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Impeachment OR Revolution? May 29, 2007 1:34 PM

I wanted to start by sharing some information with everybody joining this group on HOW TO IMPEACH.  There have supposedly been many attempts to impeach Bush & Cheney, but NOTHING has been done!  I say NO MORE LIP SERVICE FROM THE DEMS!  They should ALL be impeached!

Our government that has failed us has to impeach them.  Good luck with that.  Your petitions for impeachment should be sent to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelozi who stated that she WOULD NOT IMPEACH GEORGE W BUSH.  The people made their wishes known to their government this last election, but did any of them listen?  NO!  They gave in to Bush & there is no end to the war in sight!  Revolution and impeachment are two completely different things.  I personally don't see any hope of change without endangering our lives & fighting back!  We've tried everything else although not united.  In less than a year, Bush will have suspended elections and will be the dictator he dreams of being.  Our ENTIRE government has failed us and they ALL need to be impeached. 

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anonymous Thank you Kerry, Both I'll explain. May 29, 2007 2:37 PM

Fred, sorry about deleting your post, you need to talk to me before you try directing people any further. We absolutely need to all be headed in the same direction.

A revolution has a wide variety of meanings. In this sense it is a change of power, including Impeachment. We are shifting power into the peoples' hands by uniting them, and taking control of a media platform that is the people. Right now, you can not recognize on the street who is for or against impeachment or change.

"American Revolution 2007" is a label. The intent is to unite the masses, and give them an easy way to take the message to the streets, and be identified as being for Impeachment etc.

Calling it a revolution gives it a new feeling. The impeachment campaign has been going for some time, and ignored. Mllions of people are behind it, and talking about it, but nobody sees it. We need to be seen, we ALL need to be identified as being together. This is why we need the common 'label'. Everyone has been headed in their own direction, working on their own path, this has us devided and ineffective.

I have signed so many damn petitions, and that is part of our problem. Too many directions, if there was only one petition it would have everyones signiture on it, but they are spread out on hundreds instead of one.

The revolution is being united, taking control, organizing, focusing all our power into one direction, using all the tools of propaganda for our own purpose, and creating our own media platform. America has never seen a force like this, it is a revolution. But... Impeachment is where we are going to focus our power first.

The label identifies you as being part of the revolution, this gets us counted daily. Shirts will give the messages like impeaching. A hat only needs the label, and lets people know you stand for the messages they see on shirts.

July 4th is just a beginning, it gives us mass coverage to be seen everywhere, and lets the people know to wear their shirts that day. The symbolic nature of "Independence Day" gives us a very patriotic impact and more.

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anonymous  May 29, 2007 8:19 PM

James I agree about the need to redefine the campaign. Revolution is definitely on the right track.

I am not clear if you mean to support existing parties or specific candidates or demand an entirely new government.

I would appreciate it very much if you could post your "agenda" for all to see so we know if it is something that we can support or whether we are excluded from it in some way.

Call it The Revolution Manifesto.

But by all means let us see it if it has been done or draft it if it has not.

Then you can have a web page that offers banners for people to post on their own websites as well as posting the manifesto to gather signatures in both a petition format as well as getting a count as to who is in with you.


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anonymous The Revolution Manifesto. May 29, 2007 11:09 PM

Indigo you're really putting me on the spot here. My agenda...

I didn't realize I get to have an agenda of my own, this is about the people getting control of the government. If I had my own agenda it would be to take the whitehouse and be president. It's been a dream I have always had, and I have even prepared myself for it, but it is only a dream, and has nothing to do with the revolution.

You are all going to have to help me with this, but let me give you my vision and goals. Let me get this out first, I will get a step by step agenda up next. But I'm going to want help refining that too.


Vision part 1 Unite. My vision of this starts with gathering together the leaders and organizers of all the major groups and movements with the common goals we have. Creating a communication network to enable us to all have a united message. Everyone can stay at their favorite site and still get the same message. To be united and part of the American Revolution would entail expressing support by displaying a banner, the banner should be a link to an explanation of goals activities, and instruction of how to get your t-shirts made. The banner should also say, "Proud Member of the American Revolution". The network of communication will allow us to make announcements through all the sites and groups. I want millions of people all getting the same call to action, and all of them being seen as part of the same movement.

