thanks for sharing to all of the good friends at this group!!! Blessed be all!!!

8 years ago

Hi all..

I am from Jordan  , Born in the , Lived and raised in , University in .

Worked and lived , , , , and .

I saw almost all the world.. just I will post some of what I visit and hope soon I can see more.. I've been at   & .. and much more

Happy birthday America
8 years ago

To all my American friends here and to all those who celebrate it with us





8 years ago
so many international and well traveled friends here. I am thrilled to be a part of this mini-United Nations.

I was born in the state of California, USA:

When I was 7, my family moved to Tripoli, Libya:

During that time overseas, we visited Austria
Belgium France Germany
Great Britain Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg Netherlands Switzerland

As an adult, I have traveled to : Canada Ireland and Mexico

I hope to do more soon.

Jose Cuervo
8 years ago

you are a friend of mine.


8 years ago

Hello friends,

I am Mexican 100%...  Born and raised in Mexico mexicoheart1.gif

I lived in USA     9 years when i was a little girl 

Been to Canada and loved it

Greetings from Mexico, "The Land Of Tequila"


Hello Everyone...
8 years ago
I was born and live in

I have been to or visited

I am a
and a

Some places I have been that I have n
8 years ago
8 years ago
Hey!!! Hello to all and thanks for sharing! Anne,Christine! And Greetings to all!!!
8 years ago
Hi Monica thanks for the invite
I live in Ireland have done since I was about 2yrs was born in the have been to the
8 years ago

So wonderful to see you guys!!! More about my life:

I was born and actually live in

Partly Raised up & educated in L.A.Calif.

Many Summer vacations in

I Have been in (1990 & 1992)

Have visited (Rio de Janeiro & Copacabana)

Just a few days in Miami, and  Have been only one day in New York(Only Transfer from J.F Kennedy to Newak Airports,on my way to Oslo,Norway)

8 years ago
Born in Germany
Raised in Canada and here I will stay - unless I go on vacation....
Hi everyone
8 years ago

I was conceived in Greece

born on a U.S. Airforce base in Libya

When I was 12, we were transferred to Italy

I now live in the U.S.

Hello to All!
8 years ago
Hello to all,My name is Monica,I live in Buenos Aires,Argentina!
Hello Argentina
8 years ago
9 years ago

The gaucho

The Gaucho

It's classic Argentina

Viva Brazil
10 years ago

Hello Rz

The countries are coming together
10 years ago

hello Rachel and Omar

Thanks for the beautiful flags

Have a wonderful day, life, eternity

10 years ago

Hi, I am from , currently studying in

10 years ago

This is very interesting; I also realise, maybe I am wrong, no one so far - is from my part of the world. A few have visited.

I was born inand grew up in and and for the last twenty years or so, I am in All Great countries!

Brasil, Brazil
10 years ago

"Quem conhecer os seus lindos recantos
Cheios de encantos e graca vaidosa...
Entao dira, e com toda certeza,
Contigo a natureza foi bem caprichosa..."

Com carinho, saudades e amor. Rz
10 years ago

thanks for the infomation about your flag Claudia

If anyone else wants to tell their Flag's story that would be excellent.

As to the flag, the thirteen stripes represent the first 13 states (colonies) and the 50 stars represent each of the 50 states.  The red white and blue probably came form the British flag  which of course the colonies were a part of until the Revolution.  

Thanks to everyone for posting their flags.



10 years ago
From Mexico ¡Hola! -we use 2 signs, not only one like in US- My flag has an eagle eating a snake, the eagle is standing on a nopal (cactus). This scene was the sign that the gods gave to the aztecs to show them where to build their city. It's a great story!
10 years ago

hi.....this is tyler from

i lived in   and

i visited

10 years ago
As for where I want to visit ...  I'm afraid I would take up almost every flag on the list!  So to preserve space I'll list my top 3. 

My top is Scotland

My 2nd is Japan

My 3rd is Germany
my flags
10 years ago
Heya! I am originally from (California, USA) but now I live in (Sortland, Norway)

From Cali-girl to viking maiden - not much of a stretch really

Good to be here!
Thanks for the invite!
10 years ago

Hiya Tomy (and the rest ),

My name is Sascha, and originally I'm from ; when I was a little girl I've often been to and (I LOVED !).

