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Rat with possible fracture!
11 years ago
I have posted this message in several places and have come up empty handed. I am a Veterinary Assistant, and unfortunately the doctor I work with has no idea how to treat a rat. I have been trying to find a dosage for pain medication and can't find any listings in my textbooks. I will splint the leg and do my best to keep her comfortable with a very small dose of Benadryl, but can't find any other formularies for pain meds. I plan to look in some of the texts at the office this evening to see if I can find anything, but any help I can get here will be helpful as well. Thanks everyone, in advance!
11 years ago
Rats can take a dose of tylenol at between 90 and 140 mg per lb of body weight every 4 hours provided that there is no compromise to kidney or liver function. If you go to the site for the Ratguide (google it) they have a special medications section that includes analgesics. I just know tylenol off hand because it is easy to get. Children's liquid is easy to administer, use the no dye kind so the rats don't turn red or purple. Chewable fast dissolves are good for rats who will eat them. Can also be used to manage fever.
Teresa the savior!
11 years ago
I knew Valerie would find help here!
The Ratguide
11 years ago I also have a friend who is well-versed in rat care and meds. She's been a vet tech for 27 years and has 42 of her own rats. She'll email me with some other suggestions just in case you want more than one. Cindy
More pain control info for ratty with possible broken leg - and important advice
11 years ago
You can give rats aspirin. There are various doses listed, but I have had luck with 100 mg/kg twice a day. Use the baby aspirin ( 81 mg) so it would be approximately 1/4 to 1/3 baby aspirin for an average adult female ( 300 to 400 grams) twice a day. I would give it for about 5 days in this case. Please advise her to avoid splints and bandages, as the rat will do more damage trying to get it off. Keep the rattie in a smaller cage, one level with no ladders, and one quiet companion if she is used to having a companion. The aspirin should bring the swelling down within 24 to 48 hours, and help greatly with the pain. Don't give beyond 5 to 7 days to avoid stomach upsets, and give with food or a treat. Grind it up and put it into baby food or a flavored syrup. If there is also an injury to the skin, use Baytril, oral, twice a day for 7 days, 15 mg/kg. Rest and time will heal the break nicely. Rats do very well with this type of injury. Tell her good luck, and let me know if she has any other questions. Lindsay
Thank you all!
11 years ago
Although it is painful for her, she is doing just fine. Thank you all for your input and advice. My brother and his girlfriend sincerely thank you also. I'm so glad I have found people here that knew what to do. Though I did go through formal training, I just didn't know what to do with a rat. My brother has two, and the one with the injury is acutally the daughter of his other one. Very sweet how 'mommy' nurses her and takes good care of her. They are very gentle and quiet, so it puts my mind at ease knowing that there is a solution I can find here! May your higher power bless you, and keep you all safe! ****hugs****
I just want to say GO TEAM!
11 years ago
It makes my heart happy to see the group working so well. This is exactly what I had hoped for Good job you guys.
Maggie I'm just glad you created this group
11 years ago
While I try to keep up on care/treatment techniques on as many species as possible, I'm hard pressed to fine quality information regarding pet rodents so this board has become a valuable resource for myself and the techs on my board. Thank You so much for sending me the invite, otherwise I may have never found this group.