Vision Part 2, Display of Force. This is about taking it to the streets in a brand new way. The new media that the people have complete control over is what the T-Shirt campaign is about. It's like putting up flyers, but on people. We can have as many messages as we want out there, as long as everyone has the American Revolution label the messages and people are united. This is more about impression and recognition, but the messages will also be hard to ignore. The people, the government and the media, all need to know how many of us there are. The media is trying to write us off as just a few, that is because only a few are willing to get out and protest. This is how the system works, or in fact doesn't work at all. The Revolution is about playing by our own rules, and abandoning the restraints of a system that has kept us in check.

On the streets action for the masses should not interfere with daily life, or normal activities, but should coincide with them. The t-shirts and hats should be a constant reminder on the streets of the movement and the messages, this also provides a real person to person network for calls to action. The ability to recognize common goals in a stranger by the shirt or hat they wear opens communication channels we have never had. Common ground brings people together and enables them to start conversations in public that will draw attention and curiosity.

Vision Part 3, Using our Force. The network of leaders to make a united call to action is where the power is. A message made to congress should be a slap in the face, "Impeach Bush and Cheney while you still have a job", it should be in the form of a petition, that everyone mails, to congress and the media. We will use our united voice to be heard by congress, lobby groups, media, who ever we need to, but calls to action by the Revolution should be serious, important, and address common goals. Congress is not our only way of applying pressure, we can 'lobby' foreign governments, media and people to apply pressure on our behalf. The reputation of the American people needs to be severed from the reputation of our government. Their actions do not represent our will, this is a message the world needs to hear from us. By making this issue known to the world, the possibility of a full revolution becomes the motivation for our government to bend to the will of the people. The security and reputation of the U.S.A. hinges on Impeachment, Bush and Cheney must be held responsible.

The Goal. Bush and Cheney need to be stopped, removed and put on trial. From that point, we are not taking control, just applying pressure with a proven amount of power. We have a lot of issues to address, but our very first priority is to regain control by removing Bush and Cheney, Impeachment is our best option, but all peaceful options are on the table. The last thing we want is a civil war.

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anonymous Impeachment versus Revolution May 30, 2007 8:14 PM

I strongly agree with Indigo. With existing strategies already in place, we all need to refine and reinvigorate the Revolution. The Entire system is corrupt to the core, as rotten as a bad apple. So, having said that, I can work on Logo's and I have conferred with three local Post Commanders of the Amvets and they concur time for change has long since passed. BMutiny, you too are correct, Impeachment is the best legal method, however, if Congress will not support the wil of the people of the US and the World, then a time for change, (an overhaul), is in order. Cindy paved the way, now let us take the path in place and let Congress and the World know we are tired, exhausted of this war, this corrupt two-party government, and the lies. We want peace. Not in a year, not in two, but now. Good job fellow Revolutionaries....Daniel Luke Diaz  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  May 31, 2007 2:00 AM

James I don't mean to put you on the spot. The voice of experience simply asks that we have the clearest possible vision so that we can unite around that.

Agenda is not a dirty word. It is simply another way of describing a vision that you intend to manifest. It is only problematic when it is hidden and people are deceived.

An open "manifesto" is the best beginning and all the ideas that are needed will spring from that clarification.

Right now we are then at "plan A" and it is a good plan.

I am Canadian and wonder how I can be of help. All that is happening in the US is affecting us here and in all ways we are like one country.

Vision part 1 Unite. Excellent. That places us in a strong position. Divided we fall. It will be a task to gather all the groups together but it is the only way it can succeed. Cindy Sheehan found much division within the Peace movement. Hopefully we can change that. We don't have time for egos and games. This is too serious.

You will need a website and domain address. I recommend that you look at ParIt. They are an amazing anarchist website provider and very reasonably priced. I can give you a contact person:

Plan 2 and 3 are fantastic, but with habeus corpus dead and the MCA in effect, please be prepared for the possiblity of violence against the protesters. Have a united plan NOT to respond. Try to arrange for someone to hide and film everything public so that any altercations with the law can hit the news immediately and make the government look very bad. Truthout might be delighted to help you here. All protesters must not strike back. Many peace groups are offering non-violent training and teaching people how best to respond to various threats and provactions.