When I was 11 years old, my Dad was sent out for his work to (we ended up living there for 4½ years), and due to its colonial past, I made a lot of friends in .

On July 5th 2000 I came to the , and a week later I met my husband (who's from decent), on July 12th of this year we got married in Las Vegas ( gave me away, LOL!).

After *thanksgiving* we're going back to the and then within a couple of minds we'll be back here .

10 years ago

This is my only country, , where I have lived all my life.

10 years ago

yes, this one is a niiice one

I born in , im married with a and I lived in , , and

I traveled to , and I hope have life and money to travel more

Oh, this is fun!
10 years ago
Hello! My name is Chhiv. I am  and I have . I was born in . I am part  and . By descendant, I am more of the former than the latter. I grew up and still reside in . I haven't traveled much, but I would love to travel all over the . Hopefully, someday I'll get a chance to.      
10 years ago

Here's my country's flag

Here is the Flag of the country I live in much of the year

Where are you? ?

Where are you from?  ?

Where have you been? I have been to    and several others

Where would you like to go? I want to visit and a lot of others

What are you? I am  a and a  in my dreams 

Come on, have some fun with flags.

10 years ago
This is a beautiful thread! I love all the flags!  
Welcome, Bienvenida!!!
10 years ago

I hope you are going to enjoy the information and pictures we are going to put here...

This is a place to relax,so go ahead!!!!


10 years ago

Just joined yesterday !

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, now live in Florida in the , visited ,  and the islands of the caribbean.

You are wellcom Sarah
10 years ago
Nice to meet you,I'm Luis Visca,my profile is in Care2,if can I help you in something,write  me whenever you want.Good bless.Luis
10 years ago
Hello! I'm fairly new to this group, but I love althought I've never been there. I'm a Spanish student, and I live in the . Not too interesting. My family is mainly but also , , , , . I plan on visiting Argentina once I'm in college, which won't be too long, just a year.
welcome, welkom, bienvenida :)
10 years ago

I hope you enjoy the group

love and peace


Hola mi gran gente ...
10 years ago
Hello como estan? how is every one  for the invitation  i was born in the and raised in and still live in this warm and lovely country i invite you all to come to to feel the warm weather and people just the mothers family are decendents from and my fathers from and me ....well from all over the Latin people are all ,, and so to you all
10 years ago
    Wellcome to Argentine Friend's..................from Argentine Luis Visca.-
Hi I'm a new member
10 years ago

I am from    

I've been to , , , and

I would love to visit and

10 years ago

I am Tere, I am

I have   blood

I have family in also

I visited

 and other places too.

I want to go someday to:

10 years ago

Hi everyone, I live in .  My grandparents came from .

 I have been to , , and . There are so

many countries that I have never been to and hope to visit



10 years ago
hi, just joined the group. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago. Would really love to visit . Visited and when I was seven. 10 dy tour to 4 yrs ago and visited my uncle in last year. Now setting my sights on , , and .
10 years ago
Hi - I am new to this group and thought I should introduce myself as Kate from , currently living in but used to live up 'north' in
10 years ago
In my heart/blood, I am of these flags:

But I live in that famous country of which this is the flag:

10 years ago

Happy Friends Day  

Its friends day in Argentina, July 20th. 

I am in Florida right now.

I will be going back to Argentina pretty soon.

Its hot here but cold in Southern Provincia de Buenos Aires. I will adjust, I think.

Hey Tomy
10 years ago

Where have you been?

Lots of new flags
10 years ago

how is your flag flying today

10 years ago

Hi, I'm new here. This flag thing is great fun!  I'm Dionne and am from , which is located between and . Next to these two countries, I visited , , , , (though only for 10 minutes) and .  This Summer I will be going to to visit a friend and I'm trying to learn Portugese a bit. One day I hope to travel to .


10 years ago
Hi Im Colleen and I am new here, well I am fromand I live really close to ff and love to visit there often, my husband is from
and is from Texas and he used to visitvvall the time, since his granparents live there.  I would love to go to cc to see where my family came from, and also would love to visit and see where my husband family is from.
This looks like a great group thank you for inviting me!!
Thanks for the invite, Tomy
10 years ago

I'm Desba, I'm new here, looking at all these flags, wow!

