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What to know about rats and surgery...
11 years ago
This site was posted in another forum and I thought this page in particular was great. I learned a LOT here, and I'd love to hear any other tips people have. It was especially timely since our girl Mogwai is about to have her first tumor surgery...
Regarding Sutures..
11 years ago
I stole this off the Rat Afficionados group. Thanks to Cindy and Jan for posting/reposting (respectively).


Tell your vet to avoid Dexon, PDSII, Chromic Gut, Maxon, or any other absorbable suture for the subcuticular sutures...rats frequently have huge inflammatory reactions to absorbable sutures, and end up with abcesses that are hard to clear up. Instead, use Prolene or other monofilament nylon sutures in the tissues...will heal fine, doesn't matter if they are in there permanently. In the skin, use nylon or staples. ____________________________________________________________ My question is this: How are steel sutures in the skin? My vet uses them all the time for mass removals, and although they're hard to remove they seem to be ok. I have read about possible inflammation but want to know if there's a big risk.