Last, let the world know what you are doing. Broadcast it as far and wide as possible. Gather International support for this "revolution" and show the world that the government and the people are very different.


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anonymous  May 31, 2007 2:11 AM

Plan B should not be discussed here on Care2. It is not a safe place. I do recommend that you prepare for the eventuality that it will happen whether you intend it to or not.

I do sense that an economic collapse is near and that will get many angry enough for violence. At that point it is out of our hands.

Hopefully with enough town hall meetings and demonstrations as well as excellent PR, the latter will only be a brief outburst that can be gathered into a focused effort instead of a chaotic scattering of rage and destructive behaviour.

So Plan A needs to be really thorough and I also like to combine it with BMutinyT's plan. Who will hurt us if all soldiers refuse to break the law ? There aren't enough law enforcement staff to hold back millions of people all out there at the same time.

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 May 31, 2007 7:39 AM

I'd like to mention that if you use Manifesto you will be branded in The Manifesto of the Communist Party. No matter how little people know about the word, if you use it...they WON'T come.

American Revolution 2007 is better because they'll know it's what gave the US a historical boost and will be more likely to be for it.

Impeachment OR Revolution? How about both? We can start by getting Cheney outta there...which MAY have been the reason Pelosi wasn't going to go there with Bush. Why waste time tossing one bad apple when there's an even MORE rotten one in the wings?

I got this email from 'The Pen'. I'm taking some Impeachment sheets to work today. I'm sure that I can get a hundred.

Love & Peace

Dear Friends and Activists,

The new initiative to go out into our communities and gather more votes for the National Cheney Impeachment Poll (already with more than 50,000 votes) looks like it will work brilliantly.  We now have a page set up with full instructions and a link to the printable pdf vote gathering sheet.


We are asking each of our participants, who like you have already voted in the poll, to dedicate just one hour this summer, wherever you happen to be where there are other people, to fill up at least one of these vote sheets.  The sooner you can do that faster we can make impeachment happen.  This is the one single MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do next to make this a reality.

Stop asking why OTHER people aren't doing more to make this happen, and ask yourself why YOU are not doing more to make this happen.  True democracy is not driven by charismatic celebrity personalities.  Democracy only works when each of us does whatever we personally can do, whatever thing, however small, however UN-celebrated, to make it work.  At the moment when each of us does that, policy change will happen instantaneously.

When you voted yourself in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll, there was a link where you can read the last 25 personal messages added by your fellow constituents.  EVERY one of those comments has just as much validity as every other one.  Many are astounding in their articulateness, more so than any smug, self-aggrandizing pundit you've ever read.  Even those messages with typos and grammatical errors are astounding in their authenticity.  The people don't need a spokesperson.  The people need to PERSONALLY speak out.

The people's movement does not need a "face".  What it needs is a BODY.  What it needs is MASSES of us engaged in caring about making policy change happen, each of us doing what we can do to make that a reality.  And now that you have already voted in the poll yourself there are a million other things you can do to build the momentum of the people's impeachment movement.

Can you write an alert?  Draft your own in your own words and send it to everybody you know, and send them to the Action Page above.

Do you have a web site of your own?  Add an action button for the impeachment poll as dozens of sites have done already, and you can display a dynamic tally as the votes add up.  Here's where you get the code.


Do you ever post to blogs?  Use that activity to encourage everyone you can to vote in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll.

Do you EVER send an email to anybody?  Add the three line signature above to all your emails automatically by making it your email signature setting.  Do the same thing with your blog posts too.

And then AFTER you have done ALL these things, then check in with us again and see how quickly impeachment becomes a reality.  Let us measure the worth of our activism not by the prominence and loudness of our own voices, but by the number of OTHER people we can inspire to speak out.

So again, ask yourself, what have YOU done to make this happen?  Get off of your ass.  There is nobody else who can carry your piece of democracy on their shoulders.  Stop expecting or depending on spokespeople to speak for you or represent you.  We can more efficiently and directly transmit your messages, but we don't have to give you the power.  You already had it.  Now, use it.

Cindy did WAY more than her share.  When will you do yours?  What's the last thing Cindy said to you.