 Cool to have folks from all over the world, makes ya realize just how small the planet really is!

So let's see here. Geez, where to begin...I am a , I was born in the . When I was a kid we moved to Africa, and I've visited , , , , , ,  and we lived in . Oh, and we were in for 10 days on the way.

Then through other travels I've been to , lived in twice, visited , and and , , , , , and , and a little.

 Back on this side of the puddle, I've also visited a few times, and lived in Alaska (hmm, no separate flag...) and Key West Florida as well as various other spots here in the old .

 I think that's all so far... But the more places I go, the more it seems there are to go...and I just love visiting new ones, and old ones, and making all kinds of friends everywhere!

Show your colors
10 years ago

Any new flag wavers out there

Flags are cool
10 years ago

I am a from the

I have been a lot of places especially in and around the Carribean, southeast Asia, practically every state in the  and much of South America 

and some places I have never been I would like to go to such as        

and several other countries 

10 years ago
Hello I am a from and i visited
My Pride, My Country
10 years ago

I am from and I have been to My boyfriend is from and has been to ! Always,

Ashley 's (I just love these smileys)

Good idea, Patty!
10 years ago

I'm from

I lived briefly in

and have visited  

But at heart I'm a

and I love the

Flags are great
10 years ago

Hi all,

   This is my first post here.

I was born the the . I have been to *Guadelupe* *stmartin* My dream is to visit & as well as including

Travelling is the most stimulating & braodening experience. Thanks for this fun exercise LOL!
This looks fun...
10 years ago

I was born in the

I have been to   and I hope to add a bunch more countries to my list....

Hello From way down south in South America
10 years ago


Show us your colors, wave the flag


Happy St Patricks Day
10 years ago



St Patricks Day

In Espanole
Dia Feliz De Santo Patricks
May your clover always have four leaves and your green beer not leave you with a hangover.
Adios Amigos
Lets see who we have here
10 years ago

Being from the south we say where are you from. It could mean one of two things. Where were you born or where do you live now.

Here are the countries people "are from" who have posted here.

From Claudia C our esteemed co-host

From Tomy who lives part of the year in

From Elizabeth F who now lives on The Isle of Man

From     Pirjo O who loves to travel

From Christine D who now lives in

From   Mohammad A who now lives in Right?

From   April C, Is Due West South Carolina due east of Georgia?

From  Lissette G the host of

From  Linda Maria S J thanks for the &  

From Anna L who climbed into

From Kyle M who has been to

From Avia M who loves

From Melissa K who's proud to be

Jon O has been to 38 countries, where are you from amigo?

From Indy Carreno V who now lives in

From Celene D asks why not an earth flag. I too wonder  

From Indre B who lives and studies there

Mauricio G  Which 1 are you from amigo?

From Lucia D who has dual citizenship

Show us where you are from and where you have been amigos & amigas, por favor.


Hi everyone!
10 years ago
Hello! I'm Lucía from but I also have the nationality. I've been to . I'm looking forward to visiting southamerica soon. And I'm moving to in october. Hola!!!! Tomy for the invitation!
10 years ago
my father was supposed to work at the embassy as the aviation advisor to the argentine army but, this was during carter's administration when he denied usa aide to countries with bad human rights issues. just before i was there it was the time of the desaparacidos so, no us aide and no job for my dad.  i don't remember exactly the name of the place where he worked, buy it wasn't the embassy...
10 years ago



Hi Indre and Celene
10 years ago

Welcome to

Celene, that is interesting that you graduated from high school in Buenos Aires.  Was your dad working at the Embassy?

I missed the chance of a lifetime when I was in the Army.  I was selected to go to Athens to serve at the Embassy there.  I turned it down.  I was young and didn't know what I was missing.   If I could turn back the clock, that would be another flag on my resume.

Indre, those are some really great photos on your site.  I especially like the photo titled "white chair series 1".  The expression on her face is so realistic and thought provoking.  I think she is wondering "hmmm, what do we have here"   What do you think? Wiseman is really good.

