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*ALERT* Avocado - Possibly deadly for rat and other pets!
9 years ago
From the ASPCA:
Did you know Avocado (Persea americana) is not an advisable food to give to pets? Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark contain a toxic principle known as Persin. The Guatemalan variety, which is the most common variety found in stores, appears to be the most problematic.

The primary concern in dogs is with gastrointestinal (GI) irritation, including vomiting and diarrhea. Typically, these effects occur in dogs that have scavenged on significant quantities of fruit, branches or other material from the plant. Birds and rodents appear to be particularly sensitive, and can develop respiratory distress, generalized congestion, fluid accumulation around the tissues of the heart, and possibly death from consuming avocado.

So all those recommendations to feed your ratties avocado as a treat....skip it! You could be causing major harm or even killing your pet! Please repost anywhere you think is relevant.

9 years ago

Oh wow!  Thanks for posting that.  When Maya was sick with her respiratory illness she lost a lot of weight and i was giving her mashed avocado as a treat to fatten her up a lil... that was a while ago though... but thats important to know! 

Thanks for always posting good advice!

Yeah, I feel dumb...
9 years ago
I JUST shared an avocado with my kiddies like a week ago and gave them almost half of it to share between the five of them.  I wish I had known sooner!  I've also been told by folks to feed them avocado if they're old and sick and losing weight because it has lots of good fats, so I'm sad I was actually hurting my old ratties when I was trying to help

But now we know!  And knowing is half the battle....
thanks for this post
8 years ago

I also have always shared my avocados with my rat as a treat.  She is a bit plump but she always loves it, now I know better.

I know you can't give grapes to dogs but can you give them to rats?  My rat book lists grapes as one of the treats you can give them.  I just want to make sure, Josie loves grapes too.