"It's up to you now."

It's always been up to us alone.  Do you get it?

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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 May 31, 2007 7:55 AM

Another thing...I think Mutiny DOES have a good idea. Those are OUR children being sent to Iraq! If every parent told their child, "Stay home...I love you and want you alive so, I'll support you." Then where would the Ba$tards get their army? They can't put thousands of kids in jail for quitting. Just like my friend Maureen said...organization is the key. 

Mutiny DOES work! Look how it worked for Chavez in Venezuela. The soldiers from inside gathered the US backed coup...and led them out and brought Chavez'z people back in.  If the people are for's going to work. And they certainly AREN'T for Bush!

As of May 5th, 2007:

the public’s approval of Bush has sunk to 28 percent, an all-time low for this president in our poll, and a point lower than Gallup recorded for his father at Bush Sr.’s nadir.

Love & Peace

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 May 31, 2007 8:41 AM

Daniel, that is great news about the veterans group, I hope that I will get the same response in this area, and I am looking forward to seeing your work soon. I have been looking into who to approach locally, and there are about 100 people that will be easy for me, and a few groups too, and this town(area) is tiny.

I agree with Indigo that things could get violent, but maybe (hopefully) there will be so many American Revolution shirts on the 4th that the Bush bots will feel outnumbered. That aught to be a nice reality check for them. Do you think we could have airbrushers and other artists making shirts on site?  Well, I guess that is up to them, hope they do it though, that would be great!

Regarding the 'manifesto', I was going to re-post it as it's own thread today, but as the title, as Mata pointed out, may be seen wrongly, any suggestions?

The news about the impeachment poll is great! The pen can really put together a message. I think we should contact them, and Truth-Out as well. Indigo is right. We need to get the word out, far and wide. Personally, I am waiting for the American Revolution 2007 logo Daniel is working on to go up, so that when people do support us, they have a catchy, united image to use.

Is it time to get up the thread for posting the groups we can approach? I have a ton of ideas and it seems you all do too.  I was also thinking of putting all of the great ideas on this thread into a single 'Things we can do' type thread.

Breaking the Silence, together we can do anything! 

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Direction of this group? June 01, 2007 10:32 AM

I have to say I am a little concerned about the direction of this group and not sure if it is for me.  First of all, I don't know what Fred posted, but why was it deleted?  I think Freedom of Speech should be a #1 priority in this group as that is the first liberty that has been eroded.  Secondly, I think impeachment is a bit redundant after all of these years.  I've been hearing that word since the media decided to tell the idiots that thought the WMD's were real that they weren't & it was all a big lie!  The moron & his evil cronies will have completed their 8 years of destruction of this once "great nation" in 6 months.  Impeachment talk is a waste of time and is obviously NOT going to happen.  It is NOT feasible because it is up to our corrupt & defunct Senators & Congresspeople!  They have ALL failed us, right down to Dennis Kucinich!  The PEOPLE need to take back their country and they need to unite on many common themes.  We do not think alike, we don't practice the same religion, we don't have the same color hair or eyes and we don't agree on much.  But, I think an extremely large # of Americans agree that the SOB needs to go.  Very few realize that they ALL need to go.  I have to say I am sick of hearing how low Bush's approval rating is (& I mean no offense by this statement to the person who said it in this thread, I mean on the News all the time) & ALWAYS has been.  Let's not forget, the man was never elected by the people.  He has had the lowest approval rating of any President since the Moron opened his mouth on TV the first time.  I don't need twisted, scued polls to tell me that.  He lost (or stole) the elections, that tells me enough. 

I also hope you don't think that large #'s of American people uniting in a common cause is not going to be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!  Look what happened when we planned a March in Washington DC in September of 2001.  They were expecting more than 5 million Americans to march on DC & they were panicked!  Oh & then 9/11 happened & it's gone severely downhill from there.  A lot of people died the last time we thought of uniting in revolution, so let's not be naive about this.  Those who organize this will be the first targets. 