I like Dali also.  One of his paintings is hanging in the national art museum in Buenos Aires along with a wonderful collection of other great artists and excellent Argentine art. 

Adios Amigos, Tomy 

10 years ago

Hello all!

I was born in Lithuania I live here and I study here.

My travel experience isn't large, I visited

Countries, that I want to visit most:

10 years ago
hi. i'm from (i wish there was an *earth* flag) and still live here. i lived for 1.5 years in 'cause my dad was in army and stationed there.  buenos aires is where i graduated from highschool in 1978.
i've visited (in no particular order) =
i LOVE wales and want to go back there...
i'm down with rainbowflag*
More flags
10 years ago

Hey everyone

lets talk about the flags some more


adios amigos


¡Hola a todos!
10 years ago

 I'm from but I live in and my husband and I are planning to move to  in a few years.

I've been in and I traveled around so far.

I'd like to visit some of these countries:

  and what else?

We say Hola! Qué hubo? Epa Chamo(a)...

By the way,  Tomy this was  a very good idea. I've been enjoying all the posts people have made. And,  as Liz has told you  is a great country to visit to.

10 years ago
I been this year in Egypt 4 times, two in Cairo and two in Sharm El Shaik, I been in Germany 3 times.. Geneva once.. Amsterdam once.. Turkey Antalya once, Tunsia once and France once .. all of this coz of my work.. the only privet visit travel was to Sharm Elshaik.. I belive with your new travel in March you will got more flags than I do
Countries I've visited
10 years ago

Ok let me try this :


Not quite as many as Mohammad but I'm getting there

Hi, Everyone!
10 years ago
I am a woman born and living in the U.S. who has visited England and Poland.
Leaving town for a few days.
10 years ago

I will be going to Jacksonville Florida tomorrow to work on Super Bowl XXXIX.  I am working with the NFL as a media liason.   It should be fun mixed with a lot of work.

I will not be online very often for the next 12 days.
Please keep up the conversations Why not ask your friends to join  
Tell them about the wonderful country, its beauty and excitement, the friendly people and their passion for life.

Adios Amigos

10 years ago

Fun thread LOL

I'm Avia I was born in the

I go to alot (hope to visit many other places tho!)

I am a and I love too LOL

10 years ago

I did try to get a photo of the Argentinian wife ,Maxima ,of our dutch Crown prince...Did not work out.

There is more about the whole situation around here mariage as well .Because of here fathers politic past in Argentina there were doubts if it was right if she was to marry the dutch crown prince.

10 years ago
The toolbar worked this time, call me an Ozzie, its the way its pronounced. I'm spending more time flitting around. I got hurt yesterday so today I am doing what I joined for participation.

I have visited 3 times

I have travelled a bit and still travel the different states within Australia which is the size of USA or Europe.  So travel is me and that's why I joined to learn about a country I haven't visited.
Great to spread myself around more now.  A one sided arguement made me think more about getting to groups I want to visit.  I just said, report me to the host and Care 2. Dont just threaten.  And left it at that.  I never intend to do anything to hurt any ones feelings.  But apparently I did.  So if you feel I do so any time delete any post.  But I love learning.
People forget about others feelings and its international as you can see I have been quite a few places so know manners in the english/Australian way.  We are laid back and take things easy and joke.  Enough of that.  Back to travel - my type of stuff.
Love Christine
10 years ago
I am from . I have also lived in , , and . I currently live in . I have visited , , , and Who know where I will end up next!
Gracias Linda
10 years ago

Princess MAXIMA in the  comes from

I did not know that.  Proof that we can learn a lot about the world by sharing flags.

I hope you will tell us more about your princess and her prince. 

Adios Amigos


Crossing the border counts as a visit
10 years ago


If you crossed the border I humbly think it counts as a visit.

You have some excellent photos of  well worth a visit by our members on your site

Thanks for sharing  with us



10 years ago
I'm from Warsaw, Poland So far I have only visited Norway And I crossed the Czech Republic border while hiking in the mountains long time ago, but it doesn't count as visiting. Pozdrowienia z Polski, Anna
10 years ago

Hi all of you

This is Linda from

Our(..)dear Princess MAXIMA here in the  comes from

My sweet his kurdish flag is not there

 bye bye

oh I forgot  I have been  

Hi all!
10 years ago

I am Liz G. and I am from

I am host of the    group here in care2.

