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11 years ago

civic right of the people with disabilities.

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Easter Seala Disability Actions
11 years ago

StarsButterflies Dreama R.

Easter Seals Legislative Newsletter
February 2008

In this issue:

  • President Proposes Cuts to Programs Serving People With Disabilities
  • Help Easter Seals Support Veterans With Disabilities
  • ADA Restoration Moves Forward

Take Action:

President Proposes Cuts to Programs Serving People with Disabilities

President Bush has delivered the final budget proposal of his administration and it cuts nearly $15 billion from critical programs that help people with disabilities.

Programs serving people of all ages are targeted for cuts and thousands of children with disabilities could lose access to early intervention and pre-school services if the president’s recommendations become law. Aging Americans will also lose through proposed cuts to the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and cuts to programs serving people with Alzheimer's disease.

Funding for many other programs of importance, like the Combating Autism Act (CAA), are continued at 2008 levels, with no increases for inflation or program growth.

Congress now begins its budget deliberations and expects to produce a final budget in April. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard, and to urge Congress to reexamine the president’s priorities.

Visit Easter Seals’ Federal Funding Issues page, where you will find a useful chart containing funding recommendations for most disability programs.

Help Easter Seals Support Veterans with Disabilities

Representatives from Easter Seals recently testified before the U.S. Senate to suggest ways to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) vocational rehabilitation services and supports. Community-based organizations like Easter Seals supplement and expand the reach of current VA services through their programs.

Read our full statement on the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs’ Web site.

And don’t stop there … ask Congress to increase funding for Veterans Affairs' Health & Benefit Services. By expanding the use of community-based organizations, we can meet the growing needs of our returning veterans.

Thank you all, Dreama Runyon

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11 years ago
signed them all
11 years ago
Dear Friends,

This petition requires our help. I signed this petition awhile ago and it has lost it's oomph, will you advocate on the behalf of the disabled, please I urge you to sign, if you've signed already, no need to tell me, if you have signed pass it onto your friends... maybe you or your friends have had a change of heart, reconsider won't you. Thank you for being an advocate.

Civic Right of the People with Disabilities - SIGN TODAY
11 years ago
Hi Friends

This is a worthy petition.  Please sign to keep bad food out of schools in the US.

Helen %#&!*%
Original Message:


Hi everyone  

I have created a petition about the state of nutrition in the schools of the U.S.  We have obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. yet the majority of our schools are feeding our children highly processed, cheap, fried foods, and many food with high carbohydrates and low nutritional value.  Please copy and paste the link below into your browser and pass this link to your friends.  We have to start making a signature at a time.


Copy and paste into your browser:

Legally Teaching Disabled Children by Means of Torture?

This is a news story in Mother Jones... Please everyone take the time to read it! It is an outrage!!!!!!!! Please note and comment!

This needs to stop!

A Must Read Outrage: ~School of Shock ~ visit site
Society & Culture  (tags: autistic, mentally retarded, emotionally troubled children, abuse, torture, legal torture, state supported, education? cruelty, electrodes surveillance cameras, privacy, unbelievable, violence, rights, safety, money, media, humans, law, interesting, gove )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 4 minutes ago -

Eight states are sending autistic, mentally retarded, and
11 years ago
Last winter I received an e-mail from the Disability Policy Collaboration. Jana Starr was seeking employment discrimination stories from those with disabilities. I was quite eager to share my story again. I was actively writing my Elected Officials a number of times per month regarding concerns of those with disabilities. The DPC is a great resource of information for those with disabilities. Their newsletter is very informative of new legislation. I would like to share this petition with you again and urge you to share it with your friends of friends for I know many of you have already shared this with your friends and I am grateful. My petitions have slowed to a crawl again. So I need your help once again.


My other petition addresses my loss of gainful employment. Please take the time to view what contributions I made to The Community College of Baltimore County.


Thank you for your time and please read this important legislation below. Thank you all for standing up for and advocating for those with disabilities.

God Bless,

DPC Action Alert Ask your Senators and Representatives to Cosposor the CLASS Act

Take Action!

Action needed during Congressional recess 


Many seniors and younger people with disabilities are forced into poverty or unnecessary institutional care because they lack coverage for long term services and supports that would enable them to remain in their homes. They often can only access coverage for services critical to their independence through the federal/state Medicaid program.  Because the Medicaid program is for low income people, in order to qualify, people must "spend down" their income and assets. With their functional impairments, few people with disabilities will overcome this impoverishment.

The time has come for a national program that will provide funding for these long term services and supports - such as housing modifications, assistive technologies, transportation, respite care, and personal assistance services - in a fiscally responsible manner that promotes independence, choice and family unification.


The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLAS Act (S. 1758 ; H.R. 3001) was introduced by Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and by Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) on July 11.  Later that month, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held a hearing on the community living services and supports.  There has been no Congressional action on the bills since then.

It is time to build support for the CLASS Act by adding co-sponsors to the Senate and House bills. There is only a fairly small window of time to get the CLASS Act passed into law. Congress will return from its recess after Labor Day to face a busy schedule of appropriations bills to pass in the fall. A few months later, Congress will begin to turn its attention to the 2008 elections.

As of today, we only have three cosponsors each for the House and Senate bills and all are Democrats.  We must enlist bipartisan support and significantly increase the overall number of cosponsors if we hope to see the CLASS Act pass.

Take Action

Help support the CLASS Act TODAY. While the Congress is in recess until Labor Day, there are two things you can do:

1) send a message to your Senators and Representative requesting that they co-sponsor the bill. A sample e-mail message is provided.  Please note that personalizing your message by adding information about yourself and why you feel so strongly about this issue greatly increases the impact of your message.

2) call your Senators and Representatives' district offices and ask their staff if any local town hall meetings are scheduled. If so, town hall meetings may offer an excellent opportunity to ask your Senators and Representatives about supporting the CLASS Act as well as to inform your local community about the legislation. You can obtain home district office contact information by entering your zip code on our website at:

11 years ago
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