We have had a peace march every year to mark the start of the war 3/19 here in Oregon, specifically Eugene.  Me & my family have gone to every one of them, proudly!  OUr first march had 3 legs meeting at our Federal courthouse & the fencing they put up could not even come close to containing us all, almost 10,000 strong.  This has steadily decreased over the years and this last march was 1 leg with less than 1,000 marchers.  It was very sad for me.  There was one man there, alone, in support of the war for the first time this year.  I watched these proponents of peace berate & belittle him waving their fists & signs at him. 

Ya know the bumper sticker, "If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention".  Well I have been outraged since Bill Clinton started eroding our civil liberties & destroying out National Forests.  Now I'm beyond outraged!  And I know I am not alone. 

Our government is corporate owned and the best way to fight back nonviolently is through them.  I have boycotted them all beginning with WalMart.  When Albertson's & Safeway dropped all of their employees to 29 hours a week so they no longer had to give them any benefits, I protested right alongside them and I have never stepped foot in their stores again.  We have tried for at least 5 years that I know of to have one day out of the year where nobody goes to work, goes shopping or uses electricity.  SHUT DOWN THE US ECONOMY FOR ONE DAY!  They will listen. 

My point, impeachment is a moot point as a theme.  Radical change is absolutely necessary.  I am a non-violent person and I am not abdicating violence.  Although I am not naive to the fact that is becoming more & more of a necessary reality in the form of self-defense is we plan to really make a difference.  If we are going to do this, we need to do something REAL & RADICAL & THAT TRULY HITS HOME FOR ALL OF THEM.  The French DID NOT ever win any revolution by t-shirts & buttons, although it can be a good start with the right message used to organize & unite EVERYONE. 

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Revolution? Evolution! June 01, 2007 11:21 AM

We have a medium right here in our hands; the internet. We have tools and knowledge - technology - right before us to incite genuine Change...yet we are still in the midst of battling for 'Net Neutrality.

We have the peacekeepers -- the activists in the region I live in right now, I'll cite as an example...

So, what's wrong?

I'll give you a hint: the peacekeepers keep fighting amongst themselves,splintering into core groups and thereby weakening the position/s for Peace activism.

If we can't keep peace in our homes, how are we to insist upon peace nationally?

Right...I think you see the direction I'm heading in.

Revolution doesn't work...think about the core word,"revolve"...we've been going in circles for ages, with each subsequent generation at some point or another touched by war.

Treaties and wars and "police actions" and the like...haven't worked.

Historically, we are all aware of those who join in or are labelled by the term "Resistance". Think JFK, MLK, and get the idea...

Yet, we are on the threshhold of something New...

No, this isn't the sixties' Love In, or the standard issue of protests, men on the streets - although I've participated in a few of them, indeed.

But what I'm speaking of is a societal evolution. No more going around in circles.

Meet on a common ground.

Find the core of our commonality, as it were.

Build upon peace talks, and discard our differences, for just long enough to Effect Change.

ANSWER coalition has proposed that people meet, again, in the streets. Those who are already established relations amongst peacekeepers can point their respective browsers to the ANSWER coalition's page and look up the details...but it seems to be a good idea to at least gather around a singular core objective - Peace.

All other matters can fall by the wayside, for the moment - GreenPeace, Depleted Uranium, Impeachment, and all the rest - each matter can come under closer scrutiny, once we have accomplished a singular task at hand - a single chorus voice stating, "War is Not Working, and, Historically, has not is time to Evolve past that..."

One lines of communication open, and partnerships form/friendships bond...then, and only then, may we see the bridge to secure peacekeeping begin.

War isn't working.

We know this.

The stronger of a face and louder of a voice we give, the more our actions seem to be that of belligerance, which, of course, alienates our position and further separates us from the Everyman.

Fewer and fewer of the General Public want this war to continue.

The solution is as simple as making the concept of war obsolete.

Communication is the key, I honestly believe.

I haven't time to expand this concept enough, but you get the general idea that's forming in my head...and I'd like to get more response genereated in this direction...

Yes - the manner in which this war was sold to the American Public was criminal, at its very base...but clashing swords hasn't worked.

Sheehan gave up.

I'm not going to give up, because I have five kids who have to grow up in this world and I have taken it upon myself to personally feel it is my responsibility to see to it that the world in which they reach maturity is a world in which I have personally done my best to Effect Change.