I have lived in  and in

I have visited these countries:            and many others I don't find the flags to, mostly Caribbean Islands.

I love and  (peace)... LMAO!

Blessings to all, and a big "hola amigo" to Tomy from your 'amiga' Liz!

Yes,the smilies are on
10 years ago
But I discovered you can use the "editor help"in the bottom of the new message window,at the right bottom,if the smilies are not on.
Well Mohammad
10 years ago

In your case, maybe it would be better to just list where you have not been.  

You are blessed to have been able to go to all of those places.  Its impressive.

adios Amigo


Thanks for the post amigo.

10 years ago
Hola Christine 4:13 PM

Its always a pleasure to see your beautiful smile on here.

Thanks for the posts

Tell you what, I will call you Aussie or OZZIE or whatever you like.

So you are from the land of my ancestors say somewhere between 400 and 500 years ago

Done Deal.



Hola Pirjo
10 years ago

Some fun places for you to think about visiting are all of the island countries in the Carribean and and the  

I can personally vouch for those.

My nephew has traveled all over the world and he loves

My good amigo Liz is from   and she says it is great so  I want to visit there.

I love to scuba dive and two places I want to dive are the Great Barrier Reef ,

and the waters off .

 Thanks for the post

 adios amigo


10 years ago
I born and raised in the USA.  I have never traveled to another country but I want to someday.
Thanks Liz
10 years ago

I went to the place you sent me and now there is a smiley in the right hand corner above so I think it worked

But you did not put your flag up.  Lets see   

por favor

Adios Amigo



about me
10 years ago
I am from .. I been born in .. I finished my high school in , and my university from .. I lived in & .. I do work in travel and Tourism.. I belive I can post some of the countries I been visiting.. coz all the page wont be enough to post all of it .. so I have been at in alpha Random) & .. Hope withen the coming 5 years I will finish some more countries
10 years ago
Born in Lived in 16 years Now living on the Isle of Man.... flag not available apparently Have visited and several times... also *luxemburg* , , , , Later this year my son who lives ing New Zealand if getting married in *vanuatu* so a trip there is coming in October... Seems some work, some don't, anyway you get the picture. Enjoy reading other's postings, Thanks Elizabeth
10 years ago
My tool bar isn't on but everywhere else. Gone. I'll still try the signs Born in ENGLAND *unitedkingdom* moved to AUSTRALIA when 6 3/4 yr old On 26 January I will of been in Australia 41 years did schooling and work here and still not classed as an OZZIE Love Christine
I would love to share my flags, but...
10 years ago
unfortunately your group settings don't allow smileys so I do not know how you guys do that.... let us into the secret please Thanks a heap.. Elizabeth
10 years ago
Very funny your flags! Here are mine! I was born in and I live in I'm an Italian also and one of these days I will move to the Canary Islands,Spain ...... right in front of Morocco
10 years ago
Tomy...there is a better way! Switch in group management, general settings, discussion forum settings...and click last allow smileys!
Some more Flags
10 years ago
Hola Places I have been I was born in the Don't you just love Bruce Springsteen I am I relate to I am a big Jimmy Buffet fan, remember "A Pirate Looks at Forty" I wish. I love This is fun Adios Amigos Tomy
Flags of your country and those you have visited
10 years ago
| Hot!
Hello WE have a lot of members from all over the world. I propose that each member do a post here with thier flag and a greeting. for instance, in the USA we might say Hello and our flag is for those who have never done a post simply click on reply to post. a window will open type your greeting and any comments you like To put you flag on the post click on "Editor Help" in the lower rigth corner of the screen. A new window will open and then click on the "flags" file. There you will find the flag of your country in alphabetical oder. (hint. I usually highlight and copy and paste the lettering... there may be a better way) Another hint. Most countres flags can be made by doing an asterics * and then type the name of the country without any caps aka capital letters and then another asterics * For example to do the Argentine flag you type the following * argentina * with no spaces or caps, when you do the result will look like this You can preview your post to make sure it looks the way you want it to. You know its simple if I can do it.