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What is Silence Is Violence ?
8 years ago
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SilenceIsViolence is an anti-violence campaign that was founded following the December 28 murder of Dinerral Shavers and the January 4 murder of Helen Hill. Dinerral and Helen were beloved friends, neighbors, and artists of the Bywater-Marigny district. Following these tragedies, Ken Foster, Helen Gillet, and Baty Landis decided to march to City Hall to express publicly our grief and our dismay at the lack of city leadership on the issue of violent crime. The January 11 March For Survival was attended by 5,000 concerned citizens, and SilenceIsViolence was founded. On that day, citizens from all parts of the city had a chance to speak directly to our leaders and each other about their fears and hopes. Baty Landis presented Five Ideas For Change on behalf of SilenceIsViolence, opening an anti-violence dialogue with our leadership and establishing the foundation for the programs we currently sponsor.
8 years ago
The Organizers: Baty Landis owns and operates Sound Cafe and Beth’s Books in the Lower Marigny and teaches music history at Tulane University. Baty oversees the various programs organized by SilenceIsViolence. Ken Foster is a writer who lives in the Bywater District and teaches creative writing at Tulane University. Ken acts as a spokesman for SilenceIsViolence and maintains communication with the myriad of anti-violence groups with whom SilenceIsViolence collaborates. Helen Gillet performs and teaches cello throughout New Orleans and lives in the Marigny-Bywater. Helen is the coordinator for the SilenceIsViolence Program for Peace in the schools. Nakita Shavers is a political science major at Florida A&M University. Nakita is currently taking a leave of absence to assist with research, logistics, and administration of SilenceIsViolence. She is participates in the Program for Peace and is the coordinator for the SilenceIsViolence Court-Watching program.
8 years ago
SilenceIsViolence would like to thank: American Aquatic Gardens Baptist Community Ministries John Blanchard of Mid-City Lanes Rock-n-Bowl David Blanchet of ClimaxDesigns Georges Enterprises Alan Gutierrez Amy Wilson
8 years ago

So.....<again>  Let me get this straight....this does pertain to all communities, and not just NOLA....correct?  Maybe we could have a list of specific things we would like to work on or follow.  <thinks she might do better asking the stupid questions now!>

  ...for all the clarification needed!   Kathy

8 years ago
That's ok! I don't mind answering questions!This organization is based out of New Orleans,but would like to see it go international.These people whom put it together are wonderful!
8 years ago
Kathy , you suggested it and I think it would be a fabulous idea.Why don't you put that together as a project for this group? The list that is and we'll work on that together as a group?
What Is Silence Is Violence?
8 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm new here and I just want to express my condolences to anyone who has lost someone to violence. I am not quite back in NJ a week, after being in New Orleans, after an 8 year absence. I was so very glad to be home for a wedding, but saddened at what I saw. I just couldn't believe the devastation from Katrina, after almost 2 years! I don't understand a City, trying to rise from the ashes, still having to deal with so much violence. What little family, I still have in town, have almost recovered from complete loss, no help, yet they are determined to make it! I hope that all of you will make it, too, through the devastation, you all, have experienced, through no fault of your own. Citizens in other states, seem to be sympathetic, but my one group that I admire has been Habitat For Humanity. Just wnated to join in, since the invitation came and hope you all are doing okay. It was a blessing to be able to visit and yes, I saw the lower 9th ward. Praying for all of you. My niece will be receiving her Masters, from Loyola after a 2 year delay, because of Katrina.
We're "Google-able"
8 years ago

I'm surprised our illustrious leader didn't mention this . . . but we are on Google:

What is Silence Is Violence ? - Silence Is Violence - - 2:24pm

Silence Is Violence: What is Silence Is Violence ? - a discussion on - 56k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

8 years ago
The illusterous leader is still in shock at all the people whom have joined!WOW 88!We are going up by the minute and I couldn't be more proud of a site at all the responses we have here.The voices of victims past,present,and future WILL BE HEARD!
8 years ago
This seems to be a great group of people.  thanks you for letting me be a part of you!
8 years ago
I'm very glade your here Sharon!!
am still here= from the Netherlands-- where water levels are always on one's mind
7 years ago
Just checking in to see if I can be of any help to anyone
I am New.
7 years ago

I am new to this group but not new to "violence" or "silence"! I can't wait to see more of what is going on here as I feel Networking with others and other groups is a deffinate possitive action!

7 years ago

Hi Victoria! I am just returning after a very long absence and am trying to WAKE UP this group! I am sooo glade your here!Post what ever s on your mind,and be welcome! Holly: Thank-you so much for your offer! Your country tried to help us while we were still under water immediatly after the storm.Damm Bush!

What Is Silence is Violence:: Silence IS Violence
7 years ago

Hello Victoria,How well I know about silence. Silence has been the quiet friend through out all my life. I kept silence for over 46 years and to that end of the extremes of torture, abuse, sexual abuse, violence, torture from toddler into young adulthood. It took me years to process things, mostly by myself. No one has the answers more than oneself, but the digging, processing takes  t i m e,  patience, most important, belief in oneself.

Most of the violence came from the rages of people who had themselves been sorely abused, tortured, starved, saw others go through the sameness of issues, escaped being murdered themselves. The sad part of it all, is they did not know how to turn off the rage inside them and continued the actualization of  extreme violence in all its severest forms, to my life.

One abuser came from a country going through early communist take over of a peoples, a country, a way of life known for centuries, only to be crushed by brute force, control, undeniable savagery, betrayal, denial of  'faith', genocide, etc. The other came from bigotry, racism, ignorance, white surpremacy, pure hate. I know about almost all forms of violence, because I went through both ideological understandings as well phsically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally.What was the worst of these horrid injuries to my person, was unlike a soldier, or an adult, I was completely, and totally defenseless, without anyone to befriend me, support me, care for me, or protect me in any way. I was told to keep my silence by both abusers. If I did not keep my silence, my family members, or those in the house where i was also being taken care of would be killed, and yes, myself as well. What I went through happens to those either in war torn countries to adults and solciers, not children. Not in freedom loving nations, or so I was told.

For the better part of my life, i lived in so much fear. Fear that people would know how terrible I was; and how unacceptable I was. I felt that I was unworthy of being a part of humanity. I never felt equal to anyone, not even in my family.

It has been only through my intense work of disabled rights, human rights that I feel a bit better of myself and almost on a balanced footing, but still no all the way.

I am older; mature beyond my years as a child and now at age 65 feeling as old as the temple of Babylon. The silence I see now is more than blatant by this countries leadership we had hoped would see us through local and global issues. This leadership has not been an esteemed one, but been one of total agorance, without boundries, indecisive, without care about domestic issues here at home. It has been and remains a a gun running, armament, missle driven armed militia without boundries controlled by insanity at the top !

But the ones who have been forced to keep silent, has been the American peoples. But the American people must strive to break the chains of silence, here at home, in our streets, in our courts, as well internationally. Peoples must not keep silent either in their homes, or in their schools.

Glad this forum was started and people can come and share what they feel is of dedicated importance.