Consequences be damned.

Now is the time to find solutions, rather than arguments.

Now is the time to form partnerships, rather than strategies.

Old methods don't work, and I've personally grown sick of the current options; bloodshed or pure apathy.

We've watched our US Constitution hit the shredder without so much as a peep.

We've watched our nation make a mockery of the Declaration of Independance.

Now is the time to reach past differences amongst the peacemakers and to expand on the principles of partnerships into the binding friendships and open communication to fortify the abstract concept of Peace into a more solidified union amongst not just Peacekeepers, but as Americans, as One Nation.

Then, as One Nation, to approach any other nation with repsect to each nation's soverignity.

That's my half-baked theory. Make of it what you will.

I've said this at other times in other forums, but I'll say it here, too...

Feedback always welcomed, whether smart answers or intelligent replies...

Where would you like to go with this? Let me know..

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Kerry B. June 02, 2007 9:57 AM

James may have made a mistake in deleting Fred's post, this is true. He does not want to limit free speach. Fred said that the only option we have is to form a new government. It was posted verbatim on another thread here, and is still there, where it was discussed further. Please refer to that thread, 'If we don't..., who will...', for James' response to this.

I recognize that the problems with our government run deep, scary deep. I also know that we are placing ourselves in danger, but I, like Maxine, have children, who I never thought to regret having, but Oh, how I do! They have done nothing to deserve the world that this is becoming, and danger be damned, we have to change things. 

Please elaborate on what you see as being the most effective path.  

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Maxine June 02, 2007 10:46 AM

I try not to cry about all of this, as it is so ineffective, but you have me bawling.

Oh, that what you speak of may be brought about! That is what I truly wish for, in my heart of hearts. You are so right, as ordinary people, we all want the same basic things, clean food, water, and air, and a safe place for our children to flourish, not just for ourselves, but for everyone. There are a few out there though, who see people as a commodity, to be used, sold, bought, wasted, for thier own gain. Our president, his vice president, and far too many others in congress are such people. They profit from war, and don't care about the cost, so long as there are enough people left to wage their wars, now and in the future. Our 'infighting' is their greatest weapon.

 I too believe that communication is the key in this. If only we could talk to the people in other countries without our governments getting in the way. Hell, if we would just talk within our own.

Maxine said-

"I'm not going to give up, because I have five kids who have to grow up in this world and I have taken it upon myself to personally feel it is my responsibility to see to it that the world in which they reach maturity is a world in which I have personally done my best to Effect Change.

Consequences be damned.

Now is the time to find solutions, rather than arguments.

Now is the time to form partnerships, rather than strategies."

Very eloquently and powerfully stated. I said nearly the exact thing when asked about why we brought our kids to the capitol to help the veteran who is there honoring all of the lives lost in Iraq, and in elaborating the idea behind this group.

I believe it was Indigo who said we don't have time to reinvent the wheel. We have a massive number of people who are working for peace, most of whom support impeachment. If we can unite them with a solidifiying, amplifying label, I think we will finally be effective. 

Maxine also said-

"Now is the time to reach past differences amongst the peacemakers and to expand on the principles of partnerships into the binding friendships and open communication to fortify the abstract concept of Peace into a more solidified union amongst not just Peacekeepers, but as Americans, as One Nation.

Then, as One Nation, to approach any other nation with respect to each nation's soverignity."

I am eager to hear, Maxine, how you feel we can best accomplish this noble goal. It seems to allude to the need to 'clean our own back yard first'. Please expand on your specific ideas.

We need action, my children, who are fully aware of the intricacies of our current situation, are beginning to feel that we have let them down. I have apologized to my oldest (13) for bringing him into a world that is so messed up, but the other's, I think may be a little young for such a talk. My 8 year old daughter asks often when we are going to impeach Bush, and why their are children dying in the war. We explain that we are trying to stop all of this, and what we are doing, but we have been at it personally for over a year.

I am ready to do anything within my capability that we believe will help. But I too am beginning to lose hope. I thought that uniteing our voices in this 'group of groups', and then gathering those of the larger, non care2 groups, would be an easy thing to convince people was right. But as Maxine said, "the peacekeepers keep fighting amongst themselves, splintering into core groups and thereby weakening the position/s for Peace activism."

