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The Best Evidence
10 years ago
YouTube - Part 1 Ghost Hunters video evidence from ...
The best video evidence from the hit tv show Ghost Hunters ...
10 min -

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0
meet the ghost hunters
11 years ago
Enter to Meet the
Ghost Hunters!
We're looking for America's most haunted places. Do you know of one? Submit your story online, or tell it to us at a stop on the WWE Fan Axxess Tour, and you might go ghost-hunting with TAPS!
11 years ago
T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) is headed by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson and includes a close-knit group of paranormal researchers. Built on Jason and Grant's mutual interest in getting to the bottom of everyday, paranormal occurrences, T.A.P.S. is an eclectic but unified bunch and certainly not what you'd expect to find at the forefront of paranormal investigation. They're neither Ph.D. scientists, nor zany, theatrical hotline psychics. Jason and Grant are plumbers by trade, and their T.A.P.S. colleagues are in similarly ordinary professions. Factory worker, office manager, teacher these are respected members of a small, blue-collar Rhode Island community where many of the T.A.P.S. members were born and raised.

Brought together by their own highly personal paranormal experiences, Hawes and Wilson shared an interest in researching these often unexplained occurrences. Soon, they began to seek out others like themselves people with a level-headed, driving interest in the paranormal. Within a year, T.A.P.S. was formed, and through word of mouth it developed a reputation for helping people with unusual domestic problems. Originally headquartered in a spare room of Jason's apartment, T.A.P.S. fields phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits from people who have or claim to have a nonphysical entity interfering with their lives. Depending on the nature of the haunting, a select group of T.A.P.S. field researchers will load equipment into a vehicle and drive up to hundreds of miles to investigate. Despite the expenses they incur on fuel, equipment (infrared cameras, night-vision goggles and the like) and time off from their day jobs, they know they could never charge for their services that would make them much more likely to be labeled charlatans.

It has been more than a decade since Jason and Grant met. Since then T.A.P.S. has grown in size and scope to become one of the most respected paranormal-investigation groups in America. It now has branches across the United States and affiliates in 12 other countries. T.A.P.S. members are, like Jason and Grant, humble, self-assured and inquisitive; they search for answers, but are comfortable with unsolved or unproven conclusions. Through the years, Jason and Grant have not forgotten why they do this to find answers for themselves, and to help others who have experienced paranormal activity but don't know what to do about it.

Jason, T.A.P.S.' founder, is in his mid-30s, a plumber and the father of three girls and twin sons. He enjoys spending quality time with his children, deep-sea fishing and writing screenplays he has written four in the sci-fi/thriller genre. Grant, the father of three young boys, is also a plumber, as well as Jason's confidante and best friend. Their families are close Jason's kids consider Grant an adopted uncle and Grant's kids view Jason the same way. Their wives, also friends, are respectful of the T.A.P.S. mission but keep their distance. Each one has asked her husband not to bring his paranormal work home with him.

When he's not hunting ghosts or holding down a day job, Grant enjoys whipping up a mean Italian dish (he spent two years in Italy and speaks the language fluently), writing songs on the piano and guitar and penning a series of high-fantasy novels.

Over the years, T.A.P.S. has accumulated clients with surprising speed victims of troubled or restless spirits who needed their help. Jason, Grant and the others who have joined the group investigate haunted houses throughout the United States and encounter all types of human ("regular" ghosts of dead people) and inhuman (entities such as demons) hauntings.
11 years ago
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