We cannot afford be weaked by our diffences, we all agree on so much. We must move forward, uniting our voices, and providing the tools for the public at large to join us. We cannot give up, and I think the impact of a July 4th show of unity across the nation and the globe would have too large an impact to ignore. We can set the example. I think that if the shirts, hats, flyers, etc, have some different messages, but the same label, that will be a good thing. Show them that although we do not have the same top priorities, we support each other, and are working together for those things that we do have in common.

Please understand, James and I do not see ourselves as 'leaders' in this group. We are mearly a part of it. The original idea for a massive gathering of groups and voices, applying the propaganda tecniques of the government for a heavy initial blow to the system, and turning ourselves into a walking talking media, of the people for the people and by the people, was James', and I see great logic and massive potential, well into the future, and along the lines of what Maxine hopes for, in his idea, but in the end, it is really up to everyone to do what they will with it.  

I cry for us all, all around the world, seeking for change with lost voices.

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Laura June 02, 2007 7:14 PM

Hi Laura. BMutiny's post was also deleted and I can tell you she is one heck of a lady who has been fighting the good fight for many years! I can understand trying to moderate a group is a big responsibility and you have to have limits, but the group name is American Revolution, Independence Day 2007.  That to me says "Let's unite & get these bozos the heck out of there before they destroy what little there is left of this once GREAT nation"!  Here's the definition of revolution:

rev·o·lu·tion  [rev-uh-loo-shuhn] –noun overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. 2.

Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, esp. one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. Compare.

**This was quite long, so I just copy & pasted the top 2. 

Whether or not Fred had already made his point on another thread, it was deleted for being off topic.  So, those of us who want to see change & are fighting for change, can only talk about a movement of buttons & t-shirts for impeachment?  What if we don't agree that's enough?  Do we have to conform or go to another group?  Hmmmm sounds like just the thing that is our downfall.  It is not only our right to speak out against our government, but it is our DUTY(as Thoreau says in "On The Duty of Civil Disobedience) as an American Citizen governed by the Constitution.  A fav quote, "There will never be a really free and enlighened State, until the State comes to recognize the individul as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly."  I came here to talk about revolution, not impeachment.  We, as Americans, have a lot of great ideas and thoughts about what is wrong & how to fix it.  We should all have a place to share those with each other, even if we don't agree.  We have to agree to disagree if we ever want to come close to unity.  We have to respect each other's point of view, wisdom & freedom of speech. All we do is fight, the pacifists against the anarchists, the religious group against the religious group, the social class against the social class, etc!!!  We already know from 9/11 that we are all in danger if we unite against them.  We all know there are things from 9/11 that don't add up but we certainly don't agree on those details.  I can't say I have all the answers or have devised some "BIG PLAN".  But, what I AM doing, is disconnecting from what makes them tick, the corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, factory/corporate farms, processed, genetically modified and irradiated food, and the financial control of me.  My family has transitioned to veganism over the last 7 years, simplified our lives to the utmost, stopped buying anything new when at all possible and tolerable , turned the majority of our large backyard into an organic garden, produce approx. 1 paper grocery bag of garbage per month, recycle, compost and we just gave up driving a vehicle.  Who really wants to support the oil industry that is blatantly flaunting profit records every time we have these dramatic increases, that are becoming more & more frequent as they realize they CAN do it permanently?  Cutting yourself off from the corporate control of this country that is fueling this war is the most radical & safe thing you can do.  The only thing keeping them going is our unsatiable appetites for spending & having things as cheaply as we can because they pay us like crap &  we can't really afford our lifestyles.  I boycotted horrible warts on American society like Walmart 7 years ago.  I left my job at a crappy, crooked corporation this last year and work for an online retailer that sells alternative health equipment  that I am proud to be a part of, just me & the owner & make more now than I ever have in my 38 years.  We are becoming the change we want to see and will continue to move in that direction one step at a time.  Maybe that should be our t-shirt theme!  LOL  Naw, I suspect the majority of you think I'm crazy & could never live like this! LOL  Not willing to give up much to achieve your goals and I can tell you that it is hard sometimes.  We even gave up Christams because, #1, we aren't Christians and I do very much believe that Christ has been taken out of Christmas and the mall and especially WalMart has taken over.  Christmas is about who can give their kids the BEST presents & buy the coolest STUFF!  That is all made in China with horrible Human Rights and no standards.  Shop locally, think globally. 

I could go on forever & in more detail, but I think I have rambled long enough.  You get the gist.  Please feel free to contact me personally if you'd like to hear more about how we have changed our lives, together as a family &am  [ send green star]  [ accepted]

The rest June 02, 2007 7:17 PM

***The end of my post was missing LOL so here is my closing! 

I could go on forever & in more detail, but I think I have rambled long enough.  You get the gist.  Please feel free to contact me personally if you'd like to hear more about how we have changed our lives, together as a family & most importantly, DEMOCRATICALLY.  If you feel you need to delete my post for being off topic, then so be it.  If you would like to express your outrage about anything I have said, please also feel free to contact me as I suspect you can't do it here.  I try my best to be open to everyone's opinions & ideas which is admittedly not always easy.  I don't expect many of you to agree with me.  THAT is why I joined this group.

Peace Light & love to everyone,  Kerry

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 June 26, 2007 9:45 AM

July 4: Honk to Impeach

Americans celebrate July 4 as a day of patriotism, but the true spirit of July 4 has been lost. After all, July 4, 1776 was the day our Founding Fathers declared the American Revolution against King George.

So let's use this July 4 to declare our independence from King George W - and let's make some noise!

Local impeachment activists report great success holding signs at busy intersections that say "HONK TO IMPEACH!" Most of the drivers who pass these signs are delighted to honk - which makes them happy and makes our activists happy too. Best of all, the drivers and pedestrians discover how much support there is for impeachment - something they never knew because the Corporate Media won't tell them or even conduct a poll. Here's a great report from Bob Feuer of Great Barrington, Mass:

July 4 is a great day to "HONK TO IMPEACH" because there's already lots of noise from fireworks and people are relaxed. So here's our plan:

  1. Check your local community calendar for the fireworks celebration near you, and note the time and main parking location.
  2. Pick an intersection outside the entrance where all the cars will come and go. Visit that intersection if you can to see how the traffic flows and pick the safest spot to stand.
  3. Add a marker for your intersection's location to our ImpeachMap at Be sure to include the time, exact location, and your contact info in your marker description, and use the category "Honk to Impeach"
  4. Click the Share/Export link on the ImpeachMap to e-mail it to your friends, get a link to it, or embed it in your blog, website, or profile.
  5. Bring signs that say "HONK TO IMPEACH" and "Text IMPEACH to 30644" (see below) and bring extra sign paper and magic markers if more activists show up. Or make a large banner like the one in this video. Or bring the big I-M-P-E-A-C-H letters you used on A28. Bring wooden stakes and staples to make carrying easier. Bring American flags and Uncle Sam outfits to capture the July 4 spirit. Try this sign: "BE A PATRIOT: HONK TO IMPEACH CHENEY AND BUSH"
  6. Bring cameras, upload your photos/videos, and publish your reports here:
  7. Keep building our nationwide movement by scheduling a weekly "HONK TO IMPEACH" in front of your local media outlets and Congressional district offices, and post it to our ImpeachMap at

Why hold a sign saying "Text IMPEACH to 30644"? Because we've invented a great new way to enlist more impeachment activists, especially younger people who use their cellphones for text messaging. When they text "IMPEACH" to 30644 they are prompted to enter their e-mail addresses so we can connect them with all the impeachment work we're doing, both nationally and locally. This way the HONK TO IMPEACH events will actually grow the movement.

July 4 will be the launch of the HONK TO IMPEACH movement nationwide this summer. People who have already tried it report a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement and we encourage you to make this a regular (e.g. weekly) event. If you decide to do so, please update your markers on the ImpeachMap following July 4 with whatever location and time you choose for your weekly honkathon. If you need any help, e-mail

Of course moving cars are dangerous so please put safety first. Here are more detailed instructions and tips:


Dick Cheney is a War Criminal

Cheney Dick Cheney is in the news because his lawyers say he's " not an entity within the Executive Branch " and  [ send green star]  [ accepted]

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